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Creepypasta Files Wikia
Let Me Take A Photo
~ Photographer
Laisse Moi Prendre Une Photo
~ Paparazzo


Real Name: Cosme Damian Lyon 

Alias: Photographer

Meaning to Name: He photographs his victims before and after he kills them 

Nickname(s): Cosmos, Damon, Cosie, Lion, and Mr. Lyon 

Age: 22 

D.O.B: August 20 1997 

Birthplace: Toulouse, France 

Language: French, English, and Japanese 

Current Residence: Unknown  

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Status: Presumed Dead

Presumed D.O.D: March 20th 2021

Cause of Death: Blood loss

Alliance: The Watcher

Occupation: Photographer 


Weapon(s): Knives

Method of Killing:

  • Takes photos of his victims when stalking 
  • Takes photos of them before he murders them with a knife  
  • Takes photos of the aftermath and spreads it around the crime scene

Goal/Reason to Kill:


[C]Phrase: “Let Me Take A Photo!”  

Theme Song: Cold Red Light


  • Blogging
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Computer Programming
  • Digital Art
  • Journaling
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Photography

Special Items: His camera 


  • Blogging on his website
  • Organizing his bullet journaling
  • Creating digital art with his photos
  • Journaling about his day
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Taking photos of the forest


  • Rabbit Stalker hacking into his blogging website
  • Razor disorganizing his bullet journals
  • His tablet crashing when he draws
  • Not having time to write
  • The podcasts ending
  • The Watcher pushing him as he tries to take a photo

Fear(s): Rabbit Stalker killing his girlfriend


  • Admirable
  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Empathetic
  • Passive
  • Solemn
  • Vulnerable


Backstory: Cosme grew up in Toulouse, France as the middle child in his family. His aunt Esme was a professional photographer who influenced Cosme to become a photographer himself and showed him the best technique when taking photos. Since he was influenced by his aunt, he wanted to become a professional photographer himself. He wanted to show the beauty of the world, and people around the people with his camera, therefore throughout high school he signed up for many photography classes. When he had entered college, he had met with various people and became wildly popular in his photography classes due to his photography skills.

For one of his assignments, he had to do a photoshoot with one of the top models from France to see if his photography was well enough for France’s magazines. Her name was Belladonna D’Angelo and she was becoming the rising star for France due to her ability to manipulate her face and body into graceful positions.

When they both met each other, Cosme realized that he had fallen in love with her. Belladonna also fell in love with him, so they went out on dates. For months they began to fall in love with each other more, and ultimately she got pregnant. Cosme and her were ecstatic because they were going to have a child together.

However, with the baby in the picture, Cosme knew he had to get a job so he began to enlist for jobs nearby. A company by the name, “RS-Photos” offered him a high position, to which he gladly accepted. However, what he didn’t know was that the company held dark secrets. The company was formed under Rabbit Stalker’s newest group called, “The Prowlers” waiting to recruit Cosme due to his photography skills.

In his eyes, Rabbit Stalker wanted a person who had excellent skills in photography so they can take pictures of their dead victims and send them to the police to torment them. Cosme worked for them for 2 years, until one of his managers Izumi told him to follow her into the C.E.O’s office. When Cosme entered the office, he saw a man wearing a rabbit mask, and next to him was Belladonna his girlfriend tied to a chair.

Cosme was able to run to the man, but a man with a black face mask pushed him away. A man with blonde hair wearing a black corset forced Cosme to sit down face to face with the masked man. The masked man leaned forward and cleared his throat, “Hello Cosme, as you see I have your pretty woman, Belladonna.” The masked man shifted in his seat, while Cosme was flabbergasted because the man spoke in fluent French with no accent.

Cosme nodded and replied, “Sir, why are you here? What does this have to do with Belladonna.”

The masked man chuckled as Belladonna was crying, behind her was a woman wearing a fox-like mask in a dark red kimono grasping on Belladonna’s shoulder with great force. “Well, you see. I’m not just a sir. You can call me Rabbit Stalker, I own this world now. I’m recruiting you as a member,” the man looked at Belladonna and it seemed he had a smile due to his mask shifting, “If you deny my request, then your beautiful woman gets it.” The tone of his voice was now serious and cold, he looked at Cosme and began to chuckle more.

The fox-like woman’s hand shifted from Belladonna’s shoulder to her neck, and she began to speak in broken French with a heavy accent, “Don’t worry about your woman, she’ll be safe with me.” Cosme looked at her with a death stare, and then looked at the man who calls himself, “Rabbit Stalker”

With a pitiful face, Cosme looked at Belladonna and shook his head. He had shaken his head no, and said, “No, I will not join.” Rabbit Stalker clasped his hands together and stared at Cosme for a while. There was silence in the room, with the occasional whining from the blond hair man saying he needed to see his husband Felix. Rabbit Stalker silenced him by saying some quick in Russian, which easily shut up the blond man.

After 10 more minutes of silence, Rabbit Stalker slammed the desk with his hands as he stood up, he yelled something in Japanese to which the fox lady grabbed Belladonna and yanked her out of the room. Cosme stood up to yell at Rabbit Stalker, but the blonde-haired man and the black-masked man took him by the sides and yanked him away from the room.

He and Belladonna were sent off to a room far away from the rest of the rooms. Inside of the room was one chair, and a pair of handcuffs on the ceiling. It was a dewy dimmed room with no windows. The men shoved Cosme to the chair, with the woman chaining Belladonna to the handcuffs. Belladonna was chained with her hands up facing Cosme. Cosme began to bark at Rabbit, demanding he let go of Belladonna, while Belladonna was crying.

Rabbit Stalker appeared in front of Cosme and kneeled down to meet face to face. “You see Cosme, I don’t take no as an answer. Yes or no?” he said in a hushed tone getting closer to Cosme. When he went closer to him, Cosme spat on his mask and muttered some curse words under his breath. Rabbit Stalker snapped his fingers, which led a woman wearing a black dress giggling in a dark way slamming a blunt object to Belladonna’s back. Belladonna screams echoed in the room, along with Cosme’s wailing.

The black-dressed woman continued to bash Belladonna’s back, arms, neck, and even her stomach. He screamed at Rabbit Stalker for being a sadist, and he’ll have the police arrest them all. The masked man laughed and grabbed Cosme by the throat, “Cosme…Oh, Cosme, I just need you in my group, and Belladonna will survive.” Cosme looked at Belladonna and nodded yes. Rabbit Stalker snapped his fingers again, and the black-dressed woman stopped. However, she began to scream in a language Cosme didn’t know so to stop her screaming, a boy with a black sweater and heart yanked her hair.

Cosme was able to see the girl was wearing a wig because she clasped on her head before her whole wig fell out. The woman fell silent and walked away next to Cosme. The woman near Belladonna unchained her, and when Belladonna was unchained, she cradled her stomach crying she couldn’t feel their child anymore.

Cosme got up and the rest of the people walked into a room. Rabbit Stalker and Cosme entered his office again, and Rabbit Stalker grabbed a knife from his desk, giving it to Cosme. He looked at the knife and looked at Rabbit asking, “What should I do with this?”

Rabbit laughed and replied, “Cut your palm, and place your bloody hand on this piece of paper.” He took out a piece of paper that had the photo of Cosme, basic information of him, and Belladonna. Cosme slowly cut his palm and slammed it on the paper. Rabbit Stalker nodded and said, “Now sign your name next to the palm. Afterward, I own you.” He nodded and signed the papers.

Rabbit stood up with his hand extended offering a handshake. Cosme shook his hand, and then the blackface mask man spoke up. His voice was slow and had a cold tone to it and he stated, “Your new name will be Photographer.”  


Orientation: Heterosexual  

Relationship/Partner: Belladonna D'Angelo is Cosme's girlfriend who works with him as a model. She is an Italian 19-year-old who moved to France to work as a model. Belladonna has dark brown hair with light brown highlights and light blue eyes. They met after a photoshoot and began to see each other. Soon, they began to date and she got pregnant. However, she ended up losing the baby, and for years she was with Kitsune as a hostage.  


  • Soan his father
  • Anais his mother
  • Zoe his sister
  • Vaast his brother




Hair: Blond  

Skin: Pale 

Eyes: Gray  

Height: 5’7

Weight: 145 

Body Type: Lean 

Outfit: Black overcoat, black turtleneck shirt, black pants, and black shoes  

Accessories: His black gloves and camera  

Distinguishing Features: His gray eyes  


Disorder(s): Manic Depression - A mental illness that causes the person to have manic episodes of either depressive lows and/or manic highs  


  • Peak-Human Senses 
  • Stalking 
  • Hacking Intuition 
  • Escape Artistry 
  • Camera Manipulation 
  • Photograph Manipulation 
  • Audio/Visual Recording 
  • He can fix and manipulate cameras  
  • He is able to record and manipulate the sounds  
  • Able to escape from traps  


  • Emotions are unstabilized
  • Unable to fix some cameras properly 
  • Can only control the photos he took himself
  • He’s unable to bypass some security systems 
  • His memory sometimes fails him 
  • His senses can be damaged  
  • The cameras can be broken
  • To manipulate recordings he always needs a computer and internet


• Intelligence: 8

• Strength: 6

• Speed: 6

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 7 

• Stamina: 6

• Balance: 5

• Tolerance: 8 

Notable Quotes

  • “Oh my love, I’m sorry for failing you…” - Belladonna had suffered a lot of torture from Razor which leads to her unborn child dying
    • “Oh mon amour, je suis désolé de t'avoir échoué…” - In French
  • Rabbit Stalker, I’ll join.” - Knowing he had no other options, he knew he had to join the group The Prowlers
    • “Rabbit Stalker, je vais rejoindre.” - In French
  • “Alejandro, my child is dead.” - When The Watcher asked about his unborn child, Cosme replied with the results of his child being dead
    • “Alejandro, mon enfant est mort.” - In French


  • Cosme means Beauty  
  • Damien means To tame  
  • Lyon means Lion  
  • Cosme still plans to take over The Prowlers 
  • Belladonna's name ironically translates to a beautiful woman of angels  
  • Belladonna was sent to Japan to be kept near Kitsune  
  • Belladonna was five months pregnant when she lost the baby 
  • Nico Lyon was the name of his unborn child who died  
  • To this day, Cosme still wants to murder Razor, and Rabbit Stalker 
  • He was part of The Prowlers group 
  • Cosme was the reason why Rabbit Stalker moved his base to France 
  • Rabbit Stalker chose Cosme for his photography skills to send to polices when their victim dies
  • Rabbit Stalker chose Cosme so The Prowlers group could be more international
  • Rabbit Stalker is aware of Cosme's plans to take him over
  • Even though he serves Rabbit Stalker, he despises him
  • His partner is The Watcher 
  • His name Photographer was chosen by The Watcher
  • He died from blood loss after being attacked from Trickback
    • He was soon revived
  • After his revival he escaped from The Prowlers with his girlfriend to Brazil
  • Modeled after the song, "Cold Red Light", and physical appearance of Marc Schulze
  • His creator is Black Bullet235