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Jason Romero is likely to be known as Morgo. It's origin story has been buried with accusations and mysteries. It is known to be a demonic creature that seeks harm and endless agony of his victims. Nothing else is known to anyone else's extent, the rest is anonymous.


Morgo's past has been erased but is known that his original name was Jason Romero due to documents of the murder charges.


Morgo is a 200 year old demonic creature like monster. It is about taller than Slender man, but shorter than Siren-Head. It has devilish horns that are sharper than knives. It's face has a cult mask that has been sewn to the face of Morgo.

Morgo's mask is shown to have eye holes that are pitch black and a mouth that is sown shut. It shows X like stitches on the mouth but still has the slit where it (Morgo) speaks. Morgo also has a star carved into its frail looking skin with cuts on the angles of the star. It signifies "Hell's Star" a cult group Morgo was in before murdering his family (accusation).


Morgo's personality is different from other demons in HS (Hell Star) the cult it was in before he left it. Morgo was one who had emotion for girls especially young ones. Not so much teenagers, it got along with single digit girls and boys. Some may say it was a pedophile or a rapist when it wasn't true. Many kids have known Morgo until they reached 13 years old, their memory of the demon will be swept away.

Morgo likes to play with other entities as well as little children. He likes to kill others, is murder hungry, and is deprived on another's pain and agony. It will not kill children under 13. 14+ you are not to go near his home or your guaranteed to be dead. He will not hold back killing you, and you cannot become one of him and his Morgo cult.

Killing Tactics

Morgo will lure you towards its place and will impale you with its horns. It will rip out your insides and will tear you limb from limb and will feast on your deceased body for weeks.

He can morph into a different person, animal, or object to get close to you. Do not summon Morgo.