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They hide in the shadows...They are only found when they want to be found...They are dangerous...You should keep away.
~ Description of Killer the Killer.
The Killer is heartless. The Killer is strong. The Killer is the best at hiding. The Killer is killing by the order. The Killer is killing with price.
~ Killer the Killer's lullaby.


Known as Killer the Killer, the most feared serial killer ever since mankind began. Murdering untold numbers of people in the blink of an eye, without any remorse or hesitation. There is no other homicidal phenomenon like them, giving them the most powerful role in criminal circles. As long as killing is what Killer the Killer does, nothing stands between them and their beloved profession.


Killer the Killer likes to take on the illusion of being someone's greatest fear. Whether it's a flock of crows attacking someone and pecking out their eyes, or it's a crush who rejects and humiliates the person in the cruelest way possible.


  • Killer the Killer is invincible against supernatural forces.
  • Only Killer the Killer themselves can eliminate Killer the Killer.
  • Once had a run-in with Marian Suzan. But she was clearly outmatched by Killer the Killer in most things.