Omen or the Omen Child, is a mass murderer who only targets white people, and many believed that he was part of a mafia group or a cult.


A couple in Canada tried to have a baby but every attempt failed, until a demon promised them a child, but for a price. The demon wanted the child when they turn 16 or something bad will happen to them and those around. They agreed and in 9 months had a baby boy named Owen.

After the birth of Owen the couple slowly forget the deal with the demon, and like many people say, don’t make a deal with the devil. One day the couple and their son were invited to a party at the city hall, which they excepted and went to. Around about 9pm Owen was feeling a little dizziness and went outside for a bit, on his at back in he noticed 2 M16’s which he grab and had a look at. At that moment he had a feeling, a feeling he never felt, the need to kill... 12 hours later, the police and paramedics arrived at the city hall treating the injured, a lot were injured and many more killed. Owen Thompson was then put under charges for a mass shouting.

About 3 years later, Owen Thompson’s body was. He was hanging off of a tree near Buckingham Castle, which was very odd since there would be no way for him to travel to another country. The investigation of his death went on for months, ending to no lead or cause of his death. Many think it was a successful suicide attempt, but the police beg to differ.


Due to his curse cast upon him, he lost his emotions making him a husk.


He wears a grey hoodie and black pants. He has ginger hair and amber eyes. To spirits and other demons, he is shades of black and white.


Most of his weapons are guns, so here are the guns he uses.

  • Two M16’s
  • P6 22


  1. His creator is  Duncanator 2406

Theme song

The Mythic by Adam Jensen

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