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It's just a t-twitch...
~ Princess Twitch

Betty Windson - otherwise referred to as Princess Twitch - used to be an ordinary student attempting to make a living in an antique shop with Jessa Rogers. However, after encountering a strange feline on her way back one day, she began her transformation through lasting scars and pain.


Betty started out as just a little girl who liked princesses and tea parties. She always liked to wear dresses and tiaras. However, her desire to be elegant always seemed to be ruined by her occasional twitches. These would often lead to spilt tea, ripped fabric or - in the worst case - a twisted ankle. Still, she never allowed this to stop her, especially when it came to painting.

Whilst she was painting a picture, a twitch went through her body and she dropped the paint she was holding onto the girl across from her. And, she unfortunately hadn't dropped this onto a kinder individual. Just when she was about to receive the consequence, a young girl by the name of Jessa Rogers went in front of her and took the blow for her.

Betty and Jessa had never really talked after that incident. Until she turned 15 years old, both girls kept their distance. However, Betty's curiosity overtook her when she saw multiple scars and new cuts on Jessa's back. Worried, she walked up to her and rubbed her hand over them, startling Jessa in the process. After a brief moment of hesitation when Betty asked what had happened, Jessa confided within her, informing her what they were and the two became friends from that pivotal point in both of their lives.

Betty and Jessa then began to work at the same antique shop. They were in a relationship as well. Despite the slow mornings and strenuous stocking of various shelves and boxes, both girls enjoyed the rest of the afternoons/nights to follow. One particular night - however - proved Betty wrong. She took her usual route back home when a whimpered meow caught her attention from a nearby alleyway. She'd always adored animals as a child, and that passion for caring about them never seemed to fade. She approached the feline, attempting to pick it up for a closer inspection. But, the cat retaliated at the direct contact, scratching Betty on her cheek as she fled back home.

When Betty got home she went to the bathroom and looked at the cut in the mirror. Unlike what she had thought during the moment, a weird sense of satisfaction overcame her as she saw the blood dripping down her face. She rubbed her finger in the blood and then licked it off her fingers.

The next day, Betty went to Jessa. She noticed the scratch on her cheek and immediately asked what had happened, so Betty explained it. As she began attending her first class - halfway through - a splitting headache distracted her, causing her to fall to the floor and scream in pain as it rapidly intensified. That day, she had been wearing pigtails in her hair. So - when she fell to the floor - her hair fell in front of her face. As she lay there, her muscles began to cramp as manic laughter escaped her mouth as well as her body beginning to violently spasm out of control. Everyone in her class had backed up, at a loss for what to do as a few classmates left the room in hopes of finding help. Eventually, Betty passed out from the shock of the situation.

When Betty awoke, she was blinded by a bright light. As her eyes adjusted to the environment, she realized that her vision was partially impaired. It seemed only her right eye was able to see her surroundings whereas her left eye had a tinted yet blurred view. And, she was bound to her bed via arm and leg restraints. How dangerous had the incident become?

A high-pitched noise alarmed both her and a nearby nurse. She advised Betty to remain clam and that the doctors were merely performing a few tests to examine the extent of her condition. But - before she could ask any crucial questions - a strong sedative was injected into her, causing Betty to fall unconscious yet again. Upon waking up this time, she was free from her restraints but the nurse returned yet again, informing her that her left eye's damage might have been caused by Betty's supposed epileptic fit during class (as the spastic movement could have led to her veins within her eye to burst excessively). Unfortunately, the damage was said to be permanent.

Upon hearing this news, Betty's face was drained of color as she sat upright on the bed. The nurse took this reaction as an indication to depart and leave the poor girl to cope with her new reality. After a minute or two by herself, Betty was greeted to one of the doctors investigating her medical case. She sat on her hospital bed, head tilted down and her hands behind her back.

"Hello Betty, I've been instructed that you've-" he began, trying to keep professional despite the lack of any consistent data regarding her physical health.

"It's n-not Betty..." she interrupted, revealing a scalpel from the unattended medical tray nearby. "It's P-Princess T-Twitch!"

At this change of character, Betty leaped from her seat, plunging the weapon into the doctor's chest as he tried to use his last few breaths to call out for help. Immediately after the attack, she froze in place, her eyes now transfixed on the sight before her. What...had she done? No, she couldn't have done this.

"'s just a t-twitch. Yeah, just another one of my twitches." Betty reassured herself as the scalpel fell from her scarlet palms.

All that mattered now was leaving the room without confronting the other members of staff. Her glaze focused on a window, locked for "her" safety from previous staff personnel when she first arrived. A bit of brute force and she'd be able to meet up with Jessa again back at their snug home. And - with little thought behind the repercussions of her actions - Betty charged head first into the glass-panes, the wooden frames shattering upon impact with the rest of her body tumbling out from the relatively low distance to the ground. She was lucky that she was placed on the lower floors of the building.

With shards of glass trapped in her mangled hair along with splinters of wood, Betty managed to stumble towards a close river, washing away the residue of the incident before returning back to Jessa's house. Hopefully she wouldn't question her newest hair-style or the commotion at the hospital. There, she met her significant other...also smeared with blood. According to Jessa, she was to only be referred to as "Windup". And, that new name seemed to suit her well. A small windup pin was forced into the back of her neck as well as a scar from her forehead down to her nose.

The two would eventually reside within the woods together upon leaving their previous lives behind, taking refuge in an abandoned cabin.


Princess Twitch has black hair, she has a light kind of hot pink for eyes, but her left eye is lighter than the right (since she is blind in that eye). Twitch always wears a light pink spaghetti strap tank top with a light blue tie-up shirt on top. In terms of her hair, pigtails are her go-to along with pink hair ties to hold them up. She'll usually wear a short black skirt with white stockings and black stilettos.

The most noticeable feature about Princess Twitch - and what makes her a "princess" - is the crown she wears upon her head. Instead of being made ceramic, the crown itself is constructed of several little blades, each with their own symbol (PT) forged into the metal. She also has two scars: one that goes down her cheek from a fight with an alley cat and another scar under her left eye from when she escaped the hospital.


Princess Twitch's abilities are:

  • Enhanced speed (as to catch her victims).
  • Deception towards people via party planning.
  • Using a bow and arrow to aim and shoot targets as well as throwing knives.

She also uses the ability to sing to cause nearby victims to become weaker via a "sonic scream" or singing at high frequencies to cause any eardrums to rupture.


  • Princess Twitch was created on November 6, 2019.
    • Twitch herself is 18 years old however.
  • Twitch is in a relationship with Windup (a.k.a Jessa Windson).
  • This Creepypasta was made by Moonlightshadestone04.
  • It could be assumed that Betty has little control when confronting her violent actions as she often repeats the phrase "It's just a twitch" to try and reassure herself what she is doing isn't of her own free-will.
  • For now, there's no origin behind how Jessa Rogers became Windup.