Lucelle Kaleah Shays or Lucy was a shy girl in her school with a few friends. She had a sad life until she discovered her parents were going to send her to an asylum. After that, she was scarred for life discovering she was cursed and her parents actually did hate her. Then she killed her family and friends at her party. Also sending her sister to the asylum instead of herself.


Lucy has pale caramel skin, black long pigtails,scar on her neck, and brown eyes. Lucy wears a black shirt, red ripped shorts, long black socks, and red Nike shoes. Her weapon is a bat, a circus hammer (like Harley Quinn’s), knife, and a gun.


When Lucy’s mom, Anika, found out she was pregnant, her dad, Jermey, soon admitted to Anika, that he had cheated on her. They soon settled on not ever getting married for two reasons, one was because they never committed, the second reason was because Anika and Jermey‘s families did not like the other, thinking that Jermey should raise the biracial child (African American and Caucasia) baby.

Before Lucy was born, a witch doctor cursed her when her parents were yelling at the man. So when she was born, she had a scar on her neck and paleness. While she grew up, her parents would beat her, treat her badly, and they never knew how she felt about it. Her parents had two more little girls, Lily(10) and Lynn(5), who were very mean. Throughout her life she went to therapy try to forget about her life. When Lucy had gone to school when she was 13(or 14), she was bullied because her parents were never married, her dad was an alcoholic, and her body being developed faster. One day Lucy got bullied, then a older boy who looked similar too her came to the bullies and scared them off. He said his name was Jermiah and he was Lucy’s brother. When Lucy got home, she asked her parents about him, it turned out, Lucy’s dad got another woman pregnant before Lucy was born.

When she got older, she thought of having a party on Mardi Gras. Then everybody started calling her a slut or a hood rat. When she went home she was about to talk to her parents until she heard her dad was going to send her to an asylum. 2 days later, the party started and people were being so mean to her, even her old friends. The only friend she had left was her friend, Seth, a shy student. He couldn’t make it to the party. At the party, a girl purposely spilled a drink on Lucy’s outfit. And then everybody laughed. Then after that, Lucy grabbed a knife and killed everybody. Now, she continues killing anybody in her way.

Becoming a Creepypasta:

After killing everybody in her house, she decided to stay and hide in a cabin with two girls named Rae Rae and Rachel. But then Masky, Hoodie, and Toby came to her and forced her to come to the mansion. When she came, Slenderman said they couldn’t risk her being alone by herself in a world like that so, he told her to stay with them.


  • She is very smart but uses her intelligence for the wrong reasons.
  • Hates all the Creepypasta girls except Sally.
  • Know’s Seth loves her.
  • Loves Harley Quinn.
  • She would usually talk with boys more than girls.
  • Lucy has an inner demon named Narii.
  • the witch doctor’s name Dr. Mexin.

Theme Song: Drop the World by Lil Wayne