"Let's fix you."
~ Kane the Sticher
Good! All stitched up.
~ Kane the Sticher
Need stitches?
~ Kane the Sticher

Kane the Sticher was a young man named Kane Nien who-after a horrific surgery-became a blood-lustful psychopath who called himself Kane the Sticher. His (character's) creator is SoulDarkPsycho


  • A grey hooded sweater with a red coke symbol on it.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Brown "stitched up" shoes.
  • His right eye is gone. It is now stitched shut.
  • The left side of his mouth is stitched shut to look like a smile.
  • Blood leaks out of the stitched up eye.
  • Left eye is baby blue. Blood comes out of it.
  • Blonde hair.


  • Sewing pins
  • Rolls of stitch thread
  • Kitchen knife
  • Sewing kit
  • Machete


Kane Nien was just a regular college graduate. That is, if you could call a kid who graduated college at age 18 "regular". Kane graduated Harvard with a Master's degree in Medical Science.

Kane got a stitching job that paid him $100,000 a month-$20,000 dollars a week, at a hospital. Kane became obsessed with stitching up people. He soon started to stitch anyone that had deep cuts.

Then one fateful day, Kane's right eye started to swell up. He went to the hospital, hoping to find someone who knew what to do to help it.

After a long surgery, Kane woke up. The doctor's handed him a mirror. Kane was horrified by his face. His right eye was gone. The doctor's tried to stitch it shut but they did a horrible job, the stitches went diagonal. There was a tiny opening where blood leaked out of the stitches.

Kane went berserk. He grabbed the first doctor, James Joahnesburg, and (with the kitchen knife that just somehow was there) stabbed him. Then he said "Need stitches?"

He killed all the doctor's-none of them made it to the phone and the camera's were being fixed that day-and went to his secret hiding place in the hospital.

The hiding place was a secret that only Kane and his friends knew about.

Kane would stitch up mannequins, pumpkins, and anything that he saw in that place. Kane then told his friends he had a new name for himself, Kane the Sticher.

Kane went to the hiding's place "bathroom" and cut out a smile on the left side of his face. Then he stitched it up. Then he cut out a smile on the right side of his face but he did not stitch it up.

Kane then left the "bathroom", got out of the hospital, and went home. Everyday Kane goes to the hospital to claim his next victim.


  • Kane now stuffs his victims. Then he stitches them up. His friends help him track, gut, and trap his victims.
    • His friends became Creepypasta's known as Kaylein the Gutter (Kaylie Guts), Niko the Trapper, and Priscilla the Tracker.
    • He has never been found.
    • Only 2 other people found about his hiding place. (Want to know what happened when they did? Ask me a question about it on this page in the Question and Answers section).
    • Kane is 39 years old in 2018.
    • He and Priscilla have a child who became a Creepypasta known as Mutation.
    • While at work, he wears a doctor's uniform and a white eyepatch to cover up his stitched up eye. He never takes off his doctor's mask while working.

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