I'm fake...
~ Fake Zayden's catchphrase

Zayden Lynn Paul was called "Fake Zayden" because when he used to bully people and called them fake.



Zayden never cared for anything, he was a rude type of child, and usually liked to bully other people. That was until one day when a person that Zayden bullied killed him. Zayden got trapped into a girls phone after his departure and was greeted by her. They began to talk with each other, and the girl said that she could help get him out of there by asking her friend, BEN.

He eventually was set free, only for the girl to get annoyed at him for messing up her work as a catfish. The girl revealed her name to be Cadee and she later asked Slenderman if Zayden could stay with her. He agreed, and both were very excited. Eventually, they even fell in love with each other.


Theme Song

Starset - It Has Begun

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