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~ Madame Death's Catchphrase


Madame Death AKA Lilith Blakely was and is a very rebellious teenager who was dragged to hell to rule after her father's death which she constantly rebelled against and eventually that led her to leave the Lust Kingdom and led her to the earth she eventually went into the woods and began living there and eventually lost her eyes due to an encounter with an entity with a pumpkin head.

Due to the severe burning and not being able to see through her eyes she cut them out and covered her eyes with her long hair,She soon found two cats and began taking care of them and made them her comfort pets eventually this led her to a survival camp and she spent her time there and eventually could leave the confines of the woods and eventually went back to the city and began preying on men.

Eventually she could only rely on her hearing which turned out to be her greatest ally in combat she could only hear however this did not stop her in her battles just because she had no eyes did not mean she couldn't hear.


She has dark skin with deep black hair with a purple fade and one dark cyan strip with her hair covering her face, She wears a black t-shirt with a half green and half purple heart with striped sleeves,dark grey pants and black shoes with green tips.

Method Of Killing

  • Slitting Their Throat
  • Strangling Them
  • Bludgeoning
  • Dismembering

Weapon Of Choice

  • Nail File(Melee Weapon)
  • Taser(Ranged Weapon)
  • Pistol(Long Ranged Weapon)


  • Decapitation
  • Fire
  • Soul Deprivation
  • Ophthalmophobia |The phobia of being stared at|
  • Aichmophobia |The phobia of spears|



  • Child Murderers
  • Having her victims killed before she can take their souls.
  • Her Father
  • The Night Demon

Theme Song

Consternation Instrumental-Vs Mag Agent Torture


  • She Formed An Alliance with The Wiccan Child
  • She Despises The Night Demon For many reasons in particular
  • Her Patience is quite high and it will take a lot to piss her off to the point she wants to slit your throat with her nails and or Nail File
  • She was made to be a Blood-Thirsty monster however mostly kills for fun or to pleasure herself
  • She Is a Masochist
  • She watched her father kill her mother in front of her own eyes,which led to her father dragging her to hell.
  • She has killed about a handful of men at a young age,this was because her father still had her mothers soul and would devour it if she didn't kill. This led to her untimely desperation and severe ptsd. The fact he still had her mother's soul made Lillith have severe nightmares at night which bit away at her humanity little by little which was caused by The Night Demon. Eventually Lillith escaped her fathers grasps and took her mothers soul which had been devoured and this had been a ruse for her to go insane.


  • She dislikes The Night Demon because they are in the way of her dream kills and always steals her victims.
  • She has severe PTSD
  • She is Bisexual
  • She is Married
  • She is made By Dori
  • The art is made by his friend Onyx.
  • Her Mother was a Witch
  • Her Father was an Incubus