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Missing Sara

Sara Corbin Dawn (real name), or Missing Sara is the titular character of her own upcoming story with the same name, “Missing Sara”. She is a faun spirit that haunts the Slenderman Forest, having music-related taunts on humans who enter.


Sara has black mid-length hair tied up in low, circled braids that have a slight green fade to them. Her front bangs are blunt and swept to the side. Her sideburns are long and wavy, the left one being tied in a neat yet loose braid. The rest of her hair appears to be short. The clips in her hair have one X and two lines, which are red and yellow respectively. In the back of her hair is tied a red, flannel patterned head piece. Her skin is pale, with black markings on the left side of her cheek and a white bandage on the right.

Sara has brown deer ears with a few white spots which have a bit of white fluff inside. Instead of human feet, the noirette instead has fluffy legs that end in hooves. This also comes with small antlers and a deer tail, as well as small white spots around her waist, legs and arms. The girl dons a white, long sleeved turtleneck with a blue overall shirt over it and for the bottom part of her outfit, she wears jean shorts and no shoes (since her hooves don’t really fit in anything).


Sara is...unique, that's for sure. To sum up her entire personality would be quite difficult. That said, she's mischievous and playful, but in a sinister way that can't match childlike innocence. Sara loves playing pranks on humans who are foolish enough to enter the Slenderman Forest; it's basically second nature to her. Although, humans aren't the only victims of her pranks and hijinks. The pastas themselves describe her as annoying and clingy, save for other child ghosts. Most go out of their way to avoid suspiciously convenient giant piles of leaves or branches that are too high up, because they know that 1: The pile of leaves will probably end up being a trap and 2: They know that branch will end up smacking them in the face. Sara also finds very odd ways to prank people, with ideas and plans that a majority of people wouldn't even be able to comprehend. Over all, she can be sweet and helpful, but mostly untrustworthy and annoying.


Sara Corbin Dawn was born in 2009 in Marseille, France. She was an only child for the most part, until 2011 when her little sister Trinity (or Tri for short) was born. Sara was a very happy and nurturing child, very thankful for her little sister's birth. In fact, she gladly took the role of an elder sister. The girl and her sister grew very close throughout the years, even when they had to move to America for their father's work.

Until one day on Sara's 12th birthday, when her parents proposed a camping trip. Sara was mortified of the forest, she never liked bugs; moreover sleeping near them. However, 10-year-old Trinity was very excited for the trip, so Sara begrudgingly obliged and decided she would go to make her family happy. On that night, her parents set up everything needed (a tent, a campfire, marshmallows, etc) for the trip and decided to get to sleep. Sara slept in her own tent with her sister Trinity, however, as she softly snored, Sara was wide awake and shaking.

There were sounds coming out her parent's tent, but the lights were off.


It repeated several times. Sara couldn't bear it much longer and quietly left her tent, peeking into her parent's. And then she saw it. Something horrifying and so unbelievably dark she couldn't even speak. It disappeared with the wind, so fast she couldn't even see the blur. Her green eyes darted to the figures under the covers. And to her horror, in the place where her parents should have been peacefully sleeping, she found there was crimson splattered everywhere across it. Sara didn't know if what was in there were her parents, since it was hidden under the covers, but judging from the fresh blood painted across the bed she was almost perfectly sure it was. Everything she saw, she saw in a few seconds, barely processing anything as she slowly stepped out of the tent. Sara was taken by surprise as something started choking her from behind.

"Ghk-gha-" She choked, moving her hands to her throat to try and rip off the tentacle-whatever-it-was that was holding her from behind.

"L-Let-me-go-" Sara spoke, coughing as she barely got her words out. It was only a few minutes but everything was going so fast. It felt like years had passed before the creature's tentacle retracted, throwing her onto the grass beneath and leaving the air knocked out of her lungs. The only thing she could see as her vision started to fade was the pitch black creature started to make it's way to her own tent, presumably to kill her sister too.

"Don't...!...Trinity!" Was the last thing she could choke out before she subsequently passed out.

Possibly a few days, heck, even months later, Sara awoke with a horrible headache, deer characteristics, and...a new hunger for tricks?


Sara is a faun/saytr, meaning she's able to run faster than most her age. She doesn't seem to realize this however, and is often confused (yet flattered) when other pastas compliment her speed.


  • Sara is 13 nearing 14 now.
  • Missing Sara (her title) can be interpreted in two ways, 1: That she's missing, (which would actually be the correct answer since everyone just speculates she disappeared/died in the forest) or 2: that someone misses her. Who is this someone? That's yet to be revealed. Perhaps her other family members or a friend.
  • Sara's favorite food is steak, more specifically, steak made by the pastas. Sadly, she doesn't know what it actually contains...
  • In an AU where the pastas never existed and she lived through that fateful night, Sara would be a model based in France. The reason she would be based in France is because her father's job was being an investigator solving mysteries about the dangers circling the state with the rumored "Creepypastas". If the Creepypastas never existed, neither would her dad's job, meaning her family would have never moved to America for work.
  • Missing Sara was made by Sasonaii