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You will never be saved
~ Her famous quote that you...I missed you so much...since I died!
~ Her reuniting her brother, Roblox
Brother, it's me....your sister.....Jennifer....why are you being mean to me!
~ Her 'brother' telling her that he is not her brother

Guest 888 (also has known as Jennifer Jones) was a perfect sister of Roblox, she was the most awesome sister ever.....until the 'John Doe' attack came, she was scared...until she died from John Doe...until she became a deadly ghost spirit.


In the story, Jennifer Jones was born, she was 6 years old, until she had a brother named, Roblox. Her and her brother loved each other.....until their mother had cancer and she was coughing, and Jennifer called her dad, and her dad came down stairs....they went to the hospital and checked what was wrong, until the doctor told them sorry about their lost. Her dad died during his war. She was crying....and there was John Doe attack, Jennifer ran out of the building and John Doe pushed a big rock down to the ground...and John Doe heard a splat! He saw blood...he killed person...that person was Jennifer Jones.....689 years later....Roblox forgot about his sister, his buddy. Builderman, builderman told him multiple times about his sister. But roblox tells he did not had a sister in his life...if he had a sister. He would kill her! builderman was stocked.....he knowed that Jennifer told him, if he hates her...she would pay a visit. She came and she went through the glass , their she was....a scary monster...until Roblox closed the game and trapped her in the game.


She had light purple skin, black hair with a red headband, Dark Grey Striped Shirt with Dark Denim Jacket, with Pink Jeans. She had black slippers, she also has black eyes with purple iris with black pupils


She is Sadistic, Kind, Good, Sweet, Insane, Psychopathic, half-crazy. She is sometimes wanting to kill mean players but sometimes they agree to her, and make them nice. She is nice to players and friendly to them.


Look on the character power things


This character was made by me/Lucy.

She is sweet to Suicide Donatello.

She is loveable to her brother, but her brother does not like her.

She loves the two children Sally and Lazari

She is a good helper towards Suicide Donatello.

She was born in May 9th

She likes to draw one of her scary friends