The sly and sadistic leader of the criminal gang known as Steadfast. Not much is known about his past; However it is known that he comes from a poor background and hates his mother with a passion.


Makeshift is a sociopath with nihilistic views on the world.

He is determined to become greater than any crime boss in history, bombing, shooting and stabbing are all fun for him, "Murder is but a pass time!"

He also knows 4 different languages: English, Latin, French, and Japanese.


Makeshift has long brown hair on one side and short red hair on the other. he wears a zip up shirt, dark grey on one side, and white-ish grey on the other, with a purple sleeve on his right and a red sleeve on his left. He wears a yellow belt. His pants are like his sleeves, red on the left and purple on the right. He wears bandaging all over his body under his clothes, even covering him to his finger tips. He wears palm gloves. Lastly, he also sports a mask on side dark gray and like a sac, the other white with red stitching and form fitting, he has his right eye showing, the other covered up by a red lense.


Not much is known about Makeshift, other than his eye color, there is nothing you can say for sure about him. He is rumored to be the heir of the Steadfast syndicate thrown, there is also rumors that he killed his own father to inherit said thrown. Makeshift often uses metaphors to explain things, the metaphors often having to do with parents and their children.


  • Makeshift's eye is red-ish brown.
  • Makeshift is said to be around 23.
  • He was a child when he became the father of the Steadfast group.
  • Makeshift is very flirtation with any girl he sees as beautiful.
  • He is rumored to be immortal.
  • Makeshift has his own calling card.
  • He is an atheist.
  • Hates men (possibly because of his father), though he doesn't openly show it.
  • B is 13 and 13 is 31 backwards, therefore 31 is B backwards. Thus B is a number, and 13 is a letter...


Dirty Night Clowns by Seth Garneau

Pain by 3DG