Carol Hemmings or Pick Pocket was a good girl who did what she was told and followed the rules, but that was until she couldn't take it anymore. Follow her journey through abuse, revenge, and becoming a killer and thief.


Pick Pocket wears a brown-red bandana over her mouth, a brown jacket with a white turtleneck, brown pants, black sneakers, black finger-less gloves and a black beanie. She has short brown hair and blue-green eyes. Her weapons are her pocket knife tools and sometimes her fingernails.


Before becoming a killer, Carol was an obedient, good girl who did what anyone wanted her to do. However, after becoming a killer, Carol became a rebel and independent, relying on her own motives rather than the motives of others. Becoming a survivalist, Carol takes care of herself through stealing and killing. She tolerates people to a degree.


Carol lived with her abusive, drunk father. One day, during one of her father's drunk rampages, he purposefully burned Carol with the clothes iron. Her skin severely burned, Carol decided she couldn't take it anymore and snapped. Taking her father's gun and pocket knife in the dead of night, Carol picked the lock to her father's room and brutally murdered him, stabbing him in the face and stomach until she finished him off with a bullet to the heart. Disposing of her father's gun, Carol stole her father's car and escaped to the city. There, in the refuge of darkness, Carol lured and killed many victims, robbing them of their wallets...and their lives.

Three years later, Carol met Jeff the Killer who then took her to the Slenderman. While in the Slenderman's company, Carol, henceforth named Pick Pocket, encountered several Creepypastas, many hostile and many dangerous. Though she appreciated the acceptance into Slenderman's company as a Creepypasta, she eventually grew tired of the nagging and being ordered around. After surviving a mission from the Slenderman, Pick Pocket ran away into the forest and was never seen again by Slenderman's crew. Until now...


  • Pick Pocket has horrible burn scars along her mouth, arms, and neck.
  • Carol's mother died in a car wreck when Carol was four years old.
  • Though she officially disbanded from the Slenderman's company, Pick Pocket will sometimes help or assist other Creepypastas on her own terms.
  • Carol hasn't handled a gun since her father's death, preferring close combat.
  • Her enemy is Miss Belinda Bloodrose.
  • Pick Pocket is 17 years old.
  • Carol is sensitive of her scars and gets furious when someone exposes them.
  • Pick Pocket's quotes are: "How do you like it now?" and "I'll deprive you of more than just your wallet."
  • Creator SuperSilverXtreme14.

Theme Song

Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man