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In her previous life before she made the deal, she was a generally kind but impulsive person. She usually resorted to hitting things to resolve her problems. Post transformation she became a lot more bitter and sadistic. She usually lets some of her victims live, only to kill them later during their happiest moments. She keeps the faces as trophies. A small part of her former self is still there as she holds on to her husband's custom made blade as a memory.


Hanna Sato grew up on a farm in 1850 in Germany at the age of 19. She met a boy and got married, his first gift to her was a doll. However, one day he caught yellow fever and was on the edge of death. She made a deal with Zalgo to serve under him to save her husband's life. He died at the age of 100 due to her stabbing him to death in his sleep with his knife to end his presumed suffering. While she was to live forever turned her skin as fragile as porcelain her face unable to emote now killing for it. She usually attacks young girls ages 6 and above.


She usually targets those who can`t fight back. However, she will usually use her speed to attack people as she cuts her opponent's vital spots.

Powers and Abilities

Her Invisibility has two forms, one being "true invisibility". However, she can still be revealed by fluids. Her second is invisibility through mental suggestion. Usually, it can only be passed on if someone else tells others she can do it.

Enhanced speed allows her to move faster than most can blink and can be mistaken for teleportation due to the speeds she moves at. She's able to dodge bullets easily.

Like most of Zalgo's servants, she can summon demons. However, she usually doesn`t do it due to it reminding her of her mistake of committing to the deal.

Her immortality is due to what is inside her body. Despite her new strange biology, she has organs. However, her insides turn into flesh eating sand that she can use to heal herself or attack opponents.

Due to her face stealing, it allows her to make a decent face mask to disguise herself. However, she can`t really hide the smell.


  • Sight jacking is a reference to an ability in the video game "Siren". The player can see through the eyes of the game's enemies, the Shibito.