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This page will show you what we expect of a page on this wiki!

Useful Links:

  • Click here and here for a tutorial of how to create a page and/or add an infobox.

Page Layout and Expectation

  1. Since the majority of users who access the site speak English fluently/accurately, please attempt to keep the majority of the creation within English (this does exclude the titles nor certain character's names being within another language, so long as most of the content besides these are English).
  2. Page titles have to be capitalized (To attract more attention to your page and not make it seem childish, please capitalize your page title). Example: nina the killer (Incorrect) Ticci-Toby (Correct)
  3. You can either make a page for a pasta character or post even your full own pasta. BUT, both the character description and the pasta’s FULL story cannot be on the same page. Sure, a short summary of the pasta or the origin is allowed but writing the whole thing isn’t. If you do both, they need to be set on different pages. Example: Laughing Jack's character page, and story.
  4. Remember to check for grammar/spelling mistakes (If your Creepypasta or character’s page has many grammar/spelling errors, it can ruin the quality of your work leading to the loss of interest to many users and this may cause your page to receive a "Marked for Deletion" category).
  5. Your story and character, once posted, will be judged by our administrators and content moderators before will either get a "Marked For Deletion" or be good to go. Click “Marked For Deletion” to learn more about it!
  6. However in some cases, the page will be Marked for Review if the staff needs some time to figure out if the page should be marked for termination or not.

Page Outline (usually expected)

  • A very short summary of your character on the top (to interest your viewers at a first glance) and an infobox.
  • A full, but short, origin story. Or if the character does not have an origin story, you can try to write some stuff about the character such as what they do and what's currently known about them.
  • Describe their appearance. (Try to add a picture in the infobox of their appearance if possible).
  • Describe their personality or how they act.
  • Add some facts about the character and make sure to also link the creator of the character.
  • Theme songs and quotes are optional.
  • Make sure to add categories to your characters page so people can find your character in the categories. (Note: Also please do not create new categories unless given permission to by a staff member.)

Pages are not for...

  • Advertisement of other wikis on FANDOM as well as other websites relating to Creepypasta (this is mostly allowed for Blog-Posts).
  • Uploading content from an entirely separate wiki (this does include using existing pages on the correct wikis we partner with to upload on the wiki, if you are mostly a Roblox/Minecraft Creepypasta fan, please use the correct wikis for uploading your creations found here).
  • Uploading content that is not related to Creepypasta.
    • This does include: Content that is not related to horror that not only doesn't fit the Page Guidelines but also could be deemed as intentional copyright infringement, content that is deemed inappropriate towards the site or may contain various triggering elements towards the users without any given warning, and content that may be seen as entirely irrelevant towards the Creepypasta franchise.
  • Fanfictions relating to Creepypastas (please, no Wattpad Lemons or smut fanfictions nor even the fluff type ones, we are the Creepypasta Files Wiki for a reason).
  • Recreating deleted pages (as a general rule when an admin deletes an article or category it cannot be recreated without admin approval. However, if you can provide a valid reason to do so you may proceed).
  • Happypastas (once again, whilst we did make exceptions to Splendorman and such, this is merely for the clarity to settle in for commonly spread Happypastas, please use the correct wiki "Happypasta Wiki" for such creations).
  • Creepypastas made by another user on a separate platform without credit/permission to do so. Please remember that some users may wish to upload their creations in their own time or by their close friends and users caught uploading several creations (along with artwork) without appropriate credit to the original author will be blocked depending on the severity of the offense. This is due to assuming the creation of the page breaches private/personal copyright from the original uploader and potential edit-farming on the site.