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This page may contain material that is disturbing or graphic which might be sensitive to some readers. Continue at your own discretion.

I’m hungry…For your soul
~ Necro


Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Necro

Meaning to Name: Relation with death


  • The Being
  • The Souleater
  • The Necrophilic
  • Hell’s Pet  

Age: Unknown

D.O.B: Unknown

Birthplace: Inferno, Hell

Language: All the languages in the world

Current Residence: Freetown State Forest, USA

Gender: N/A

Species/Race: Demon

Status: Active

Alliance: None

Occupation: Soul-eater



  • Their claws
  • Their mouths
  • Their tail

Method of Killing:

  • Snatching up their victims with their claws
  • Eating the dead people from the trees
  • Pinning their victims up on a tree branch

Goal/Reason to Kill: To eat


[C]Phrase:I’m hungry…For your soul

Theme Song: Nails and Bones


  • Snatching up their victims
  • Consuming their souls
  • Eating the dead
  • Killing everyone around them
  • Walking around the forest
  • Stalking their victims

Special Items: Their mouth


  • To hear the wailing of their victims
  • Chasing their victims
  • Eating the people who hanged themselves
  • Eating the depressed people
  • Consuming their victims’ blood and guts


  • Their victims hiding
  • Their victims fighting back
  • Not consuming their victims’ bodies
  • Being seen by their victims
  • The forest being burned

Fear(s): None


  • Aggressive
  • Impulsive
  • Insistent
  • Violent
  • Stubborn
  • Fearful
  • Cold


Backstory: Not much is known about the being Necro. Some say it came from the deepest part of Hell, while others believed it was once human. The earliest recording of the being was in the year 1342, where there was a cave painting of it eating its victims.

Although, there was a story that talked about the creature existing. The story was painted on a wall in the Freetown State Forest located in the US which depicted a priest trying to summon a spirit to help heal his daughter, however, it was a failure because Necro had come out from the cracks of the Earth. Ultimately, Necro would murder and consume the souls of the priest and his family.

Necro does not appear during the day in the forest, but during the nighttime is when they’re highly active. Many people who hike the forest can hear the whispering of their names, along with wailing from the creature. Due to the high activity during the nighttime, the rangers in the forest advise people to not hike or sleep in the forest.

However, it’s been reported many people continue to go, only to face the consequences. There have been reports of screaming only to be silenced with a growl and bones cracking. Along with that, many come to the forest to commit suicide only to find Necro to eat their bodies. It’s also been reported if a hiker is to suffer a mental illness then it would attract the attention of Necro and consume them.

As Necro would eat the people who suffer from depression due to it being easier for them to manipulate the victim. It’s been reported that Necro has been responsible for over 500 disappearances. Many of the armed forces have tried to find and attack the being, but they’ve remained unsuccessful due to the chaotic nature Necro has.

There have been survivors from the Necro attack, however, they do have to deal with the aftermath. Many survivors come back with missing body parts, internal trauma, loss of senses, and radioactive poisoning. They also have testimonies, but not all like to talk about it due to the trauma they endured from the creature. Overall, the creature is highly dangerous and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Victims' Encounters

These are excerpts from the survivors of the monster Necro.

“Hello, my name is Selina Mcclure, and I was the only survivor of Necro. It’s been years since the attack happened, but I still remember it to this day. I was only 17 when the attack happened. My friends and I were being stupid rebellious teenagers and wanted to see the monster ourselves. We always thought the rumors were fake, and it was something made up to stop people from hiking during the night. We decided to trespass into the forest around midnight and walked around talking to each other and laughing. But then we heard something heavy walking around, at first we thought it could be a bear and we brushed it off. It wasn’t until I heard the echoing of our names, did I realize we fucked up. It was a turn of events, the next thing I see is my friends screaming and running away. I turned around to see Necro running towards us with its mouth wide open. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought it was the drugs messing with me, but it wasn’t. My boyfriend grabbed my hand and together we ran from the monster. But we couldn’t. The monster snatched my friend Rami and I could hear him screaming and his bones crushing. I didn’t dare turn around. I didn’t want to. One by one, I could hear my friends screaming and the monster getting closer. My boyfriend was able to find a ditch and told me to hide over there, I ran towards the ditch but when I turned around I saw him trying to get the monster’s attention. I looked at him and I was going to yell, but I saw him shake his head. I went deeper into the ditch and saw my boyfriend get eaten by the monster. His skull was crushed and I wanted the nightmare to end. I’ll never forget his sacrifice because the monster decided to not pursue me. It ended up walking away. I ran and ran from the ditch to see bodies hanging from the branches, and I covered my mouth when the monster Necro was walking just 25 feet away from me. By the stroke of luck, I was able to escape the forest. Please if you’re a teenager, don’t go to the forest. People still think I’m insane and I murdered them. I didn’t. I’m innocent.”

“My name is Chester Wyatt, and I’m the only survivor with my sister. I was only 10 years old when my family and I decided to camp at Freetown State forest for my birthday. By then, there weren’t strict regulations of camping in the forest. The monster wasn’t as active as it is now, so my family thought we would be safe. After all, my parents are experts in camping and we were camping with my friend’s family too. It was the 2nd day when the monster decided to attack. I barely turned 10 years old, and my sister was only 2 years old. It was around 2 am I heard something walking around the tent, so I decided to investigate. What I saw will never leave my mind. It was my friend Jordan standing in front of the monster. The monster was tall as Hell, and bones were sticking out from its body. My friend Jordan decided to scream which to this day I wish she hadn’t. We could’ve all survived. The monster ran towards her and sliced her body in half. Her family came out of the tent and we all ended up running away. I began to run with my baby sister in my arms and my main objective was to survive. My parents yelled at me to never stop running, and I never did. I could hear the screaming from my family but I didn’t turn around. I covered my sister’s ears, and I just kept running. I muffled her crying when we hid behind a tree trunk, and I saw the creature walking around. I swear I was shitting my pants because I decided to throw a rock in my other direction to book it to the road. The monster fell for it, and I booked it on the road. But the monster caught up to us. I was in the middle of the road when we met eye to eye. For some reason, it didn’t attack us. It’s like it knew keeping me alive was better so I could live with the emotional pain forever. The bastard was fucking right.”

“Hi…My name is Idris Miranda…I’m 65 years old, and survived the attack of Necro…I used to live in the nearby town where the forest was at, and I worked in a grocery store…I was only 25 when it happened, it was late at night around 10 pm, and I wanted to work overtime to get more money to save for my mom’s gift for Mother’s Day…A customer came into the store with their dog and I was a cashier, they bought dog food and treats for their pooch but somehow the leash broke…This lead to the dog to run away from the store and the owner was screaming for them to come back…I decided to help the poor customer, so I ran with them…To this day, I wish I hadn’t…There were reports of Necro attacking the town, but it was always late in the night, I never thought it would attack this early…The dog ran to the forest, and the both of us ran as well…Even though we were at the edge of the forest, I still saw the monster with my own two eyes, it was huge and scary looking, it wasn’t human…The owner ran to get their dog, and even though I screamed at them to leave the dog, they didn’t budge…The monster picked up the dog and snapped its neck and chewed it up…The owner tried to run away and towards my direction but it was too late…The monster sliced them up and ate their guts…I decided to run away into the store, and I’ll like to thank the Lord for blessing me for having fast legs…My coworker Sofia asked me what was happening and they heard screaming…I told her to shut up and lock the store down, she did just that and we hid in the storage closet…I could feel the footsteps of the monster, and I knew it was near…The store was rumbling and luckily I was able to catch a glass cup from shattering…I kept praying to the Lord to give me mercy, and he did…After 15 minutes passed, we heard nothing and felt nothing…We decided to come out of the closet to see the monster at the door kneeling at looking at us…I covered Sofia’s mouth and told her we had to run to our cars…I grabbed her hand and my car keys and together we ran to my car…The monster began to chase us, but Lord was showing me mercy…The car started and I drove to the next door town with Sofia…I called my parents to see if they were okay, and by luck they were…I quit the job, and decided to move away afterwards…I pray the monster gives mercy as the Lord does to others.”


Family: N/A


  • Lucifer
  • Satan
  • Amon
  • Alloces
  • Baal
  • Beelzebub


  • God
  • Jesus
  • St. Michael
  • St. Raphael
  • St. Gabriel


Hair: None

Skin: Gray

Eyes: Sunken-in

Height: 24’0

Weight: 345

Body Type: Skeletal

Outfit: None

Accessories: None

Distinguishing Features:

  • Large fangs
  • Rib cages, and spikes sticking out
  • Their claws


Disorder(s): None


  • Cryptid Physiology
  • Reflective Exoskeleton
  • Fear Inducement
  • Suicide Inducement
  • Death Inducement
  • Emotional Manipulation
  • Mental Disorder Manipulation
  • Bone Spike Protrusion
  • Soul Absorption
  • Their bones can be used as weapons
  • They can make their victims commit suicide
  • Manipulate their victims’ mental state


  • It has a weak smell therefore it's possible to escape from them
  • Can be defeated with divine energy
  • Can be outsmarted
  • Arrows and bullets can pass through their exoskeleton
  • People with no emotions (apathy) can not be manipulated
  • People with strong-will can escape
  • Unable to manipulate mindless beings
  • Creatures with no soul can not be eaten


• Intelligence: 9

• Strength: 10

• Speed: 9

• Agility: 9

• Endurance: 9

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 8

• Tolerance: 7


  • Necro translates to Death
  • They eat up Depressed people
  • They consume suicide victims
  • They also have intercourse with their dead victims for pleasurement
  • Their history dates back to the 1300s
  • There's a cult following of the creature, where the followers called themselves, "Children of Necro" where they believed Necro was a gift of God to get rid of the sinners
  • There’s no explanation on why it’s more active in the 21th century than before
  • Some believed it’s due to many people coming to the forest to investigate if Necro is real
  • For some reason, there have been reports of the monster showing mercy, it’s unknown why but it’s possible to mentally torture their victims with survivor’s guilt
  • It’s reported it can run up to 60 miles per hour
  • It’s also reported only 50 people have survived the attacks of Necro
  • The only known photos of Necro are from the cave paintings and a survivor drawing them when they were in the psych ward
  • Due to the high activities, many rangers always have a security lockdown during the night
  • According to a recent report, Necro has attacked more than 500 people and consumed around 20 rangers
  • At first, many townspeople believed Necro was a rumor and urban legend until many campers were reported missing during the night time
  • During the night-time, many townspeople lock their houses and are always quiet
  • Also during the night-time, you can hear the wailing and scream of Necro and their victims
  • If you venture far enough at the forest, you can see victims pin up against the tree branches
  • Many chose to commit suicide in the forest to be eaten by Necro (possibly a sacrifice to satisfy the creature)
  • Their creator is Black Bullet235