Hilde Jäger is a young woman hailing from Trier, Germany. She flew to the States at age sixteen and has stayed ever since, now at the age of twenty-five. Hilde unintentionally became a cannibal in adolescence and has never shaken the habit.

Hilde possesses naturally blood red hair--a mutation from her mother's strawberry blonde and her father's rust-brown hair--and dark brown, almost black eyes with faded light red eye shadow. She sports a black leather jacket atop a loose, gold t-shirt with jeans and solid print boots, which she keeps a hunting knife stashed in.


While Hilde is a blatant sociopath, that doesn't mean she's antisocial. In fact, she rather enjoys going out, but you'll see that she tends to be a bit more reserved in larger crowds. She'll strike up small talk with any stranger she deems interesting enough to engage with. She is very frank, even when dealing in serious matters; she ran out of any ounce of care she ever had a long time ago. Even so, Hilde is still capable of maintaining a sense of humor and her emotions overall.

Either socializing or on the sidelines, she is always keenly aware of her surroundings and pays close attention to detail. Hilde is very observant and just picking up on the little things. It helps make prey better to understand and catch.


Hilde was born and raised in Trier, Germany. Her childhood was decent; no abuse, no bullies, but no friends either. Her parents were wonderful. Her father, Hans, was a bit of a health nut and was almost always focused around exercising and eating properly. Luckily, he never forced his lifestyle on Hilde and her mother, yet he regularly warned them about eating carbs and fat foods and made sure they got enough proteins. When Hilde turned twelve, Hans disappeared. Astrid told Hilde Jäger simply left for the store. A full week later—after Hilde began growing more anxious—Astrid lied again, saying he had left for another woman. Hilde clearly didn't take this well. Dinner was served the same night, like normal. Hilde was in no mood to eat at the time, but even so, her mother persistently encouraged her to try. "Daddy would want you to eat," Astrid told her.

Although still ill, she ate and fell in love with the meal. She asked her mother if they could have it more often. Astrid happily obliged. For the next three years, she continued to make the same meal every so often; a few times every week or so. Maybe even more.   One day, Astrid fell fatally ill and decided it was now or never. She then proceeded to tell Hilde, now age fifteen, about her double life as a cannibal; how she caught her victims, and how their meat varied in taste. She even confessed that she'd cooked up her father and fed him to her. She died soon after this.

The funeral was small and short. Hilde kept to herself. She still cried; if keeping an impassible face with a few tears trickled down your cheeks counted as crying. She naturally went back to eating normally. However, the craving for human flesh gnawed at her. She tried to ignore it, but her hunger was never satisfied without it. After sifting through the house, she found a stash of human meat in a large freezer in the garage her mother had most likely stocked up. She began incorporating it with her meals. Once it ran out, she began to go out and hunt people. She began with family. There was plenty of regret in doing so, but her body's yearning drove her through it. Eventually, she grew completely numb.

Hilde knew she couldn't remain in Germany forever. Her crimes were sloppy; amateur. She would be found in no time. A year later, now sixteen, she flew to the United States. Within the time beforehand, she spent most of her solitude working on her cunning and the obtainment of a fake ID. By some stroke of luck, she succeeded.

"Not all human meat tastes the same. It all varies. From their age, sex, diet, lifestyle, and how they take care of their body,"

her mother had told her. With that in mind, Hilde's primary thought was to "explore". She no longer felt for those around her. When she killed, she felt nothing. She still wasn't content with what she'd become, or what her mother had done to her, but even so, she learned not to care anymore.


  • She has exceptional culinary skills, which she regularly puts to good use, as she's responsible for keeping everyone in the manor fed.
  • She will only eat human meat cooked. Not doing so would be the equivalent of eating raw pork from a pig; unsanitary and risky.
  • She has an affinity for dogs and other canines and owns a bloodhound herself. His name is Stein, and he's a good boy.
  • Hilde belongs to ItsAccurate
  • Seeing as Hilde's system has grown extremely reliant on human flesh, she can actually slowly begin to starve without it. When this happens, Hilde gradually becomes more aggressive and violent. Once it reaches a certain extent, she will go out and bite and tear into anyone in sight. When there's finally enough blood and flesh in her system, she'll start to calm down, but remain irritable until she actually eats.
  • Hilde puts thought into who she goes after; she avoids anyone with DNA transmittable diseases and anyone who has a name for themselves (essentially anyone who isn't homeless, a thug, or an undesirable of sorts). She tends to go after men more often, as they are more tender and woman are fattier, and will never lay a hand on a child.
  • She will use just about anything she can get her hands on in the time of attack. While she mostly uses her bare hands (neck snapping. Quick, clean, and quiet), her hunting knife proves very helpful when dealing with stubborn prey. If her blade happens to be inaccessible, just about any blunt or sharp instrument in the immediate vicinity is fair game.
  • Hilde has barely survived a direct lightning strike. During an escape after being discovered by her past partner, she was struck on the roof of a single story building. She was apprehended, and her trial began after her treatment. Now because of this event, Hilde suffers from insomnia, is more prone to headaches, and has a Lichtenberg figure across her back [see photo].
  • Hilde has a fox tattoo on her outer left thigh. She got it in memory of her father, who called her his "little fox".
  • Hilde was admitted into a psychiatric ward after her trial. She had shamelessly admitted to her crimes, and was declared criminally insane. She spent nearly three months in short-term, and while the staff was discussing moving her to long-term, her hunger officially set in, and she tore apart half of the inhabitants; both patients and staff. Her escape was very difficult, but by the skin of her teeth, she became a free woman.

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