Nathan Lux or Nathan the Nobody greatly suffered when his twin sister, Crystal, gruesomely died. His mind is like a vinyl record which constantly repeats the messages "Save my sister" and "Kill them all" when going berserk. 

He has black greasy long hair. Due to lack of sleep, he developed bags under his eyes. He wears a white long-sleeve shirt, grey vest, grey sleeveless coat, black pants and boots. He also wears black fingerless gloves and a face mask.


Before anything happened to him, he was a sneaky, quiet teenager and an introvert. He was quite protective with his family, specifically his twin sister. When he goes berserk, he becomes a pure sadist, tormenting and killing people in a very gruesome way. 


Nathan grew up with his twin sister, Crystal and his Mother. His father just left, Nathan took it upon himself to keep his mother, but mostly his sister, safe. One unfortunate day, Him and his sister were abducted, He was left to rot in a dark, cold cellar room, trapped by a metal door. His sister after suffering a great amount of torture, was gruesomely killed with a blunt object to her head, moments before Nathan escaped his own imprisonment.

Once realizing he failed his sister, his grip on hope and being that big brother she needed faded away and crashed into a hard dilution. Already hearing her voice whispering in his ear; or as far as we know it. Unable to accept her death, he locked that part of her death away deep, deep in his mind and continued to believe she is alive, but only if he takes care of the group that made him suffer, that made them both suffer. He didn't stop at the men in that house, aiming his anger at everyone he believes to be apart of this organization. Enjoying the idea of watching those members die, only able to see them as ones whom harmed the his sister.


  • He is 22 years old.
  • He is a 6 footer.
  • Usually lives in abandoned places.
  • His eyes are green (right) and blue (left).
  • He dislikes porcelain dolls especially when they look human.
  • He is in a relationship with a strong hybrid named Ciara Heloise.
  • His weapon is a metal pipe.
  • His creator is IvyDarkRose.