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<label>Sexual Preference</label Hetrosexual/Straight /infobox> Basically, Josh The Killer is a joke-spinoff of Ticci Toby (He was supposed to be a spin-off of Jeff The Killer) and was intended as a joke, and is from the creepypasta What Happens If Josh From Mr Meaty Became A Jeff Ripoff?. His story was that his best friend, Parker Dinkleman stopped being his friend and his parents started fighting, all the while ignoring their son having schizophrenia hallucinations, causing Slender to attempt to help Josh. Slenderman saw what was happening and decided to make Josh kill some teenager and then bomb his city, causing most of the city to die. After that, Slender decided to befriend Josh The Killer.


Josh Redgrove used to be friendly, although a bit self-centered. After Slenderman changed him into being a blood-thirsty murder, he developed a strange type of humor, mainly being sarcastic rumor about the victims and their lives, while occasionally saying something about blood.

He started keeping a diary to document whatever he thought Slenderman wanted to hear about him. What was happening though, was that Slenderman was causing him to hallucinate. His parents thought he was making all of the hallucinations up, not realizing that Josh was being truthful.

Afterward, he killed some teenager that decided to wander inside Slender's forest, and Slender decided to allow Josh to somehow make a nuke.


Basically, after Slenderman got to him and convinced him to become a proxy, he started being apathetic and became almost exactly like Jeff The Killer is, except he tries to make jokes all the time.

Surprisingly, Slender convinced Josh to like cooking after Josh nuked his entire city, mainly for the fact that Slender sees Josh as his "adopted son" and wants to be somewhat of a mentor to him. This caused Josh to see Slender as his father, and the two started bonding.


  • His bandages are from after the fall because of the glass shards.
  • The only outfit he still keeps is his Mcdonalds Mr Meaty work uniform.
  • He has no known weaknesses.
  • Josh spends lots of time with Slenderman and loves him, along with being friends with most of the proxies.
  • Under his shirt, Josh wears a black collar.
  • He secretly likes Stardust Crusaders and MGTOW, albeit he doesn't talk about his hobbies much.
  • Unlike many of the other creepypastas, he's from Canada.
  • He's immortal
  • His best friends are Jeff The Killer and Slenderman.
  • Slenderman is the reincarnation of Edward R. Carney.