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Shadow Queen or more known as the Nightmare Hunter origin story is unknown.But it is known as the entity controlling the shadows and penetrating the human mind ... (It itself ranks among the Creeypasta but also TribeTwelve)


  • only a part of Nightmare Hunter's story is known ... At the beginning there is only a typical girl living in a big smoke near the forest in which she spends a lot of her time but she got away one day because she came across an entity named Slenderman. to see in dreams and thus fall more and more into the darkness, until finally on July 23, 2018 he comes to her in the night and pierces the poor girl's neck. but then it gradually started to change ... (the story is also unknown)

(As one of the few entities, most of the time looks like a normal girl, but only in this dimension. It is transmitted once every few hours)


It is speculated that Nightmare Hunter had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes before the transformation, along with slightly paler alabaster skin.

After the transformation, as a side effect of Slenderman's blood, her skin turned chalky white to gray and her eyes turned electrically blue, as did her mouth and teeth, which are similar to those sharks .... as one of the other effects of blood, her senses are improved.

It is usually shown with black jeans with pink on the knees


Nightmare Hunter was a transforming girl waiting for us before the transformation, but after her transformation she gets managed to maintain a cheerful personality, but when she rages, her delight looks forward to a psychopathic, heartless and sadistic personality.


  • The first mention of her appeared in 2017
  • She was 12 at the time of her death
  • When she was little, she had an imaginary friend named Mr. Midnight
  • Her birthday is 7/1/2005
  • Cannot control teleportation to another dimension
  • Can copy the abilities of other entities (creepypastas)
  • Was spotted hovering 2.5 meters off the ground
  • She is very similar to Puppeteer
  • She told only one of her friends named Veronica about what it was
    • When she told her, she cursed her. And so when Nightmare is transferred, she pulls her in, but the cursed girl always has memories of only one reality (when she doesn't remember anything about what she did in the other reality and vice versa), while nightmare has memories of both realities.