Killer Shadow, or Seth Hu was a male foreign exchange student who tried to keep his love of his life sane. But after failing to do that, his life fell apart causing him to go insane as well.


Seth has messy black hair and wears a black leather jacket with a ripped white shirt. He also wears blue jeans, black and red nike shoes, and a black hoodie. Seth has a fake magnetic tongue ring, which he wears rarely( he usually wears the tongue ring for photos). He also has earnings, pale skin, and red eyes.


Before he went insane, he was shy and sweet, but could be a little rude. He doesn't trust anybody but Lucy, because of their similar lives. After Seth went insane, he was manical, rude, but still caring. But now he thinks for the people he loves and himself.


Seth and his family were moving to Louisiana after his father got a promotion. After leaving Beijing, Seth had to attended school in the United States. For the first few days, people bullied him for his race, his accent, and even because of him wearing glasses. But even with this, he soon found a friend, and her name was Lucy. Lucy was bullied a lot too. She explained all her problems to him, and they became best friends. Later, their parents thought they should be in the same therapy group because of their friendship. Seth later on developed a big crush on her. He loved her so much.

Lucy had a Mardi Gras party and invited him to come, but he couldn't since he had to babysit his younger brother while the oldest was on a date. On the day of the party, he got a news alert saying that the people at the party were all killed. He was scared because he thought Lucy was dead too. He then went to Lucy’s god father, who was a witch doctor. The god father told him Lucy went insane, and Seth wanted to join her, so he had gotten a curse which made him pale, have a scare on his neck, and powers. He then killed his parents and ran away. Slenderman soon found him after and made him a creepypasta. 


  • He still loves Lucy and will do anything for her
  • He calls the creepypasta boys a bunch of Nancys
  • Hates all the female creepypastas besides Lucy
  • Likes to call flat chested woman transsexual 

Theme song: 

Voices in my head/ Stick to the plan by Big Sean

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