I'll Hunt You Down!
~ Prey Hunter


Real Name: Hazel Brownwood 

Alias: Prey Hunter  

Meaning to Name: She stalks and preys on her victims  

Nickname(s): Hazie, Haz, Brownie, Zeze, and Prey 

Age: 16 

D.O.B: October 4, 2004 

Birthplace: Munich, Germany  

Language: English 

Current Residence: Denver, Colorado

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Hybrid  

Status: Active 



  • (Former) Student
  • (Current) Huntress



  • Her claws
  • Hunting dagger

Method of Killing:  

  • Scratches her victims up 
  • Slices the victim’s neck 
  • Stabs their chest 

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Part of an organization 
  • Taught to kill 


[C]Phrase: I’ll Hunt You Down!

Theme Song: My Demons


  • Baking 
  • Calligraphy 
  • Cooking 
  • Drawing 
  • Knife Making 
  • Lock-picking 
  • Photography 

Special Items:  

  • Her mask 
  • Her onyx necklace  


  • Baking cheesecakes 
  • Baking cinnamon rolls 
  • Cooking up a meal 
  • Drawing the landscapes of the forest 
  • Making small daggers for herself 
  • Lock-picking her victims’ houses 
  • Taking photos of the forest 


  • Her baking failing 
  • Messing up on her cakes 
  • Messing up on her drawings 
  • Misplacing her drawing items 
  • Not able to lock pick the houses 
  • Spilling ink over her paper 
  • Getting caught by other people 
  • Her camera dying 

Fear(s): Getting caught by the police 


  • Assertive
  • Bossy
  • Defensive
  • Reckless
  • Inquisitive
  • Explosive
  • Aggressive
  • Determined


Backstory: Her heritage can be traced back from her mother side as part of the Tulingi tribe. The Tulingi tribe were known for being of unknown origin, and living in the country of Germany. Her mother was Baldhild, known for her abilities of speaking and understanding animals. The abilities to understand and speak to animals were sacred and it caused trouble in her town because many would try to abuse her power. When Hazel was born in Munich, Germany, her and her mother fled to Denver, Colorado hoping to escape the townspeople who wanted to use her. When Hazel was growing up, her mother Baldhild would tell stories to Hazel about her ancestors who fought against Julius Caesar for their own land. Of course, they were defeated but their spirit and determination never diminished.

Her people were proud tribe members, and in every generation there would be one female and one male who would possess a supernatural ability to benefit the tribe. Her mother received the animal ability however many tried to use it against her. When Hazel grew older, she began to ask about her father, mainly because she never saw her father. Baldhild would try to explain that her father was gone for a reason unknown, and it was for the best of them. Her mother was never open about her father, and this made Hazel very curious.

When they moved to Denver, Hazel was able to find a nearby forest that called her name. Whenever she would ask her mother if she can walk in the forest, her mother would snap and order her to never enter the forest. Hazel would always argue with her mother, begging to allow her to enter the forest and to just investigate it. This went on for weeks, and then it turned into months of pleas and begs. Baldhild grew tired of it, and allowed Hazel to walk into the forest, but she was to be on her side. Hazel was excited because she knew the forest was calling her name.

During night times, she would hear the forest animals whisper her name, and occasionally she would see something tall in the forest move around. She never mentioned this to her mother in fear that she would permit her from entering the forest. During one afternoon, her and her mother walked into the forest. There her mother was able to show her abilities. Her mother called out for the birds and the birds would come down flying by her side and flying around them, then she would call out for the deers and they would run towards her waiting for orders. Hazel was amazed by this, and asked her mother if she would have the same abilities as her, her mother was curious, so she asked her to call out for an animal she was deeply connected with. Hazel closed her eyes, and called out for wolves.

Nothing was moving, so Hazel was sad by this news. Her mother reassured her, it must be too early for her to receive the powers, unless it decided to skip her generation. Nevertheless, they began to walk deeper into the forest, and talked about their heritage the Tulingi tribe. The tribe had a mysterious origin, but Baldhild was able to explain some stories from her great-grandmother. As the nighttime came around, her mother grew quiet and her body began to shake. Hazel asked her mother why was she freaking out, but her mother looked at her and ordered her to run and not look back. With no hesitation, Hazel ran back to her house with her mother behind. However, when she tried to look for her mother, she was able to see a slender being near her mother. She screamed for her mother, and she was able to see her mother order the animals nearby to attack the being.

Her mother screamed for the birds to attack, and the deers to jump in between them. The being began to sway away the birds and deers, and let out black tentacles. Her mother was able to dodge them, and soon ordered more birds to attack, birds from different areas came to her aid, as her mother ran away. Hazel screamed for her mother, and her mother snatched her up. Together, they went to their house and they locked the house down. Hazel screamed at her mother, begging for answers. Who was that being? Why did her mother ask the animals to attack? Why did they need to run? Her mother paced around the living room, and took a deep breath. Baldhild sat down next to her, and grabbed Hazel’s hand. With her eyes closed, she began to tell the story.

When Baldhild was in Germany, she was just a young adult, around 18 years old. Baldhild was in the forest nearby the town and was playing with the animals. However, as the night came by the animals would flee away with no question, even though she called out for them, they never came to her. So she brought this up to her great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother wailed and ordered Baldhild to never go to the forest anymore. Baldhild was hurt by this, and asked her grandmother. Her grandmother was able to explain there was a slender being in the forest, and if you were to see it something bad would happen to her. However, Baldhild was very curious about the forest, so one night she snuck out of her house, and walked into the forest.

Deep into the forest, she was able to see animals curled up in fear, and she was able to hear their thoughts begging her to go away and be safe. Baldhild was stubborn, and called for a crow to come with her. It took a while but a crown was by her side, and together they explored the forest. With a flashlight in hand, they were able to track down footsteps from something, and they followed the footsteps. It led to a small cabin in the heart of the forest. The crow begged her to not open the door, but her mother insisted and opened the door. In the cabin, she was able to find a faceless creature with black tentacles seeping out of its back. Baldhild tried to scream and run away, but the creature covered her mouth and dragged her in. She grew quiet, and stared at the being.

The crow tried its best to attack the faceless creature, but it was able to toss the crow away with a flick. The being kneel down to her and telepathically they communicated. It asked for her name, and why she was in the forest at this time. She explained everything about being curious, and she talked about her abilities. The being nodded, and explained about its origin here in Germany. When it reached dawn, Baldhild tried to leave, but the being never allowed her. She was stuck in the cabin for days, which turned into weeks, months, and then years. One day Baldhild planned to escape the cabin and rush to find her family, and she was very careful about the plan.

During the night, she was able to slip away and ask the animals in aid. The deers were able to take her away from the cabin, the birds swarmed around her as a shield, and the wolves by her side howled. It seemed like it was a dream, because her mother was able to see the town’s light, but then in a blink of an eye, a tentacle wrapped the wolves’ necks, slapped away the birds, and threw the deer to the trees. Baldhild fell to the ground and cried for help. The being had its tentacles pick up Baldhild, and when they met eye to eye, the being injected something into her stomach. As Baldhild screamed for mercy, the being threw her to the ground and left. Baldhild tried to get up, but her stomach was causing her great pain. The wolves were able to help her get up and they were able to take her to the town. When the people saw her dirty and in pain, they took her to the hospital and there she received the news that her family were brutally murdered the following week she went missing.

Baldhild couldn’t believe it, and then the doctors informed her that she was in fact pregnant. News after news, Baldhild couldn’t take it, she tried to commit suicide but something was stopping her. Something supernatural would stop the knife reaching her wrist no matter how hard she tried. It’s as if the being wanted to punish her with a child. After nine months of intense pain and agony, she was able to give birth to a girl who was now known as Hazel. When Baldhild finished the story, Hazel was shocked. Her father was a being who was dangerous, and her mother was a mere victim.

Baldhild soon got up from the couch, and began to pack their clothing and items. When Hazel asked her why, Baldhild told her that the being found them and they weren’t safe. When Baldhild said that, Hazel began to experience headaches, and she fell to the floor. As she fell to the floor, blood began to pour out of her nose, Baldhild screamed in horror, she knew what those symptoms were. Baldhild stopped packing and screamed for the animals to help them.

Crows and nearby dogs entered the house and began to form a circle around them. Baldhild grabbed Hazel from the floor, and began to stroke her hair. Hazel was screaming in pain that her head was hurting, and she began to cough violently. Baldhild didn’t know what to do anymore, so she just held her close, and began to think. Soon enough, Baldhild ordered the crows to find an item to end Hazel’s misery. The crows flew away, and came back with a dagger from a nearby fisherman cabin.

Baldhild grabbed the dagger, and raised it to Hazel’s heart. Hazel screamed at her mother to not do it, but with tears in her eyes she fling the dagger to her chest. Her eyes closed, but then reopened when she felt something stopping her. Hazel had produced tendrils that stopped the dagger going through. Baldhild was shocked and dropped the dagger. With violent coughs, Hazel stood up, and began to breathe heavily. Behind her, the door was open and there came out a woman in a black and white mask. She wore a white hoodie, and was at the doorway.

Baldhild screamed for the animals to attack the unknown woman, but then she saw the being. Her mouth agape as the being ordered Hazel to be at his side. Hazel with no hesitation went by his side. Baldhild screamed for the animals to attack once more, but they wouldn’t listen. When Hazel walked away from the house, there was wails and bloody murder echo away. Hazel walked down the streets with painful headaches, and she was getting dizzy.

Then the being asked her telepathically if she knew who he was. She whispered to him, “You’re my father.”


Orientation: Straight 

Relationship/Partner: None  


  • Slenderman her father
  • Baldhild her mother 
  • Crow Hunter/Jackson Gray her half-brother  




Hair: Brown

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Hazel brown 

Height: 5’0

Weight: 115

Body Type: Thin 

Outfit: White tank top, light brown jacket with a "Proxy" symbol, blue/black jeans, and black combat boots 

Accessories: Her silver bracelet on her left wrist 

Distinguishing Features: Her wolf-like mask 


Disorder(s): None


  • Hybrid Physiology - Physiology of two different species  
  • Animal Imitation - Ability to imitate animal behavior/traits  
  • Canine Manipulation - Ability to manipulate canine animals (via. vocal and telepathy)  
  • Powerful Bite - Ability to have a powerful bite that can pierce through matter  
  • Teleportation - Ability to teleport locations to other locations  
  • Tendril Generation - Ability to generate tendrils (thin tentacles)  
  • Claw Retraction - Ability to generate claws  
  • Enhanced Clawmanship - Ability to possess great skills with claws  
  • Shapeshifting - Ability to transform into a different body  
  • Zoolingualism - Ability to communicate with animals  


  • Due to her hybrid blood, it’s possible her immune system is down 
  • Due to the hybrid of creature and human, she can not bear children 
  • Due to the hybrid blood, she can only inherit the downfall genes of her parents 
  • She can only manipulate wolves and dogs 
  • She can only manipulate up to seven animals  
  • She can only teleport in small spans  
  • In order to teleport she needs complete focus  
  • Her claws can break if she's not careful enough  
  • Can only generate four tendrils 
  • Despite being able to talk to animals, she can only successfully talk to canine and avian animals 


• Intelligence: 8

• Strength: 6

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 8

• Endurance: 6 

• Stamina: 7

• Balance: 9

• Tolerance: 8 


  • Hazel means hazelnut tree 
  • Brownwood means brown wood 
  • Her mother’s name Baldhild means bold battle 
  • Her mother’s abilities were: Animal Manipulation, Zoolingualism, and Animal Summoning 
  • Hazel’s abilities are mixed with Slenderman and her mother’s powers 
  • Hazel has only the “weaker” side of the powers of her parents 
  • Hazel became Slenderman’s proxy after the events 
  • Hazel does not know Kate killed her mother, instead she thinks it was someone else 
  • Due to this, Hazel wants to hunt down the murderer 
  • It was mentioned at the person who killed her mother was Kate the Chaser 
  • When she began to train with her father, she was able to successfully summon wolves and dogs 
  • She feels more connected with wolves and dogs therefore they are the only animals she can manipulate and summon 
  • She mainly has more abilities from her mother than her father 
  • She was able to compose herself from the mild Slender Sickness 
  • Like her father, she can generate tendrils but they are limited numbers 
  • Baldhild’s family were murdered by Slenderman himself 
  • The reason the abilities did not skip Hazel was due to the own abilities of her father 
  • The reason she could not summon the wolves beforehand was because her powers could only been unlocked from her father or a stressful event
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