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Lloyd, who goes by the name of The Boulevard Slasher, is an 18-year-old serial killer who enjoys stalking and killing people while they sleep.  


Lloyd is a sadistic psychopath who loves the sight of blood and dead bodies, he is smart and observes his victims carefully before killing them, and is manipulative and sarcastic.


He wears a black shirt with dark jeans and black shoes; he has brown eyes and blonde hair; he has a glove with knives on its fingertips.


As a child, Lloyd was intelligent and his mother was a teacher, he was bullied for reading comics a lot and called a nerdy freak by his classmates. By the age of 14, Lloyd began to show psychopathic behavior, he tortured small animals, and became violent. Following a period of two years, Lloyd began exploring astral projection. He had also begun to plot the murder of his father.

As an 18-year-old, he sneaked into his parents' room and murdered his father in his sleep (and his mother awoke screaming in horror at the sight). When she went into Lloyd's room to ask about what he saw that night, he told her he was the one who killed him. His mother began to panic and dialed the police. However, Lloyd soon stabbed her back with a glove he made, which had knives as fingertips. Then, he ran out of the house and began killing everyone who had bullied him.

Origin Story

One day when I was walking my dog in the park on a late afternoon, I heard someone laughing nearby. It didn't sound like a normal laugh, but like the laugh of a mad man. As I turned around to see nothing, I thought, "Maybe I just imagined it", ignoring that unsettling laughter. A while later, I heard that same laughter again, and when I turned to check for myself, there was a tall man in black clothing. Seeing his brown eyes and horrifying smile, I got goosebumps just from looking at his murderous face.

That was when I saw his glove with tomato knives as thumbs, and the rest of his fingertips had regular kitchen knives. Fear froze me as adrenaline began to flow through my system, and my dog began to bark at the mysterious stranger. I watched him walk slowly towards me, but with every step he took, his speed increased, after what seemed like an eternity he began to run towards me, l ran away from him, and my dog barked at him until I had to pick him up and run as fast as I could. The next thing I saw was the night's dark blue sky. I sat up and saw my dog dead, his tongue and eyes were gone, I felt a sharp pain in my back, and I threw up, not believing what I just saw.

The man who chased me was gone. I asked myself, "What just happened? Am I dreaming?" Uncertain of what to do next, I picked up my dog and took him to a veterinarian clinic for help. The veterinarian told me that my dog is no longer with us. "Please, there has to be something you can do" I begged, hugging my dead dog tightly for a moment. On that night, I was at home, upset that I lost my dog. He had been my best friend, always there for me, and whenever I was feeling sad, he would lick my cheek while I cried on his fur like a pillow.

At 2 A.M., l heard my window open a bit. However, l didn't notice the noise for a while, until l heard that same loud, psychotic laughter that I heard earlier at the park. He killed my dog. I was shaking in fear of him, but I knew that if I didn't run now, I would die. Leaving the room quickly, I ran up to the kitchen and grabbed a big knife from the drawer. I turned around and saw him, he wore black pants and a black shirt, as well as a black knifetip glove, his blonde hair was long and messy, and his brown eyes were dark and cold.

In the news report, a newsman stated, "The brutal serial killer is still on the loose, yesterday the police found a dead body of one of his victims, the victim had been stabbed 14 times in his bed. According to one witness who miraculously managed to survive an attack, reports the killer as being a male between the ages 18-20, with blonde hair, brown eyes, dreessed in all black clothing. The police are still on the search for the killer, if you see anyone who fits this description, please contact your local authorities immediately."

---- ----

Lloyd was on his way to school, his blonde hair swaying in the breeze, his cold brown eyes watching the road ahead. As he walked along the road, he began to feel a strange urge. Ignoring it, he continued on his way to school. When Lloyd arrived at the school, he encountered a bully that started insulting him, "Hey hey, look, there's the nerdy blonde freak!" he said. The bully was Kyle, who was around the same age as Lloyd, he had black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion, and he always bullied children he saw as weaker than him. Lloyd felt the strange urge again, now it was stronger.He ignored it as much as he could, not wanting to get into trouble. As class started, Lloyd's mind began to race with thoughts about hurting people; these thoughts were not pleasant, but somehow they made him smile. Lloyd was half way home when Kyle and his friends reached for him, grabbing him by the arm, "let me go!" Lloyd said, Kyle gave him a sarcastic grin, "or what?" He responded. "What are you gonna do, loser?" His friends smirked as they laughed at Lloyd. Lloyd felt the urge again, now it was stronger than before, he pushed Kyle to the ground and tried to give him a punch, but Kyle blocked him and kicked him in the stomach, pushing Lloyd away from him. Lloyd tried pushing Kyle again, but Kyle was too strong. Kyle, now enraged, pushed Lloyd to the ground again and kicked him repeatedly. "Not so strong now, are you? That's what a loser like you gets for pushing me!" Kyle said and left, leaving Lloyd on the ground. After a few minutes, Lloyd got up and coughed up blood as he started to walk home. Continuing to walk, the urge intensified, when he saw a street cat, he had the same thoughts again, so he picked up his pencilcase and grabbed some scissors.

The cries of the cat filled the air as Lloyd mutilated it with his scissors. After killing the cat, he felt the urge leave him for a while, so he returned to his home where his mother waited for him. "Hey sweetie, I'm going to the store, do you want anything?" she asked, Lloyd looked at her, his clothes were covered in red thick liquid, "what's that on your clothes, hon?" she asked, Lloyd laughed, "nothing," he said and walked in. Lloyd's father was sitting on the couch, watching a wrestling match, "come on, switch with him!" he yelled at the television as Lloyd came in, "oh, here is the little blondy," he joked sarcastically to his son. Lloyd walked into his room and laid on his bed, giggling a bit, he felt like he couldn't control himself, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, he then saw a squirrel running to one of the trees near his house. After capturing and killing the squirrel, Lloyd was satisfied. He had finally found something that calms him down and brings him some type of pleasure.

Then after an hour, his mother came home, "Can you help me with this, Harry?" she asked, hoping to get help with the groceries, "What am I? Your slave? Do it yourself, Anna" His father snapped, frustrated. With the groceries in hand, Lloyd's mother placed them in the kitchen. When Lloyd finished cleaning the knife he used to kill the squirrel, he went to sit on a chair in the living room. "Ohh, blondy's here, would he like to see a wrestling match with his father?" Harry teased Lloyd. "I HATE YOU!" Lloyd roared, eyes cold as if he were dead, "And I hate you, too!" His replied back, he lifted his hand, standing before Lloyd "You see this fist? This will punch your scrawny ass and throw you through the window!" He shrieked, threatening Lloyd. He felt that strong urge again, but this time he didn't want it to go away. He wanted to see what would happen when the urge was at its peak.

Leaving the living room and going into his bedroom, he started working on something mysterious. Next month was the parent-teacher interview, and when Lloyd and his mother presented themselves to the teacher, Mr. Chick began to speak, "Well, Mrs. Charles, Lloyd is an intelligent child. However, I am worried about his violent tendencies," he said. Lloyd left the classroom to drink some water at a drinking fountain when Kyle and his friends approached him. "Hey asshole, whatcha' drinkin'?" Kyle asked snickering at him, hitting Lloyd hard in the back, making Lloyd cough a bit, then Kyle and his friends hysterically laughed, "OK, I guess that my parents have already left, later noobs" he said and left. Lloyd went to his locker and grabbed a black glove with knives on the finger tips, and while he wore it, Mr. Chick showed Lloyd's mother some pictures, all of which showed dead animals except for one in which Lloyd is holding a knife and another dead animal lies next to him. "I can't believe it..." she said in shock, terrified by the photo, "I would recommend you send him to a psychiatrist, maybe it will help..." Mr. Chick suggested.

"I'll think about it." Lloyd's mother replied, "that's good" Mr. Chick replied, his mother exited the classroom and went to look for Lloyd, "Lloyd!" She called out loud, wishing he would show up, but he didn't. As Kyle was walking through the woods, he was looking at the trees, looking down and grumbling, "damn it, this loser, my back hurts a bit now!" Soon, he heard an evil laughter coming from somewhere, turning around instantly to see what it was, but no one was there. He kept walking, stressed about the evil laughter. After a few stressful seconds, Lloyd rushed onto Kyle with all of his force and speed. Kyle wailed in pain and Lloyd hit him with a big stick. Kyle collapsed to the ground, blood dripping from his nose as he coughed. Kyle cried out in pain, "W-why did you do that... o-oh my gosh..." Lloyd began to smirk at him as a sadistic smile spread across his face. When Lloyd hit Kyle in the face, Kyle cried louder, yelling in pain, as blood dripped from his face, Kyle looked at Lloyd and begged, "P-please Lloyd, I didn't mean to hurt you, it was just a prank." Kyle pleaded, his face full of tears. Floyd looked at his glove and then slammed the knives into Kyle's chest, "I will fucking haunt you when I'm dead!" Kyle yelled as the knives ripped through his chest, killing him.

Afterward, Lloyd returned to school to find his mother, "where were you? What happened to your clothes?" She asked, worried, "that's none of your business!" Lloyd yelled, after returning home, Lloyd ran into his room. In the middle of the night, when his parents were sleeping, Lloyd sneaked into their bedroom, wearing his glove, he was about to kill his father, but he was tired, so he decided to let him go for a little bit. He reached his bed and grabbed his phone. Scrolling through the internet, he discovered something called dream walking. He then began to have thoughts about killing his father in a dream, he focused on him, and he fell asleep very quickly. In a dream, Lloyd's father saw himself beating his wife and son in a house, "Shut up, you fucking useless shit!" He yelled, then the bodies of Anna and Lloyd began to melt, they shrieked in fear of the situation, and Harry began to become nervous when hearing an evil laugh, he saw a shadow on his bedroom door. He walked slowly, tandrenalline made his body shiver with cold liquids that gave him goosebumps, "Who the fuck is there?" he yelled out, hoping to get an answer.

Suddenly, the shadow disappeared as if it had never existed, and a wicked laugh filled the room, making Harry flee the house. Harry watched as the house began to burn, and as he watched, he was filled with horror, then a loud sound of engraving could be heard. Harry looked what it was, but when he saw it, he froze. A tall man, with a knife-tipped glove, black shirt, pants, and shoes, walked up to Harry and gave him a horrifying sadistic smile. In a matter of seconds, Harry saw who it was; it was his son, Lloyd, "What the fuck are you doing and how?!" he asked in anger, Lloyd shoved his glove right into Harry's stomach, making him groan in pain, he let out a sadistic laugh, "what the hell are you?" Harry asked in terror. "Hehehahahaha, what am I? Don't you get it, father?" Lloyd laughed at Harry before grabbing Harry's heart. "I am a demon, father, and I'm going to kill you now. This is your nightmare, and I control what happens to you."

As Harry collapsed to the floor, his eyes white and his mouth wide open, Lloyd ripped out Harry's heart. As bugs devoured Harry's dead body in Lloyd's dream, he smiled and awoke. "Lloyd, s-something happened to your dad..." cried his mother, tearing up. Lloyd, on the other hand, didn't show her any facial expression except an evil smile. "I killed him," he admitted to his mother. She couldn't believe what her son just said. As she reached for the phone on her nightstand, Lloyd wore his glove and slowly started to walk toward her. "911, how can we help?" the operator asked, "Hello, I need the police, now!" she yelled into the phone as she saw Lloyd standing in front of her holding his glove. "Have bloody nightmares, mother!" That was the last phrase she heard before Llolyd rushed at her and killed her. Her phone fell to the ground, "hello, ma'am? Are you still there?" Asked the operator, Lloyd picked up the phone and answered, "Is this a prank, kid? Where are your parents?" The operator inquired worringly, and after a few seconds that felt like hours, Lloyd replied, "I killed them."


  • Lloyd is inspired by Freddy Krueger, as both kill their victims while they are sleeping and have a glove with knives on the fingers.
  • Lloyd's birthday is September 8th.
  • Lloyd killed 25 students who bullied him at school.
  • He is very silent when he goes on a killing spree, much like Michael Myers, but after he kills his victims he laughs at their dead bodies.
  • Most of the time Lloyd is silent; he doesn't speak much.

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