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Go To Sleep
~ Jeff's signature fandom catchphrase
It's Joy
~ Jeff's official signature catchphrase

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Jeff C. Hodek, best known as Jeff the Killer is an infamous, malicious, and foul-mouthed serial killer. Originally, just your average run-of-the-mill kind of guy, Jeff's life turned upside down after becoming severely disfigured, which emotionally scarred him. His life and personality drastically changed, and Jeff went on to commit a decade of brutal murders.

Creation and Development

Jeff the Killer was originally created by Newgrounds user killerjeff better known on the internet as "Sesseur" for his YouTube name on August 10th, 2008, through a news post. Stating that he found the image on his ED account and gives a background story of Jeff.

Jeff the Killer is apparently a ghost game similar to that of Bloody Mary. The instructions are that you perform it in a closet with all lights in the room turned off, then you sit down cross-legged, repeat the sentence "He's in here with me." three times whilst turning your head back and forth, then close your eyes and call out the name "Jeff". Jeff will then appear in front of you and proceed to yell and try to chant harm at you. To make him stop is to stand there and compliment him, not doing so will result in a disaster.

On October 3rd, 2008, killerjeff uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, titled "Jeff the killer (Original Story)", the video explains the story of Jeff the killer and his brother Liu, using stock images that can be found on the internet.

(NOTE: killerjeff's YouTube channel has been terminated due to his violations of YouTube's community guidelines, which took the video down with it. When questioned, his response was that his account was taken down due to the disbelief of him being the original creator of the Jeff the Killer character. Fortunately, the video was re-uploaded by a YouTube user called PhenomenonPoltergeist, however, the original audio was not kept, which was the song I Guess You're Right by the Posies playing in the background for a majority of the video. Later on, YouTube user Bob's Brother would come in to re-upload the video with its original audio.).

Liu is described as a well-liked person and a "ladies man" who will befriend those who drink alcohol with him, Jeff is said to have often teased Liu back in his mid-teens by wearing his glasses. Jeff is then described as a serial killer, as he kills people "in favor of the world", he is also said to be "good with children".

The video then transcribes to an explanation of what happened to Jeff's face, it is said that Jeff was hauling a gallon of acid into his bathroom to clean out his bathtub, however, he accidentally slipped on a bar of soap and as a result, the acid splashed all over his face, however luckily he was saved by his neighbor who called an ambulance after hearing his cries, Liu quit work that day to come and visit Jeff in the hospital after hearing about the accident.


[In September 2018, Sesseur released a journal entry on his DeviantArt page detailing the events of Jeff and Liu Hodek]

In 2007 a young man and his brother move from their parent's home and make a life for themselves, Jeff and his brother Liu had a great life on their own, they both were popular and well-liked, Jeff normally was lazy and Liu was the brains and breadwinner of the home, scoring a good job as a computer tech engineer, making fantastic income for the both of them, even telling his brother Jeff to not bother work and just kick back, relax and enjoy himself, Liu was happy to do what he does, and he was happier to know his brother had no work to slave over, their life seemed fantastic. Until a few months later in November, late afternoon Jeff suffered a horrible accident while his brother was at his job, unable to help.

People heard the commotion and saved Jeff, Liu rushed straight to the hospital when their neighbor called him. Jeff nearly died and Liu was devastated, however, Jeff pulled through, but in critical condition, it took a nearly full year to get rehab before going back home, Liu stayed with Jeff more than he did back home, even quitting his job temporarily just to monitor his brother, their parents heard the sad news and also devastated them, their mother was unable to speak to Jeff due to how horribly scarred he was, she couldn't stand to see her son wounded, their father took it more lightly and told Jeff that this isn't too bad, he'll get better and it all will go back to normal and this would be something to look forward to, causing the two brothers to be optimistic, unfortunately, their father was dead wrong, for the next time Jeff would arrive home he would start a decade of murder, soon he was prepped for reconstructive surgery to restore his face as good as can be then to be released a week later.

Unfortunately, the surgeons were inexperienced and negligent, causing Jeff's restored face to be a very haunting visage of what he is known for, Jeff wouldn't even know his face nor even anyone else until a week later when he was taken back home with Liu, slowly revealed his horrid face starting back in the bathroom mirror, having a relapse and slicing a smile in his cheeks as Liu looked on in horror. The hospital would be sued for Malpractice eventually after Liu and Jeff forged a death certificate for the latter to cover up any connection of the murders Jeff committed. Jeff would be that of a legend in Jersey, causing panic years to come, baffling reporters and police on this mysterious slayer, until revealed years later proving that the Myth "Jeff the Killer" was indeed real, and soon to be connected to the Jeff Hodek that supposedly died, bringing down the heat to the two, even family and anyone who knows anything about him causing the brothers to act in desperation. Once Liu was identified and implicated as an accomplice and a murderer, the Hodek brothers were forced to flee and eventually relocate.


In 2007, while cleaning a bathtub, he accidentally spilled cleaning supplies on himself. The acid in the supplies ate away at the flesh of his face and nose, so much that he had third-degree burns and ended up with a small bump for a nose and slits for nostrils. His face could not be properly restored by medical professionals, instead, it only made matters worse. After he spent a year recovering he practically lost a lot of motivation to properly groom himself and started to neglect his appearance. He grew out his hair and started sporting a small goatee on the bottom of his chin. When things finally escalated Jeff then attempted to modify his face and then became the monstrous image he is currently known for.


Jeff's personality has changed prominently three or four times over the course of his life.

Original Personality:

Before the incident at 25, Jeff was, laid back, calm, outgoing, easy-going, slightly immature, a bit crude, a slacker, occasionally flippant, but still thoughtful, knew when he needed to listen and not speak. This Jeff would welcome you with open arms, maybe offer you a beer.

Second Personality:

The change was after that fateful day spending nearly a whole year in recovery, he became; more quiet, hostile, depressed, he'd grown resentment and hatred of the world and it's superficial, shallow, judgmental, hypocritical, patronizing and condescending ways. Then he would have manic states, where he would laugh, have a dark, morbid sense of humor, would toy with his victims when he felt he had the advantage. When he felt like his life was at risk he'd attain both aspects of his depressive and manic side that would be of use for his survival; intensely focused on the target, angry, but calm, would make loud growls, grunts, and cries but would be completely silent. His anger would make him reckless to and nearly cost him his life a few dozen times over in his murder career.

This Jeff in his depressed state would simply avoid anyone wanting to come in contact with him if he wasn't trying to kill them, his manic state would likely cause him to try to intimidate/scare/mess with but not kill the person coming to show kindness to Jeff, and his survival instinct state would possibly have him knock over/push the person out of his way to get to his intended target.

Third Personality:

Absolute sheer despair, the most hopeless and lost he's ever felt, but also the most unpredictable. In this state, anything could trigger him to lash out and attack/maim/brutally kill someone. This Jeff would surprisingly be much more receptive to a person coming into contact to show him kindness, then again it could also go the other way too due to his unpredictable nature in his current state, meaning it would likely cause him to react negatively and flee or threaten.

Fourth Personality:

This is Jeff's current "reformed" state. Similar to his first personality, but much more mature and reserved retaining the positive qualities of his last states of mind he experienced and accumulated into a different type of man with clarity and guilt for his past actions. This Jeff would welcome the person that approached him with kindness and have a deep and meaningful interaction.


  • In the original story, Jeff did not kill Liu or his parents. Jeff and Liu's parents live in a different city to them, and are both alive and well. Jeff sometimes checks up on his parents to see how they're doing. His parents know of the accident, but not of his murders.
  • Jeff still lives with his younger brother Liu, and they have a close sibling bond. Liu is the only one who knows that Jeff is a killer, and even helps him out with the whole murder ordeal.
  • Jeff was born in New Jersey. During his prime and before the incident he had a slight Jersey accent when speaking some words.
  • Jeff actually likes children and will avoid killing or hurting them.
  • Physically speaking, Jeff is reasonably lean and muscular. He keeps himself in shape with self-disciplining, acid, and painkillers.
  • Jeff has his own personal demon that torments him called Angus.
  • Jeff is heterosexual. However the issue of sex and relationships seems to be the last thing on his mind.
  • In 2016, Sesseur gave out some more details surrounding Jeff. The details consisted that Jeff's full name is; Jeffrey C. Hodek, his middle name being "too embarrassing" to reveal to the public. He is currently 37 years old, stands at around 5'7" to 5'10", is Italian-American, has dark brown hair and green eyes.
  • In January 2019, the events of Sesseur's Jeff the Killer were also included in his timeline combining all stories he created, detailing Jeff and Liu's date of birth and their first murders (Jeff being born in September 22, 1982, and Liu October 21, 1984). Sesseur furthermore made a journal detailing the events in order of Jeff's incident.
  • Sesseur often responds to anyone who asks questions about Jeff the Killer on his DeviantArt account and is willing to give away details.



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