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Trigger Warning

This page may contain material that is disturbing or graphic which might be sensitive to some readers. Continue at your own discretion.

Midnight shadows fade, no one else at the masquerade

Everything is through, dear, but my love for you, dear, lives ooooon

~ Masquerade, Jack Hylton

Full Name: Mikael Jonas Krumlov

Alias(es): Peter, Mr. Cheronobog, Svůdník

Nickname(s): Mike, Cheskey, Scarface, šváb

Age: 32

D/O/B: 10.03.56

Gender: Male

Nationality: Czech-Australian

Languages: Czech, English and Polish

Status: Active

Occupation: Psychiatrist (formerly)


Mikael stands at around 6'5ft and has a lean,  sickly build. He has a long warped scar stretching from the middle of his scalp to beneath the right side of his jaw, and his knuckles are covered with old scar tissue which he conceals with a pair of brown leather gloves. He tends to wear more formal looking attire, such as suits and blazers, more out of force of habit than anything else, and his shoes and pants are often caked with mud and dirt from his walks and time in his garden.

He wears a black raincoat when stalking or planning to assault someone, as it is easy to clean and hard to get a good grip, and relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Modus Operandi:


  • His teeth
  • Hammer
  • Blunt objects
  • Stun guns and tasers
  • Pepper spray


  • Beating and/or kicking them to death.
  • Immobilising them with the stun gun and eating them alive.
  • Choking or smothering them.
  • Electrocuting them to death with the stun gun.
  • Locking them in the boot of his car and waiting for them to die of a heat stroke or suffocation.


  • His agnosia restricts what he can eat to raw meat and some insects. He prefers eating human meat due to the taste and the amount of meat he can yield and has developed intense cravings for it.
  • For feelings of control and power.


Mikael is quite arrogant, believing himself to be superior to others due to his cannibalistic cravings, and has a very skewed perception of morality because of it. He believes that his victims deserved what he did to them, and will often have convoluted reasoning for his actions.  He is insecure and paranoid, prone to lashing out aggressively at any perceived slight and having periods of extreme self loathing and depersonalisation at the smallest mistake. Despite all this, he can be quite charming and will gaslight the people around him to believe that he is a great person, even when he reveals otherwise.

Mikael is heavily addicted to antidepressants, leading to a flat and robotic affect both vocally and physically, which he counters by forcing emotion into his voice and gestures. This generally works but can come off as uncanny and uncomfortable to others.


  • Hunting and trapping game animals.
  • Gardening.
  • Doodling.
  • Writing silly ditties.
  • Making and collecting taxidermies.
  • Journaling and categorising potential victims.
  • Preparing and bleeding his meals.
  • Going for long, meandering walks.


  • Sorting and labeling his fridge.
  • Reading medical and psychological textbooks and articles.
  • Listening to the radio as he does odd jobs around the house.
  • Sitting in the dark and drinking.
  • Collecting roadkill.
  • Testing what he can and can't eat.


  • Humid weather.
  • Having to use his P.C.
  • Cluttering.
  • Frost or pests damaging his garden.
  • When he runs out of anti-depressants or cigarettes.
  • Being touched or stared at.
  • Dogs and their owners.
  • Tourists.


  • Dogs
  • Insects
  • Throwing up



  • Leland Krumlov, 75 (father)
  • Susanne Krumlovà, deceased (mother)
  • Aubert Krumlov, 38 (brother)
  • Lydie Krumlovà, 37 (sister)
  • William Bill Lytton, 68 (father-in-law)
  • Yvonne Lytton, 29 (sister-in-law)

Orientation: Sex Repulsed Bisexual

Partner: Marilyn Lytton, 35 (estranged wife)


  • Foxhound
  • Dr. Richard Morgan
  • Aubert Krumlov


  • Claude Scannell
  • Lt. Ashley Roswell
  • Dr. Louis Forrester
  • Clarice Pirovic
  • Ex-colleagues
  • Most of his family and extended family


Medical Conditions:

  • Agnosia:

The loss of power to recognize the import of sensory stimuli: the varieties correspond with the several senses and are distinguished as auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile. It can be acquired by brain injury, strokes or brain tumors, however, some forms can be hereditary.

  • Cluttering

Similar to stuttering, but is a thought form disorder rather than a speech disorder. This can come in the form of silent blocks (periods where someone can't say anything), mazing (never getting to the point), self interjections/correcting, and filler words (constantly saying um, ah etc.). There's a impulse to voice particular thoughts which, if ignored, will lead to anxiety until it's said. Mikael has a good grip on it, but tends to clutter when stressed, tired or angry.

  • Nyctalopia

Also known as night blindness, it is a condition where there is difficulty seeing in low light. Daytime vision is unaffected. It is generally caused by cataracts or malnutrition.

  • Prodromal Psychosis

The starting stage of psychosis, characterised by changes in thoughts, mood, behaviour, and perceptions- however there are no positive symptoms (hallucinations or delusions) like in the acute stage.


  • Psychoanalysis.
  • Forensically aware.
  • High pain tolerance.
  • Can stomach eating deteriorated and rotten flesh.
  • Good at acting.
  • Knows how to effectively track someone.
  • Can move quietly and can hide in tight spaces for a extended amount of time.


  • Sometimes can't tell the difference between fiction and reality due to psychosis.
  • Can be impulsive and self sabotaging.
  • Can over compensate for his blunt affect, which can be off putting.
  • His cravings for human flesh are so intense that the sight or smell of blood provokes physical reactions such as salivating or severe hunger cramps, which can spread evidence or incapacitate him.
  • Addicted to Valium and Elavil.
  • Migraines as a result of brain damage can disorient and cripple him.
  • Can't consume most types of food without becoming physically sick.
  • Tires easily.


Coming Soon.


  • Intelligence: 9
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 8
  • Agility: 8
  • Endurance: 9
  • Stamina: 6
  • Balance: 6
  • Tolerance: 8