Katrina Peterson, also known as Katrina Pyro was an ordinary girl. Follow her journey through an ordinary, encounter, pyromaniac, and insane.

Her weapon is her pyrokinesis (fire manipulation) abilities, which are controlled through her amulet.


Before going insane, Katrina had smooth, long red hair, white skin, and yellow-gold eyes. After going insane, her hair started to stick out everywhere and a lot of it was burned off. Her skin became patchy with burn scars, and, because of her paranoia, her sclera changed to red.

Her attire consists of a black and white striped shirt top, a jean jacket, ripped jeans, and pale yellow sneakers. She also wears a glowing ruby amulet around her neck and a backward-turned Braves baseball cap.


Before going insane, Katrina was cheerful, polite, and social. When she went insane, however, Katrina became mean and unstable, lashing out at anyone and anything that ticked her off. She became jumpy and would start fires at random.

When she is around her friends (Creepypasta, family, or other) she is fun to be around, has a cool head, and is a troublemaker. With Slenderman's help and guidance, Katrina is slowly learning how to properly control and harness her powers.

A tomboy at heart, she loves being rough and rowdy and can be hot-headed.

Story (Changed)

Katrina was the most popular girl at her school; she had a lot of friends, was well-liked by everyone, and was a party-goer. She was always fun to hang around, and her friends and family loved her. She was completely ordinary, or so she thought. She didn't have the slightest idea of what she really was or what she could do.

However, one day, her whole world turned upside down and she changed forever.

It was a cold autumn afternoon, the sky bleak and gray. Katrina was hanging out with her friends at the mall but had separated from her group to spend some time outside, alone. She put some gum in her mouth and started to blow bubbles. Putting her hands in her pockets, she strolled around the mall parking lot. There was hardly anyone around. Even though she liked being around people, there were times when Katrina enjoyed having some time to herself. She kept walking until she reached the park and sat down on a bench, watching some kids playing on the jungle gym. It was just another, ordinary, quiet day.

Suddenly, the stillness was pierced with a scream. Katrina jumped to her feet and looked around her, almost choking on her gum. The kids also heard the scream and ran to their families, staring in the direction of where the scream had originated: the forest. Nothing like this had ever happened before. The cold wind bit into her skin, making Katrina flinch.



Greg is one of Katrina's younger brothers. Greg looks up to his sister and, like the rest of the family, loves Katrina very much. He's not a very popular kid in his middle school and often asks his sister for advice. Due to attempted murder, Greg was severely burned by Katrina's fire abilities and was promptly sent to the hospital. Disturbed by what she had done, Katrina is training with the Slenderman to learn how to control her powers so to prevent the same thing from happening to the rest of her family. Some ay she hopes to return to her family and apologize to Greg for hurting him.


  • Katrina's close friend and mentor is Ticci-Toby. (He also serves as her confidant when she is distressed or having problems controlling her temper).
  • She treats Lulu, Clockwork, Sally, and Lazari like sisters.
  • She is approximately 18 years old.
  • Occasionally, she will go on a fire spree with Jeff the Killer and Ticci-Toby. (And anyone else who is a pyromaniac).
  • She is good friends with Pick Pocket and Silent Scream.
  • Her family are still living, but don't know she is alive. One day, she hopes to reconnect with them.
  • While defending her brother, Greg, from being murdered, Katrina accidentally burned him but killed the murderer in the process.
  • She likes chewing gum.
  • Often acts like a tomboy.
  • She is always the first to start an argument and the first to start a fight. If one of her friends is being picked on or attacked, she is quick to defend them and fight off her enemies.
  • Her creator is SuperSilverXtreme14.

Theme Song

"Forest" - by Twenty One Pilots