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There's no way someone can hold that in!
~ Jabber Jaymie.

Origin of Jabber Jaymie

Jaymie was a calm and quiet 4-year-old being dropped off at her grandparents while her parents when out for the evening. Jaymie watched as her parents drove away thinking about how they had fought earlier. 

Later that night her father came to pick her and claimed her mother was passed out in the car. Jaymie thought something bad had happened so after the door was shut behind them she tugged at her father's sleeve.

"What happened while you were out? Why is Mom passed out?".

Her father looked down at her with an insane look in his eye and he picked Jaymie up the back of her shirt. He shoved her into the trunk next to her lifeless mother. She didn't panic thinking she was just tired and was hallucinating which happened a lot with her.  

She wakened with her father holding her arm dragging her towards the room. He beat her with his belt until she was bloody. She didn't cry out, she could feel anything, it was as if her brain was somewhere else.

Although rage coursed through her when her father said "Your mother is dead because of you, she saved you too many times! You're a monster!"

She stared up at him with one wide blank eyes as the other was a hole of blood. Her father went wild with that stare of hers. She scared him and he hated it. With one squeeze he ripped her cheeks into holes, then, her throat. She should have been dead from her on blood loss or drowning in it, but she still stared up at him. He stumbled back screaming monster as she stood up her long bright blonde hair matted with blood. She looked at him mockingly, her cheeks would have made it look like she was smiling but the corners of her mouth were saved from being ripped. Blood poured from her eye, cheeks, and throat. She smashed her father's skull, feeling his skull crack into shards under her fingers gave her thrill but she didn't smile. She painted in her and her father's blood.

"This man created a monster. A monster that he made. He regretted it and took action for what he did, but it was too late, he let it grow into something that its heat was a hole. He said something, and I repeat it now. I AM A MONSTER, I AM A MONSTER, I am a monster, SO LONG, SEE YOU LATER!!!"