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the real Mr.Happy photo

Mr.Kyle was a 6th grader teacher he was just finishing students meeting,they were then done,Mr.Kyle went home first,while the students and teachers left last Mr.Kyle was back home he was going to eat some dinner because it was 9:27pm he saw somebody out his window and he always is a daydreamer he wiped his eyes for a moment and the illusion was still there standing still with a big smile he slowly got his phone out and pressed the dial numbers-911 but the person smiling was talking he said "hello..." Mr.Kyle got a knife a (kitchen knife) he went outside and threw the knife at the smile person the knife went through the monster and the smiling person went inside him and he was *possessed* and he had a new name Mr.Happy...

Mr.Happy was so happy that he was reborn but never shows up in the daylight and kills from the shadows but his student was worried about him he was a 6th grader he had Mr.Kyle as his teacher his name was Landyn he was worried but after the student council meeting was over he went searching for Mr.Kyle and found nothing so he went back home and watched some movies to calm him down from getting a heart attack from such a reason Landyn told his mom and dad they said "don't worry about it" Landyn did not feel safe after hearing that so next morning he went on his computer on 5:13am in the morning and searched up on google what is the news feed it said"it was said that someone named Mr.Kyle was abducted by a mass murderer there have been 513 people found dead in all states but we all know that the mass murderer comes from the shadows stay safe" Landyn couldn't believe his eyes Mr.Kyle was abducted and no one found him and even 513 people died from this mass murderer and next he had an idea to stop this from proventing but...

Landyn was found...DEAD google news have went viral and cities have committed suicide and then everyone became crazy all because of Mr.Happy he had the most powerful lead in the end he was the ruler of cities and states but Mr.Happy then left to go to hell and meet Hades the god of the underworld and became satan's son and he was found gone in 1819 and earth had been a war ever since the back story will be here in three be continued.