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Celý se to zkurvilo!  Miluju tě tak, až mě to bolí, jasný? Nemůžeš mě tady jen tak nech! Jsem si jistá, že zemřu! Chceš abych zemřela! Proč mě nenávidíš, když já tebe miluju?
~ Mikael ranting in Czech.

"There must be something good in that bag," said Brer Rabbit said to himself. "Perhaps I can trick Brer Fox into giving me some of it to me. I would like a tasty morsel for my supper."
~ Mikael reading to a victim.
You think you're sooo much better than everyone else. Its all about you, and what you want. You can't say that you want to help me when you never bothered to ask what I feel!
~ Mikael Krumlov

Mikael is the main antagonist of Easy as Pie the protagonist of Home Cooking with Mike.


Real Name: Mikael Johan Krumlov
Alias(es): Skoda, Peter Smith, Mr. Cheronobog
Age: 32
D/O/B: 10th of March, 1958
Gender: Male
Language: English and Czech
Species: Human
Status: Active
Occupation: Psychiatrist (formerly)


He has a lean, muscular build and stands at about 6'5ft. He has hazel eyes and dark brown hair, he always has a clean-shaven face.  He looks plain and agreeable, even now with the bags under his eyes and sunken cheeks. He always wears a suit and gloves, no matter what the weather- except when it's very hot, then he wears just a shirt and tie.

He strongly believes in formality in almost any situation, however he can appear very disheveled and unorganized. Personal hygiene only relates to his body and skin, in comparison his clothes are rather dirty. He has scars on his hands and lower arms from picking up brambles and rabbits with his bare hands, as well as smaller scars on his forehead, although they are usually covered by his hair.



  • Breaking their arms and legs and eating them alive.
  • Beating them to death.
  • Removing their teeth and extremities then gutting them and leaving them to bleed out.


  • Hammer.
  • His teeth.
  • Hunting rifle (rarely uses it).
  • Whatever he can get his hands on and use.


  • Due to his agnosia, most food tastes awful and can make him physically sick, with the main exception being raw flesh and organs. He favours human meat due to it tasting less gamy, and because he can get more meat out of a person.
  • He can be provoked into killing someone.


Pre Accident: 

Mikael was very charismatic and wasn't shy about manipulating others, although not always for his personal gain. Despite his very over inflated ego, he constantly criticised himself for the smallest mistakes which he feared would make others lose their respect for him, or out him as being a terrible person.

He was a workaholic and preferred to focus on his patients' problems than his own, to keep up the guise of being a good person and to avoid acknowledging and accepting that anything was wrong with him. He was easily frustrated, especially when things didn't go his way, but hid it very well.

He did experience psychosis but managed to not let it interfere with his life.

Post Accident:

((Under Reconstruction))

As Mikael's thoughts become harder to decipher, the more easily agitated he can get. He is impatient with other people and often snaps at them. He is very sarcastic and bitter. His paranoia severely affects him in everyday life, and he often rants whilst in a panic attack which can distress not only him but other people. He is more possessive and controlling than before and it drives him insane that he couldn't hold on to his wife or child. He is prone to flights of fancy and hysteria, sometimes harming himself seriously in the process. He also won't notice if he's injured unless it affects his mobility. Mikael is a skilled liar, another skill he picked up as a child, and can withstand a police interrogation without breaking character (again, on his good days).

He is easy to provoke into aggression and will refuse to ignore the item of provocation until someone stops him by force or it is in pieces. Counting things and listening to the radio calms him down into an agreeable state. Slight things can change his mood drastically. He feels like his brain is rotting away, and it may be true as his touch on reality is weakening steadily.

He keeps his house and work areas meticulously clean, as the idea of disorder and deviations makes him feel nauseous. He organizes all of his targets' information and will check up on them bi-weekly to get updates.  


  • Sewing masks, toys, and tapestries, as well as making taxidermies.
  • Gardening and making fertilizer.
  • Writing little storybooks and illustrating them.
  • Hunting in the woods.
  • Listening to the radio.
  • Doodling.
  • Collecting and categorizing other's personal information to use for stalking and blackmail..
  • Trying to find his ex-wife.


  • Unpredictability.
  • Dogs


Orientation: Asexual Demi-Romantic


  • Leos Krumlov, 65 (father)
  •  Susanne Whitley-Krumlová, 63 (mother)
  • Lynda Krumlová, 26 (sister)
  • William "Bill" Lytton, 68 (father-in-law)
  • Yvonne Lytton, 28 (sister-in-law)
  • Eve Lytton-Krumlová, 5 (daughter)

Partner: Marilyn Lytton, 32 (former wife)

  • Foxhound
  • St. Anthony
  • Dr. Richard Morgan
  • Brer Faun


  • People who he thinks are weak
  • People who needlessly waste
  • Loud people
  • Claude Scannell
  • Geliebte Hase
  • Doctor Patient
  • Josephine Wallace
  • Ex-colleges


Medical Conditions:

  • Agnosia:
    The loss of power to recognize the import of sensory stimuli: the varieties correspond with the several senses and are distinguished as auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile. You can acquire it by brain injury or a brain tumor, however, you can inherent some forms; such as prosopagnosia ('face blindness'). The agnosia Mikael suffers from is time agnosia (loss of comprehension of the succession and duration of events) and gustatory agnosia (inability to recognize the taste and texture of items placed in the mouth).
  • Paranoia/Delusional Disorder [DSM-IV]:
    A term used to describe behavior characterized by well-systematized delusions of persecution, delusions of grandeur, or a combination of the two.  Mikael suffers from delusions of persecution (a delusion that one is being attacked, harassed, cheated, persecuted, or conspired against; one of the subtypes of delusional disorder) and delusions of negation (a depressive delusion that the self or part of the self, part of the body, other persons, or the whole world has ceased to exist).
  • Undifferentiated Schizophrenia  [DSM-IV] (misdiagnosed as Schizoaffective Disorder):
    A type of schizophrenia characterized by the presence of prominent psychotic symptoms but not classifiable as catatonic, disorganized, or paranoid. He has frequent auditory hallucinations (creaking) as well as tactile (the feeling of bugs crawling in his skin) and, less commonly, visual (animals and bugs). He also displays inappropriate giggling, extreme social withdrawal, blunt or inappropriate affect, disorganized behavior and speech, magical or illogical thinking, and loosening of associations.


  • Able to read people very easily.
  • Above-average strength, but not superhuman.
  • Usually good at planning ahead.
  • Very good at acting and offering alibis.
  • Can tolerate eating rotten flesh to a degree.
  • Very handy with using everyday items as weapons.
  • Able to cope with large amounts of pain.
  • Able to move very quietly and can hide in tight spaces for a long time.


  • He can be implusive despite his careful planning.
  • Panic attacks can immobilise him, which can occur if he's confused or distressed.His sense of entitlement can lead him to boast and overestimate himself, as well as sometimes becoming distracted or tricked by ego boosters.
  • Doesn't eat for several days at a time, leading him to being in pain and lacking full concentration.
  • distress.
  • Sudden loud noises (e.g gunshot) can distract him without difficulty.
  • Tires easily.


((Under Reconstruction))

Young Adult/Pre Accident: 

In 1976, Mikael moved out of home and cut all contact with his family, he wanted a fresh start at collage and felt that his family would compromise that. He shared a dorm with Richard Morgan, a sophomore studying Psychology, and they became close friends. Originally Mikael was studying Nursing, but switched over to Psychiatry a year due to the onset of manic episodes. He confided in Richard with his issues which was risky due to the time period, and Richard although worried, respected his wishes to not seek help.

Eventually he began to experience less episodes and things went somewhat back to normal.

He met Claude Scanell through Richard, in summer of 1977. Mikael garnered a almost instant disliking to Claude due to his loud and pushy nature. Mikael tried to get along with Claude for Richard's sake, but eventually it devolved into them only getting along while Richard was around.

In 1978, he met Marilyn Lytton after falling off a roof while intoxicated. He had landed badly and was rushed to the hospital, where Marilyn was volunteering as a candy stripper. The romance did not spark straight away as Mikael had vomited on her new shoes, but a few weeks later, at a house party (Mikael was not indulging in any of the alcoholic beverages as he had learnt his lesson) where he had found her out the back smoking. He brought a cup of punch to her and they both sat together, sharing cigarettes (the first and last time he ever smoked). Marilyn was amused with his inexperience with smoking and gradually they began to see each other more.

In 1982, he graduated and moved to Warrensburg to work at St. Anthony Hospital, where Richard was also starting work. He was very popular with both patients and doctors, as he was very cheery and seemed to love his work. Mikael also married Marilyn in this year. Due to the high paying job, Marilyn had no need to work and followed her dream of writing and publishing books, Mikael encouraged this but preferred it if she only wrote when he was at work. He also gained financial control and gave her a allowance of less than two hundred dollars a week. Mikael often lavished her with gifts to make up for this.

In 1983, he was steadily getting more paranoid, checking up on Marilyn at random, a feat that seemed endearing at first but became more disturbing to her as time went on.  The tactile hallucinations became more common and it was harder from him to keep up a proper conversation as he kept jumping from topic to topic very quickly, which impacted his job seriously. He was eventually forced to write palm cards for talking to patients to keep himself on the right track.

In 1985, his daughter Eve was born. He loved her madly, but was quick to give the child back to her mother when she cried or fussed. For the first few months Mikael's mental state appeared to improve quite quickly, and he spent more time with his new family without much fuss. But he was struggling with the more frequent hallucinations and had begun to steal antipsychotics from work, he'd take more than one type at once and solider through the side effects with a broad smile. He was aggressively cheerful; dragging jokes out for too long, playing games with his daughter even when she's too tired to do so, smiling even when it's obvious he's upset or angry.

Post Accident:

The car crash happened on the 25th of June, 1986. He was coming home from work and didn't see the other driver until it was too late, and the airbag took too long to deploy and he hit his head on the dashboard hard enough to fracture his skull. He also attained a dislocated shoulder, fractured collarbone and broken ribs.

The food served at the hospital tasted horrible, but he assumed that it was just the food itself that was the problem. But after he was discharged the meals he ate still sickened him, no matter what it was. He starved himself, refusing to eat the things he normally would as he tried to find something, anything he could stomach. He ate insects, he ate grass, he even tried wood-chips and fabric, none of which worked. Then he found the dead rat. It was already rotting away but the smell was more enticing than any other thing he'd tried, and he picked it up and ate it there and then. After this, he collected roadkill and set up traps and ate the animals he caught in secret, ashamed but relieved.

He was often confused and was unable to measure the passage of time, this caused him to become agitated easily. Panic attacks may have been occasional, but when they happened he would rant for hours on end and become violent towards himself and others. He was also hyperactive, always needing to work on something, sleeping only when he collapsed of exhaustion.

His co-workers and patients noticed the change in character as Mikael struggled to keep the mask on. He was sullen and passive aggressive at best and downright hateful at worst. Everyday he went to work, he became more aggressive and agitated, until it was too much and Mikael attacked one of the patients, screaming at them and choking them. Richard tried to protect Mikael by explaining it away as stress, his efforts only went as far to prevent Mikael from being hospitalized, and so Mikael was dismissed from his job. This distressed him severely as he felt as though the one thing keeping him safe was ripped from him. He refused to work, and so Marilyn had to support the family by herself by giving up writing as the books didn't bring in a lot of money.

He spent more time in the woods, and would often come home with road kill to fashion into taxidermies, eating whatever was left over. Sometimes he would disappear for days and a few times for weeks, and when he came home it was often with a wild rabbit or cat and always with large cuts on his hands and arms. He obsessed over his wife, calling her at work and stalking her while she shopped or was at friend's houses. He constantly questioned her about the people she interacted with and attempted to isolate her. Eventually she felt that it was getting too unsafe at home and summoned up the courage to leave with their daughter. After this he had a complete mental breakdown and almost completely isolated himself from the outside, weaving together a fantasy he could live in.

He made projects for himself, he made a garden, sewn masks and clothing, made a small rabbit farm. He was content to stay in his little corner of the world, only venturing out to pick up welfare checks and to buy supplies.

His first kill was a hiker that had stepped into one of his bear traps, it was obvious they weren't going to survive and he thought it was fine to put them out of their misery. He then brought the corpse home with him and made his first human taxidermy. He was very happy to have a real human friend for the first time in months, especially someone who was so quiet and whose meat tasted so fine. He started to make a list of people he'd like to stay over.


Intelligence: 9
Charisma: 9 (3 on bad days)
Speed: 6
Agility: 8
Endurance: 4
Strength: 7
Balance: 6
Leadership: 2
Tolerance: 8


  • He is modeled off Scott Landon (Lisey's Story by Stephen King, 2006), Terrance Pearson (Flesh and Blood by Graham Masterton, 1994), and Hannibal Lecter (Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, 1981).
  • His agnosia was somewhat based on the protagonist's in Saya no Uta (Song of Saya) Rest assured Mikael's brain doesn't view eldritch monstrosities as cute anime girls.
  • Mikael means “who is like God?”
  • Krumlov is derived from the German "Krumme Aue", which can be translated as "crooked meadow".
  •  Mikael clutters his words when angry, distressed or tired. This can come in the form of silent blocks where he can't say anything, mazing, self interjections and filler words.
  •  He believes that there is a God but they are non-humanoid.
  • He used to drink slivovitz back in his college days.
  • He can play a little piano, but his skills stop at 'Saints Go Marching On'.
  • He is particularly fond of children's stories, especially Brer Rabbit and those written by Enid Blyton. He often twists the morals and the characters to suit his current situation.
  • Mikael has three confirmed murders.
  •  He has a room of his animal taxidermies from his earliest one (Wiescka the dwarf rabbit) to his latest (Mason the German Shepard.)
  • The main tropes are Misanthrope SupremeHair-Trigger TemperHorror Hunger, and Through the Eyes of Madness.
  • He was created by BelialsMeat
  • Original template for page is owned by Black Bullet235.


Sources for all medical conditions and mental illnesses are referenced from the Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (31st Edition) and the DSM-IV. All medical conditions and illnesses are highly exaggerated for storytelling purposes.