• Since Jack-O-Vigon is said to be male, I will put "he" instead of "it".
  • Jack-O-Vigon cannot speak. Therefore, he has no quotes. He only makes noises that sound like whispers.
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What is Jack-O-Vigon?

Jack-O-vigon was a normal Pumpkin till he was made into a Pet Creepypasta by his owner, Eyeless Jezebel. His creator is SoulDarkPsycho.


He is cheerful unless he is around Eyeless Jack.


Jack-O-Vigon was just another normal Pumpkin. Then one day, Eyeless Jezebel turned him into an unknown creature. He became deranged because of his appearance.

He now eats Human Males. He stays by Eyeless Jezebel (unless she is by Eyeless Jack).


  • Hates Eyeless Jack because he feels that Jezebel cares more about Jack than him.
  • He likes to eat Sardines
  • He won't eat Human Females

Theme Song

He has no theme song

Q & A (Questions and Answers):

Q:Why Does It Only Eats Human Male?