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You seem good/bad,you will live/die now
~ Cassey.


Cassandra was a young woman who lived in Syracuse,New York. She was known and had a nice group of friends. They would hang out and do stuff friends do. Hang out and go to parties. But one drunken night changed it all.

Cassandra was known for her short temper and was known to start fights. One day she was drunk and got into a fight with a friend that was driving her home from a party about her partying and drinking to much. When they got to her apartment, her friend got out to make sure Cassandra got in safe. That was a bad idea. Still angry, Cassandra dragged her friend by her hair and she ended up beating her to death behind her apartment building. Realizing what she done she fled the scene. 

The next few days she was interviewed by police and she denied that she did it, saying she was too drunk to remember and they let her be since she lived in a bad area. She felt guilty for lying and became depressed knowing that she killed one of her friends. She turned to drugs, alcohol, and smoking to make her feel better. She would skip class and just sleep for hours. People worried for her but she just became closed off.

The police soon started suspecting it was Cassandra. Cassandra heard about this and panicked and overdosed to not get caught. She left a note saying it was her and she felt really guilty. But her story didn't end there...She became a ghost.

She would wander around trying to find what to do now since she is probably going to be like this forever. She came across some woods and started living there. She then started going by her nickname 'Cassey'. If she was called Cassandra she would break down crying, remembering what she done. She decided that she should kill the bad people and let the good live in hope she'll be redeemed.

She later met the Creepypastas and became kind of like a watch-guard. She would stay in a cabin and watch for humans that come into the woods. She will even sometimes get paid. If they seen nice she would try to befriend them and hope she doesn't scare them or if they are bad she will tell the Creepypastas or kill them herself.

Cassey as a human


When she used to be alive she used to be a bit loud and a bit stupid. Now she is calm, quiet, and intelligent. She has a slight temper still but not has bad. Sometimes if a human comes into her cabin she will mess around with them by making things move around or use her telepathy to whisper in their head. She will talk to you if she thinks you are a good person and try to befriend you or if she thinks your bad she will kill you on the spot or let the Creepypastas kill you.

Likes, Dislikes, and Hobbies


  • Skateboarding
  • Listening to music
  • Drawing
  • Playing video games
  • Listening to people's problems


  • Animals
  • Dub-step and rap/hip hop
  • Scaring humans
  • Dark humor shows
  • My hero academia (The only anime she likes)
  • Sprite cranberry
  • Memes


  • Every other anime
  • Kids cartoons
  • Chocolate
  • Being called Cassandra
  • Talking about when she was alive


When Cassey was a human she had brown hair and blue eyes. Now she has blue hair that covers her one of her eyes and white eyes. She also has freckles and is pale as a sheet of paper. She wears a flannel shirt, a black tank top, black ripped jeans, black combat boots, and a grey beanie.


  • She is dating a women named Crimson who is a witch.
  • She gray asexual biromantic.
  • She is good friends with The Puppeteer.
  • She died around 23.
  • She died on November 26, 2015.
  • Before she died she was studying psychology.
  • She can speak German and Russian.
  • She still smokes but not as much.