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It's Better To See You Six Feet Underground
~ Operator
지하 6 피트를 보는 것이 좋습니다
~ 운영자


Real Name: Mattias Minjung Kwan 

Alias: Operator 

Meaning to Name: He was a master manipulator towards his victims 

Nickname(s): Matt, Kwan, Operator, Manipulator, Mastermind and My love (by Victim)  

Age: 27

D.O.B: March 13 1993  

Birthplace: Daejeon, Korea

Language: Korean, and English 

Current Residence: Incheon, Korea

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human 

Status: Active 


Occupation: Manipulator  



  • A pair of Beretta 92 pistols 
  • A length of chain  
  • Hunter dagger  

Method of Killing:   

  • Ties the victims up with ropes or chains until they suffocate  
  • Cuts their skin around their body until they bleed to death  
  • Easily shoots them in the heart  

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Due to his insanity breakdown 
  • His past experience 


[C]Phrase:It’s Better To See You Six Feet Underground” 

Theme Song: Get Away With Murder


  • Computer Programming  
  • Cryptology  
  • Gunsmithing  
  • Photography  
  • Reading  
  • Taxidermy  
  • Weightlifting  

Special Items:  

  • His dark gloves 
  • His weapons 


  • Programming viruses in other people's computers  
  • Cracking cryptology  
  • Cleaning and fixing his guns  
  • Taking photos of his victims  
  • Reading about the latest news (especially if it has his name)  
  • Performing taxidermy on small dead animals  
  • Weightlifting alone  


  • Getting stopped by Victim when doing his deeds  
  • Not getting the coding right when cracking cryptology  
  • His victims screaming and moving when he tries to take a photo of them  
  • The news not including him as he reads 
  • Messing up on the taxidermy  
  • Victim not leaving him alone when weightlifting  


  • Not being able to manipulate some people 
  • Becoming a failure 
  • Being left alone 


  • Sadistic 
  • Manipulative 
  • Charismatic 
  • Bad-tempered 
  • Crazed 
  • Bossy 
  • Stubborn 
  • Fierce 



Mattias at a young age

Backstory: Mattias Minjung Kwan was born and raised in Daejeon, Korea. He was of mixed race since his mother was an English woman, and his father was a full-blooded Korean, he had two older siblings Cassandra Chaewon, and Ben Byungho.

When he was born, he had a twin named Michael Minsu. His father Jinho was worried about his wife giving birth to a pair of twins since him and his wife were deeply religious. It was known that if a pair of twins were birthed, there would be a good twin and then there was an evil twin.

His parents grew worried about whether or not the legends were true. Despite the knowledge, his parents continued to raise them equally. He had a fairly nice childhood with some ups and downs throughout. However, as he grew older there was a spark of ashes in his heart.

At the age of four, he began to draw pictures of dead animals and people. He smiled as his parents yelled at him, and occasionally he would choke out his twin brother until he turned blue. Even with the evil intentions, his parents tried their best to understand him, even if the good twin and evil twin legend were in their minds.

When he was a teenager, he began to act out and he had started to manipulate his twin brother Michael to help him with his deep dark desires. Mattias would raid homes and steal their belongings to pawn them for money. He wanted money to buy drugs, and to use them for anything he wanted to buy. Michael, his twin, would always try to talk him out of his actions, but Mattias was too stubborn to care.

At the breaking point, his parents finally sent him to a psychiatrist, after months of studying him, it was revealed he had Antisocial Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. His parents were heartbroken, as their child was now diagnosed with mental illnesses, they did not have a way out of this. Mattias would laugh it off, thinking it was stupid for the psychiatrist to diagnose him with some fake illness.

He believed there was nothing wrong with him, he knew he had the perfect childhood and even with murderous thoughts, he was smart enough to not murder anyone. Later on in school, he did become more mentally unstable, while he was known for being the bully, his teachers would always talk down on him, and tried their best to stop him from bullying anyone.

Mattias would ignore them, and continue to do anything he wanted. He knew he was always in the right, and nothing was wrong with him. He knew he was too perfect for this world. After manipulating and bullying so many students, he decided to date one of his victims, he was a boy with low esteem who desperately wanted approval. Mattias thought he was the cutest boy he’s ever seen, but deep down in his mind, he wanted to torture him until he felt agony. After all, he knew he was a sadist.

The boy and he dated for weeks, but in the relationship, Mattias would gaslight him, and manipulate him to allow him to cut his skin and suck the blood. The boy did not like it, but he did anything for him for approval and love. However, Mattias was no longer feeling pleasure as he felt like just cutting his blood and sucking it wasn’t worth it. So, he created a plan to murder his boyfriend. Murdering his boyfriend would give him the greatest pleasure of all.

He knew he had to plan it well, and knew any wrong move can send him to jail. He called over his boyfriend and began to assault him for pleasure. Mattias grabbed a piece of rope from his shed and had choked his boyfriend to death. His laughter echoed in the room, which caught the attention of his family, they barged in to see his boyfriend choked to death. His mother called the police, which led him to a mental institution. He tried to resist the treatment they had on him, and would always try to fight anyone who came near him.

One of the psychiatrists who worked with Mattias' case was named Dr. Moon. Dr. Moon was curious about Mattias’ background and decided to study him. Mattias underwent hypnosis, and it was revealed his tragic past. He was not born to be the evil twin, but instead, it was his other twin Michael.

At a young age, Michael had manipulated Mattias to let him do all the insane things since he wanted to be known to be the good twin. Michael was the one who abused Mattias and forced Mattias to commit a crime. He had manipulated Mattias for so long, Mattias began to act out due to the abuse. For Michael knew, his parents needed to know he was the good twin. Mattias was tainted due to his brother’s actions.

Not knowing what to do for him now, Dr. Moon made Mattias stay in the hospital for three years, until he was able to handle himself with therapy sessions and medication. When he got released, he grew depressed since his name was ruined due to his brother’s actions, and never took his medication. Walking around his town, he met a Japanese girl named Kazumi and he believed she was the prettiest girl he had met. He felt this intense passion towards her and wanted more. She was now his victim, she was being stalked by him, and he was waiting to kidnap and be his. One day, he went through the plan and was able to kidnap her. 

Mattias Minjung Kwan poster (1)

Wanted Poster

He had kept her in the basement of his now new apartment, and began to manipulate her. Madly in love with her, he had forced his way into her, he knew no one else could have her. She was his victim and wanted more of her. Years went by, and he allowed her to be out of the basement and they lived a “perfect” life in his eyes.

Then, Mattias allowed one of his female friends to come over, and Kazumi felt a fit of huge jealousy with his female friend. So, she had picked up a knife and stabbed her to death. Mattias saw everything and grew more madly in love with her.

He helped Kazumi bury the body, and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. With the lust for blood and pleasure, he kept her close by as they began to murder people around the town, and they were just perfect for each other now.

Currently, due to the disappearance of Kazumi, there is suspicion with Mattias being the kidnapper. South Korea and Japan are working together to find Kazumi Minami.

Dr. Moon, Mattias' former psychiatrist is leading the case and giving information to the agents due to his ties of Mattias. It was revealed that he left around the same time as Kazumi had disappeared.

At the moment, due to the murder and suspicion of kidnapping Kazumi, Operator is being careful with his movements. He knows one fatal mistake can ruin his plot of finding more victims to satisfy his own desires.


Orientation: Bisexual  

Relationship/Partner: Kazumi Minami, she is a Japanese girl who he had manipulated to fall in love with him, she has black wavy hair, eyes black as coal, with a lean figure in which he loves. Their relationship is abusive since he really loves her. He would cut her fair skin with razors and suck the blood dripping down. He loves her deeply, he doesn’t want anyone to have her. Of course, it could be false love.  


  • Jinho his father 
  • Hanna his mother 
  • Cassandra Chaewon his sister 
  • Ben Byungho his brother 
  • Michael Minsu his twin brother 



  • Anyone who questions his actions 
  • His past bullies 
  • His family 
  • Victim’s family 
  • Volatile  


Hair: Black

Skin: Fair 

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’0

Weight: 165

Body Type: Lean

Outfit: Olive green jumpsuit, black t-shirt, and black combat boots

Accessories: Dark gloves 

Distinguishing Features: Constant bloodstains around clothing 



  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - OCD is characterized by unreasonable obsession thoughts that lead to compulsive behavior  
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder - APD is a personality disorder that has the person shows no regard for right or wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others  
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder - NPD is a personality disorder that has the person have an inflated sense of self-importance  


  • Mental Manipulation 
  • Emotion Manipulation 
  • Memory Manipulation 
  • Hypnosis 
  • Mind Control  
  • Able to manipulate almost everyone he knows and see 
  • He is able to focus on everyone’s emotions and personality 
  • He can manipulate anyone’s emotions 
  • Sometimes he can manipulate people even if they have the strong will power 
  • At times he is possible to fully erase people’s memories 
  • Understands how to react with people without being suspicious 


  • He may not be able to fully to manipulate his victims at times 
  • He can not affect people with apathy 
  • He can only manipulate people with weak minds 
  • Some can block out his manipulation 
  • People who have strong will power can not be affected most of the time 
  • Can’t control people when under stress 
  • Many have slipped away from his manipulation 
  • May fumble up when trying to manipulate people  
  • Needs to constantly manipulate people to have them under his control  


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 8

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 8 

• Stamina: 7

• Balance: 8

• Tolerance: 10 


  • Mattias means Gift of God
  • Minjung means Sharp
  • Kwan means strong-willed 
  • He identifies himself as Bisexual 
  • He was in fact not the manipulator but the victim of his brother’s game 
  • He was only 16 when he had killed his boyfriend 
  • He was around 20 years old when he left the hospital 
  • He had his breaking point after he was released from the hospital ironically 
  • One of the few creepypastas to be of mixed race as he is both English and Korean 
  • His family was in horror of his actions and murdering of his boyfriend 
  • His family was a devout Christian 
  • His brother's trope is, "Evil Twin," and, "Evil Counterpart"  
  • While Mattias' trope is, "Evil Knockoff," and, "Face–Heel Turn"  
  • If he had the perfect life like the rest of his siblings, he would have studied to become a doctor 
  • Michael his brother is now locked in jail for conspiracy of murder and engaged with crime with Mattias  
  • The legend of a good twin and evil twin can be traced to hundreds of years which include the good being creation and the evil causing chaos 
  • The reason he knows Rabbit Stalker is due to their connections in Daejeon, Korea where The Prowlers' group is stationed at 
  • Model after the song, "Get Away With Murder," and Sehun from EXO  
  • His creator is Black Bullet235 
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