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I'll Steal Your Soul!
~ Fox


Real Name: Hiromi Yoshida

Alias: Kitsune

Meaning to Name: Kitsune means fox in Japanese

Nickname(s): Kiki, Fox Geisha, Mimi, and Ne

Age: 29

D.O.B: June 20 1990

Birthplace: Okayama, Japan

Language: Japanese, Korean, Latin and English

Current Residence: Kyoto, Japan

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active


Occupation: Geisha



  • A pair of black Tanto
  • Red wakizashi

Method of Killing:

  • She would slice their throat quickly letting them bleed
  • She would seduce them, and Furuko would stab them
  • She would absorb their life force with her magic

Goal/Reason to Kill:

  • Insanity
  • Cursed to kill


[C]Phrase: "I'll Steal Your Soul!"

Theme song: Crimson Flame


  • Acrobatics
  • Calligraphy
  • Card games
  • Dancing
  • Knife Making
  • Origami
  • Painting
  • Writing Haiku and Poems

Special Items:

  • Her fox mask
  • Her lantern


  • Performing acrobatics
  • Writing in her calligraphy book
  • Playing card games with her husband
  • Dancing around with traditional music
  • Constructing knives
  • Making fox Origami
  • Painting about forest scenes
  • Writing her Haiku and poems


  • Messing up during her performances
  • Messing up on her paints
  • Losing in her card games
  • Her foxes messing up her calligraphy book
  • Her dancing being interrupted by her husband or foxes
  • Her knives being stolen by her foxes
  • Origami not being perfect
  • Haiku not making sense


  • Deepwater
  • Dogs


  • Brutal
  • Insensitive
  • Sadistic
  • Rational
  • Skillful
  • Stoic
  • Cruel


Backstory: Hiromi Yoshida was born in Okayama, Japan on June 20, 1993. She was known for being the youngest of three children. Her other siblings were Hinata and Takeshi. Her parents come from military backgrounds since her parents were both Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force veterans. They served Japan for over 15 years and decided to settle down in order to have a family.

Since she was the youngest, she had high expectations when it came to how smart she was and how she would perform under certain situations. Her parents wanted their children to have some basic understanding of military combat and lifestyle since they expected them to also join Japan’s force one day as they got older. At a young age, her siblings and she would train under strict rules in order to become the best soldiers when they joined the forces.

With this in mind, Hiromi started to train under their wings and tried her best to follow up with the training. However, Hiromi was the youngest and had strict expectations to be the best child out of the three. Her older sister Hinata was able to easily bring her down, and her brother Takeshi was able to easily disarm her when wielding a weapon.

She was embarrassed and she knew she was bringing her family shame because she could not keep up with the training. With constant abuse from her siblings, and harsh punishment from her parents. She decided to leave her house to go live with her aunt Chieko.

She had dropped out of high school, to help with her aunt in basic training of witchcraft. Her aunt Chieko understood the pain of Hiromi since she was also the victim of verbal abuse from her sister. The mother of Hiromi would constantly talk down to Chieko so, in rebellion, she had left her house like Hiromi and began to live in the forest of Japan to have a peaceful life.

Hiromi and Chieko would constantly talk and she was able to learn some witchcraft from Chieko. Her aunt was pushed into doing witchcraft in order to one day kill her own sister. Chieko had a handful of foxes around her house in order to use them as beacons for rituals and life force.

It was known in Japanese mythology that foxes possess magical powers and were known for being witches’ pets. Hiromi soon got the impression of the fox’s ability and asked her aunt about a spell to see if she was able to get the ability of the foxes. She wanted to come back to her family and show them her true potential. Her aunt grew worried about the spell but went along with it.

She knew there were two variations of foxes, the good foxes were named the Zenko as they were associated with celestial foxes which would benefit the wishes of Hiromi, however, there were also foxes named the Yako. The Yako foxes were known for being evil and malicious, and they possess such evil energy.

Chieko had to be very careful with the spell since it was possible she could curse her own niece as a Yako fox. To help with the spell, Chieko told Hiromi to wait until she was 18, as Chieko needed time to perfect the spell in her book.

So, Hiromi started to talk to the foxes and found them as her own family. The foxes would speak to her telepathically saying that being a fox-like them would truly benefit her, and she should do it now. However, Hiromi was only 16 at the time, so she tried her best to ignore it. Months went by as the foxes’ demand of her becoming a fox grew louder and harsher.

Chieko, her aunt, had no choice but to transfer the abilities of a fox into Hiromi’s body. When the ritual was happening, a Yako fox came into her house and ripped a page out of Chieko’s book and ran away with it. Chieko tried her best to stop the fox, but it was too late.

So, she quickly had to improvise with the ritual which led to a disaster. Even with the presence of the Zenko foxes in her house, the ritual was brutal. Hiromi’s physical body began to morph into a better version of herself, her skin was changing as there was now fur covering it. Hiromi transformed into a fox, but not a Zenko fox.

A Yako fox was her form now. Chieko grew distraught and cried for now her niece became an evil being. She soon ordered her Zenko foxes to kill Hiromi in fear that her Yako fox soul would harm others. Her Zenko foxes tried to harm Hiromi, but due to her new abilities, she was able to kill them with ease.

Hiromi’s heart was filled with darkness and anger since now she could never become a better version of herself. She knew her aunt had cursed her. In revenge, she killed her aunt in cold blood because her mistakes cost Hiromi’s body. However, when she consumed the blood of her aunt, she was turned back into a human.

Hiromi was shocked and began to cry in shame because she had killed her aunt in cold blood. She left her aunt’s house and began to run back to her town. As a human, she knew she had to get clothes due to her transformation. Soon, she spotted a market that sold kimonos for Geisha. She was able to rob the clothing in ease due to her Yako fox abilities.

Quickly, she put it on and began to search for her family. When she found the entrance of her house, her smile turned crooked, and her body began to twitch. Her heart was swirling with darkness and she began to chuckle with insanity filling her mind. Slamming the door open, she found her family in the living room. Her parents screamed in horror as her siblings stood there in shock. Hiromi began to whisper at them for causing her pain throughout these past years.

With enough pain and hatred, she morphed into her Yako fox form and began to kill each family member. She ate them up and transformed into a human once again. Knowing she had to flee, she began to run away far from the town and began to travel around Japan until she hit Kyoto, Japan.

Kyoto, Japan was known for being traditional to culture. She knew she needed to still consume more blood to continue her human form, so every night she would transform as a geisha and seduce people late at night, and devour their soul and blood. Then, one day she tried to seduce one of her clients but led to a disaster since her client knew her plan and was able to attack her.

His name was Asuka Tsukuda who went by the name Fukuro, he told her he knew she was a Yako fox due to the shadow revealing her fox form. Angry at this, Hiromi tried to attack him, but he was able to defend himself. He revealed he was too cursed with an animal. He was searching for a doctor to help him with his rare heart condition, but the witch doctor had cursed him with the owl feathers.

Together, they became a couple and started to seduce anyone at night time to consume their blood and soul to remain human. Word was caught about people disappearing in the night-time which interested Rabbit Stalker. Rabbit Stalker sent Razor to find more information and there she found Hiromi. She reported back to Rabbit Stalker, in which Rabbit Stalker talked about forming an alliance. Hiromi now going as Kitsune, accepted along with the other alliance of Bachelor. The three groups were stationed around the world and were ready to now kill more people to consume their soul and blood.

However, since she is a Yako fox, there is a possibility she can backstab them.


Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship/Partner: Asuka Tsukuda (Fukuro) is a man who is in his late 20's, he has black hair that reaches his neck that is tied into a loose ponytail, his eyes are black, with pale skin. Like, Kitsune he wears traditional Japanese clothing which is a fully black haorihakama, and he wears a black leather horned Owl inspire mask.


  • Takeshi her father
  • Hanako her mother
  • Hinata her sister
  • Takara her brother
  • Chieko her aunt
  • Fukuro her husband




Hair: Black

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Black

Height: 5’5

Weight: 120

Body Type: Petite

Outfit: Red kimono, dark red and black tamoto, black obi, red obijime, black obiage, and black haneri

Accessories: Kitsune mask, her white fox ears, her white lantern to attract foxes and her red headpiece with ribbons

Distinguishing Features: Kitsune mask, red yarn tied in hair, red nails and white with red tips foxtails



  • Somatic Symptom Disorder - SSD is characterized by an intensive focus on physical symptoms that causes major emotional distress
  • Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD is a mental illness in which impacts the way the person sees themselves and others with unstable moods and behavior
  • Lascivious Behavior - Sexual behavior that is considered crude and offense
  • Insanity - A state of mind in which the person is mentally unstable


  • Kitsune Physiology
  • Fox-fire Manipulation
  • Curse Inducement
  • Shapeshifting
  • Night Vision
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Ability to transform into a fox as the older she gets, the more powerful she is as she able to gain more tails of the Yako fox
  • Ability to manipulate fire that is produced from foxes (mainly of Japanese Kitsunes)
  • Fox-fire is the fire that can change into light or electricity
  • Ability to curse anyone and anything due to her own curse she is able to curse with her own will
  • The common curse she does is bad luck and physical defects
  • Ability to shapeshift from human and to Yako fox at will
  • Ability to see completely well at night time due to her enhanced sense that came with her curse
  • Her combat skills are better than the average human due to her strength and her military background


  • Physically can only turn into a fox until she reaches her ninth tail
  • Has a deep hatred of dogs which can lead to her disguise
  • A shadow or something else can show her human form
  • Is able to curse herself
  • Can create backlash with curses if not careful enough
  • Her curse of a Yako fox can drain her of her energy
  • Her eyes can't adapt to light quickly enough when using night vision
  • If not careful enough, her fox-fire can burn her or create destruction
  • Shapeshifting from human to fox or vise versa can cause physical damage to her body
  • Her combat skills can rust away when not always fighting
  • Her energy can easily be drained as a fox
  • As a yako fox, it is possible for her to return back to human when asleep or drunk
  • Constantly needs souls and blood from human's to maintain her human form


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 7

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 8

• Endurance: 8

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 9

• Tolerance: 4

Notable Quotes

  • “No! You don’t understand Edith, I need to get healed” - After The Sorceress claimed she couldn’t heal her
    • “いいえ!あなたはエディスを理解していません、私は癒される必要があります.” - In Japanese
  • “I never work for anyone, no matter what.” - When Rabbit Stalker came to her for alliances for The Prowlers
    • “私は誰のために働くことはありません、何があっても” - In Japanese
  • “Who the hell are you? No one has defeated me before.” - She said this after Bachelor was able to defeat her when Kitsune had planned to kill him
    • “お前は一体誰だ? 誰も私を倒したことがありません.” - In Japanese


  • Hiromi means Beautiful
  • Yoshida means Lucky Rice Paddy
  • Kitsune means fox in Japanese
  • Kitsune in Japanese myth is known for possessing supernatural powers, and wisdom
  • Kitsune are also known for being a witch’s pet
  • Her new clothing was made by her lover’s mother Akira
  • Her lantern attracts foxes anywhere she goes
  • She was cursed to murder
  • She had met Bachelor during an encounter as they tried to get the same victim in Japan
  • She swore to protect The Prowlers since she is allied with Razor and Rabbit Stalker
  • She is also one of the few to be based on a myth from Japan
  • She was nicknamed as the "Fox Geisha" (狐芸者) due to her job and curse
  • Despite her being a sexual murderer, she has a husband
  • While Geisha aren’t sex workers, Hiromi is in order to trap victims
  • Claimed to have stolen the soul of around 50+ people in the span on a year
  • If she does not consume souls, she becomes a fox until she can get a soul
  • Whenever she is a fox, her joints and body tend to crack and it's a painful experience for her
  • Modeled after the song, "Megitsune", and physical appearance of Yukie Nakama
  • Her creator is Black Bullet235.