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I only exist to see you die...
~ Hazthur

Hazthur is a demonic entity who serves under Jinn the Mage as her apprentice, and who works alongside her under the direction of "The Dark Man". He is a relative to Zalgo, though how is unknown, and uses the art of the sword and other methods to kill his targets.

Hazthur wears nothing but a black cloak over himself to hold swords and other weapons. He also can shapeshift into a normal human when needed.


Not much is known about Hazthur's origins, only that he is the son of a female entity and an unknown father. It is confirmed by the Dark Man that he is related to Zalgo, though he refused to say how. Hazthur cannot remember much of his early life, only when he was in a human guise wandering the streets of Hungary disguised as a businessman (he doesn't know how he got to Hungary either). He eventually met a Hungarian woman, and instantly fell in love with her. After they courted and married, she bore a child but the name of Pax. However Hazthur, knowing he can't stay in his human guise forever, abruptly left without explanation, leaving his wife to raise their child. But, he still kept watch over them to make sure they stayed safe. One day, when Pax was a toddler, his demonic traits got too much to handle, and he brutally killed his mother, ate some of her remains, and fled to become a feared monster. Hazthur came across the remains of his dead wife and Pax missing, and in despairing grief and rage, swore to kill the person who was responsible and avenge her death, not knowing that his own son was the culprit. He buried her in a nearby cemetery, cried one last time, and set out to start a new life. He wandered for many years, and was eventually taken in by the Dark Man, saying that he had big plans to unleash his true power, and trained him in how to use his demonic traits to bring hell upon humans. Hazthur was eventually handed over to Jinn the Mage to be trained in the art of the sword, and used his anger and hatred towards humanity, and sorrow over his wife and child to kill his victims.

Jinn the Mage orders Hazthur to eliminate targets that she is too distracted to deal with, or just doesn't feel like doing at all, and he does these jobs extremely effectively. She is very lenient on him with the killing methods that he uses and where he goes in general. However, she is somewhat overly critical of him, which can leave him frustrated. They do have a stable relationship, seeing each other as equal professional partners.

Hazthur has never encountered Zalgo, and has barely ever heard of him despite being a relative, as the Dark Man has forbidden Jinn from mentioning him to Hazthur. Hazthur has barely encountered any creepypastas during missions, and usually doesn't see them at all. On those rare occasions, like on with Clockwork, he usually just picks them up and throws them aside, seeing them as mere distractions and doesn't get overly violent due to wasting time.


Hazthur is very calm and reserved like his master, but gets very easily angered. He is very sorrowful over the death of his wife, and sees killing humans as his way to avenge her, as he doesn't know who caused her death. He gets a little pleasure out of killing, but he isn't really sadistic about it and usually doesn't have his victims suffer, despite being a demonic entity. Hazthur usually cuts off people's heads or strangles them to death for his methods of killing. He sees himself as soft hearted because of his wife and child, and tries to forget them, but certainly isn't around human beings. He is very snippish and bitchy around Jinn at the most, but usually calms himself down soon enough.


"Run barbarian, you only prolong the inevitable!." ~Hazthur to Clockwork during a short confrontation

"Your training has served me well..." ~Hazthur to Jinn

"You poor whimpering bastard."

"Making you beg for your life is my specialty."

"If you do want to fight me, just remember I'm 7 feet, and a demon with a sword."

Voice Claim

Voice claim: General Grievous (2003 animated Clone Wars)


2003 Clone Wars Grievous Voice


  • Hazthur is a relative of Zalgo, though he is a lot weaker.
  • He is 7' 1"
  • He is very general like, giving orders to himself on how to eliminate his victims.
  • He will kill anyone who even resembles his wife.
  • His name comes from Hastur, or the Hanged King, a deity featured in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
  • He does not know that his son is alive, let alone that he is a bloodthirsty cannibal.
  • Though he is Jinn the Mage's apprentice, he is more powerful in terms of psychic abilities.
  • His age is unknown, though he could be around 1,000
  • He is very human like despite being a demonic entity.
  • He is capable of speaking many tongues, mostly English and Hungarian.
  • Hazthur was created by @Niconloy51