Let Me Take A Photo!
~ Photographer
Laisse Moi Prendre Une Photo!
~ Paparazzo


Real Name: Cosme Damien Lyon 

Alias: Photographer/Paparazzo

Meaning to Name: He photographs his victims before and after he kills them 

Nickname(s): Cosmos, Damon, Cosie, Lion, and Mr. Lyon 

Age: 22 

D.O.B: August 20 1997 

Birthplace: Toulouse, France 

Language: French, English, and Japanese 

Current Residence: Paris, France 

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active 


Occupation: Photographer 


Weapon(s): Knives, and razors 

Method of Killing:

  • Takes photos of his victims when stalking 
  • Takes photos of them before he murders them with a knife  
  • Takes photos of the aftermath and spreads it around the crime scene

Goal/Reason to Kill:

  • Insanity 
  • To serve Rabbit Stalker 


[C]Phrase: “Let Me Take A Photo!”  

Theme Song: Ghost of Utopia  


  • Editing his photos 
  • Styling his models 
  • Snapping quick photos 
  • Recording his life (vlogging) 
  • Stalking his victims 

Special Items: His camera 


  • Photos 
  • Photography 
  • Models 
  • Nature 
  • Colors 
  • Editing 


  • Disorganized workplace 
  • No one listening to him 
  • The way certain people worked 
  • Loud noises 
  • Bright lights 
  • No one following his orders 

Fear(s): Rabbit Stalker killing his girlfriend


  • Charismatic
  • Cheerful
  • Hot-headed
  • Hard worker 
  • Manipulative 
  • Bossy 
  • Aggressive 


Backstory: Cosme grew up in Toulouse, France with his family. His aunt Esme was a professional photographer, and was popular in the town. Esme would let Cosme play around with her camera, and Cosme learned how to shoot photos.  

Due to his aunt, he loved photography, and wanted to become a professional photographer for his dream job. He loved that he was able to show his family the beauty of the world, with his photos. As he got older, he started to take photography more seriously, and sign up with a company.  

This company was originally from South Korea, but moved to France for more business. Cosme decided to work for this company, however the company had dark secrets.  

The company, “RS-Photos” was a cover-up for Rabbit Stalker’s duties. He was able to get a job in the company, and work for them for weeks. With his girlfriend  of five years Belladonna, they were able to become more successful. Until one day, Rabbit Stalker thought it was best to confront Cosme in order to join his group.  

Cosme didn’t want to partake in the group, due to the safety of his girlfriend Belladonna as she was pregnant at the time. Rabbit Stalker grew angry at this, and decided to kidnap Belladonna. Belladonna was tortured in front of Cosme, while Rabbit Stalker screamed at him in order to join their group.  

Cosme kept saying no, stating Belladonna can take the pain. Sadly, due to the pain and torture, Belladonna lost her baby. She suffered a miscarriage, which lead Cosme into insanity. He wanted to protect Belladonna after the death of their baby, and wanted to murder Rabbit Stalker.  

So, he created a plan to kill Rabbit Stalker, however Rabbit Stalker was always one step ahead of them. Rabbit Stalker was able to send out Razor to defeat Cosme, and take him by force. She wasn’t successful, as Cosme was able to overpower her, and defeat Razor.  

This lead to Rabbit Stalker with no choice but to kidnap Belladonna again, and make a compromise with Cosme. If, Cosme was to join their group, and follow orders, Belladonna will be spare, however one wrong move can kill Belladonna.  

Cosme joined the group as Photographer. In safety of Belladonna, his beautiful woman. He takes the photos to have the models to be murdered.  


Orientation: Straight 

Relationship/Partner: Belladonna D’Angelo was Cosme’s model girlfriend. She was an Italian 19 year old girl who moved to France to work with Cosme. She had dark brown hair with light brown highlights that reached her shoulders, with light blue eyes. She was known for having a small body figure, and having an emotional face when modeling. She was pregnant however lost the baby. For now, she is with Kitsune for her safety  


  • Soan his father
  • Anais his mother
  • Zoe his sister
  • Vaast his brother




Hair: Light brown 

Skin: Fair Medium 

Eyes: Blue 

Height: 5’7

Weight: 145 

Body Type: Lean 

Outfit: White collared shirt, a white ascot tie, a dark brown peacoat, with dark brown slacks 

Accessories: His black camera 

Distinguishing Features: None 


Disorder(s): Manic Depression - A mental illness that causes the person to have manic episodes of either depressive lows and/or manic highs  


  • Stalking 
  • Hacking Intuition
  • Social Intuition 
  • Peak-Human Senses  
  • Escape Artistry 
  • Photographic Deduction
  • Camera Manipulation 
  • Photograph Manipulation 
  • Audio/Visual Recording 


  • Emotions are unstabilized
  • Unable to fix some cameras properly 
  • Can only control the photos he took himself
  • His senses can be damaged 
  • He’s unable to bypass some security systems
  • His memory sometimes fails him to use photographic deduction 
  • His fear of his girlfriend's safety disturbs him  


• Intelligence: 8

• Strength: 6

• Speed: 6

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 7 

• Stamina: 6

• Balance: 5

• Tolerance: 8 


  • His name translates to Beauty To Kill Lion 
  • His girlfriend Belladonna’s name translates to Beautiful woman of angels 
  • His unborn child was going to be named Nico Lyon 
  • Belladonna was five months pregnant when she lost the baby 
  • To this day, Cosme still wants to murder Razor, and Rabbit Stalker 
  • His partner is The Watcher 
  • He is part of The Prowlers group 
  • Belladonna was sent to Japan to be kept near Kitsune 
  • Cosme still plans to take over The Prowlers 
  • His name Photographer was chosen by The Watcher
  • Cosme was the reason why Rabbit Stalker moved his base to France
  • Rabbit Stalker chose Cosme for his photography skills to send to polices when their victim dies
  • He also chose Cosme so The Prowlers group could be more international
  • Even though he serves Rabbit Stalker, he despises him
  • His creator is Blackbullet235
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