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made by Author Kennell

Made by author Kennell

there was Liam he couldn't understand why everyone was weird he saw Alan his eyes were white in fact everyone's was but not Liam after the math test he got the shivers he didn't have his report A B C or D he knew something was weird he went to play some game until his parents came home

8:00 9:00 10:00

but then he dropped his controller for his games and then he heard a laugh it sounded like coming from the game he was playing but he never had this feeling of the creeps but then he saw...NOVISOR a glitching tv while NOVISOR was coming to him and while Liam was struggling he got the grip of someone and he said in his mind "the bag!" he put the bag over his head by throwing it on his head and NOVISOR screamed glitching back to the tv and he was gone.

NOVISOR appearance: blind,great smelling,only can come through devices that have a screen,cause of making people blind,sharptooth teeth,power of possessing if you cannot see him he will fall back to the screen,immortal,forces you to see him.

Liam appearance:smart,kinda handsome,gamer,nice.

Liam was shaking he smashed all the screens in his house as he drifted off to sleep but, he for got one thing...his neighbors screens "HEHEHEHEHEHEHE" NOVISOR said it woke up Liam but he was defenceless NOVISOR is immortal so he ran outside while NOVISOR was looking in the houses and Liam was long gone he had nowhere to go NOVISOR raided his house so he can't go back because if he does NOVISOR will find him and bite his head off. He was homeless so he made a plan he did some research on NOVISOR, NOVISOR can only be seen at night so liam thought "why can't i go home in the morning" it's because NOVISOR now lives there he did a lot of research all those evidence he had found and searched for, for the whole month it came to his attain and what did he obtain of all those days is to vanish...NOVISOR.

google research:if novisor sees his face he will be sended back to the underworld.

Liam became creative and made a so called mirror shield and sword the shield will make NOVISOR look at his face and the sword NOVISOR will have to look at the mirror shield to dodge it but he can't dodge it Liam pulled a long wire to a tv that went outside his house and he was in a knights position and then............the glitching tv showed up "MUAHAHAHA" NOVISOR yelled and he came out then he started screaming as Liam thought and sliced NOVISOR and NOVISOR vanished and said "I'm still alive..." and that was his final words.