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Glitchy Red is the main antagonist in the Creepypasta story with the same name "Glitchy Red", and another Creepypasta story named.


It is unknown what has happened to Glitchy Red, however as far as people could tell, Glitchy Red was once a normal video game character that is playable, that was until the creators have discovered out a bug that has happened on the character, they've deleted the Red that was been glitched, however instead of being erased out of existence, the Glitch Red became a vengeful/hostile spirit, or maybe a manifestation of an forgotten/replaced video game character that comes to haunts those who plays the game of Pokemon Red. It was believed is that Glitchy Red after being replaced discovers that he was a video game character, and he blames his creators for responsible for turning him like this, it resulted that Glitchy Red started to feels hatred of being forgotten and replaced, he started to haunt the video game with the name as "Pokemon Red"


He has the same appearances to the main protagonist we controlled in Pokemon "Red" except that he is glitched.


Unlike the original self of his, Glitchy Red is described to be the opposite of caring, and kindness, due to being forgotten, and "rejected" Glitchy Red becomes extremely hostile, and began to haunts the Pokemon "Red" game in order to explain to them that he's the real character that the player was supposed to be controlling, and soon starts to bug around in the video game.

Powers and Abilities:

Glitchy Red was believed to be able to bend time, and space within the technology world especially the Pokemon game worlds, let's just say that while he is in the technology world he is capable of having the ability to manipulate everything, and there is a possible chance he could manifest himself in the reality world.


  • Glitchy Red's creator is unknown, however it is possible that is creators are the ones who programmed the game "Pokemon Red"
  • It is unknown whether if Glitchy Red is capable of manifesting himself in the real world.
  • Some has considered that Lost Silver is a familiar of Glitchy Red, however the idea of Glitchy Red being a familiar of Lost Silver is pure fan-made as in reality, the two of them have nothing to do with each other.
    • He is mostly shipped with Lost Silver