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"Happy Deathday, motherfucker!"
~ Quote from Executer Acey
"I can still remember the day. The feeling. The way it burned and hurted like my whole body was going to fucking melt and die. It was the most horrible experience. But I also remember that I couldn't even dare to even think about fucking dying. What a whiny bitch I was. It's like I lost my chance. Because all I ever want to do now is die a big death. But now I lost my fucking change. That's fucking shitty, don't you think, Slendy?"
~ Executer Acey talking to Slenderman.
"Am I evil or not? That's a hard-ass question! Let's say I'm...grey, I guess? A grey and broken piece of shit."
~ Quote from Executer Acey

'Executer Acey is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name. They are a coldblooded serial killer who originally came from Berlin, Germany. That is until many mad change of events occured in their life. Read the story about how a bubbly and optimistic person became the serial killer that many fear.


Acey Fisher lived thirteen years of their life in Berlin. Their parents moved there from the united states because their father got promoted in his job. Already in the first seven years of little Acey's life, the couple noticed weird reactions in their child. Acey has a very small temper and can burst out in anger very quickly. It wasn't normal for a person to have these type of reactions, so the parents brought Acey years later to a phychiatrist. Turns out that Acey has an Intermittent explosive disorder (IED). They were finally diagnosed when they turned thirteen. But before the treatment could even start, their father was told to move back to USA. So that's how the Fishers moved back to the father's hometown: Ohio. Acey was a bubbly and colourful person. They were assigned female at birth and it always made them unconfortable. But that didn't stop them to wear whatever they wanted. Their style was colourfull and bold and everyone could recognize them from far away. Nobody made a big deal out of it in Germany but it changed dramatically when their family moved to Ohio.

Already on the first day of school they were picked on for dressing differently than the others. Acey already had a hard time by not saying anything and not reacting. But then the teacher introduced them as German. Then the bullies started to shout things across the room. "Oh, a Nazi is in USA. How perfect." "Wow, how did you not get in the oven by dressing this way?" "She's raising her hand to hail Hitler! Everyone, hide!" "Are you bringing beer to the school? I'm pretty sure that it's forbidden here!" They were teasing and pushing them. They were writing letters and sticking them in their locker telling them to go back to Nazi-land. They were starting rumours about Acey being an undercover agent to enslave USA. Acey's life turned into hell. Mostly because they were doing something that they weren't supposed to: They were pushing the anger in. They didn't let it out. And it was building up in their gut and Acey didn't allow it out. But one day they officially crossed the line telling the kid who's Jewish to come armed so that Acey won't kill him. Acey "exploded" and started punching the bullies and couldn't stop. It was like the anger got in control of Acey's body. And if it wasn't for a teacher who saw all that, one of the bullies would be probably dead. Acey was suspended from school for two weeks. And as they came back, nobody even dared to look at them. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that Acey heard people calling them names like "Angry Acey", "Acey The Furious", "Killer Acey"

"Executer Acey".

Acey has finally made their closest friends. Megan, Beverly, Alex and Louis. They did a lot of things together and they helped Acey to gain popularity. Karate was a popular thing now and Acey's friends insisted to make them learn it. Acey had talent and was a fast learner. Their teacher was impressed by their fighting skills and helped them get to be the best fighter that has ever stepped in his dojo. Three years later, they finally gained their black belt. Acey was excited and wanted to celebrate their sixteenth birthday with all their friends and family. But their mom told them that it is better that they don't invite her mom, Margo. She went to the mental institute many times for tying to murder people and Acey's mom was very afraid of her. But Acey insisted to invite everyone to their birthday. At their birthday, Acey made a speech and came out as non binary. They said that they wanted them to refer to them by they/them pronouns. Everyone accepted it, except for Margo. They were strictly against all that trans stuff and said that it's probably another mental illness. The family got mad at her and fought Margo for being so ignorant and transphobic. The grandma said nothing else and said that she should probably bring the cake. She brought the cake and said that she needed to go do something. She left the house as the fishers and friends started to sing congratulations.

But turns out the "cake" wasn't a cake. It was a barrel covered in frosting and filled up with petrol. As soon as they lightened up the candle, the barrel exploded everything. And Acey thought that they were going to die right there and now. But they woke up in a hospital with normal skin. Not even a bit burned skin. They asked a doctor why they were there and the doctor answered that they were found at the rubble of their house. Acey couldn't believe what the doctor said and started to race out of the hospital. Some of the guards wanted to stop them but Acey successfully knocked them out with their karate skills. The police chased Acey through Ohio. Until Acey stopped in front of their house where their house should be. It was all gone. Acey walked through the rubbles with tears in their eyes. They found a piece of red fabric with pink dots and stars. It was from the dress that their mom wore to their birthday. The only thing that's left from their mother. Acey broke down in tears. The whole scene made them get PTSD. The police came and told them to go back to the hospital. But Acey just shook their head. "It's just a dream, isn't it?" A police officer wanted to tell Acey to come with them but Acey turned around, jumped on top of the man, grabbed his shirt and screamed at this face. "It's just a fucking dream, isn't it?! A fucking nightmare?! Answer me, piece of shit!! Fucking answer me!!!" The other police officer grabbed Acey, handcuffed them and brought them to the police department. But Margo came there and said that Acey is allowed to live with her and that she would take care of her. The police officers agreed and Margo brought Acey to her apartment. But then Acey discovered that Margo only brought them to their house to kill them. And that Margo planned the mass murder of their family and friend because "The way they treated me was unfair! I needed to show them that they need to respect me!" Acey got furious and screamed at their grandma for destroying everything they had. But Margo grabbed a machete and stabbed Acey in the stomach. But then Acey's eyes went completely white and the stab-wound healed immediately. Acey couldn't believe it. Margo couldn't believe it either. Then Acey pushed Margo down and wanted to grab the machete but Margo held tight to it. Acey concentrated on the feeling of wanting the machete to come to them and their eyes went white again. The machete got attracted to their hand and Acey got hold of it. Then they smirked and whispered: "You gave me a birthday present, Margo. Now I'm going to give you a death-day present in return." "Happy deathday, motherfucker."

Acey then stabbed Margo to death. Acey knew that they had to get out of there. They picked out the only clothes that aren't colourful a mask and a beanie and dressed up. Then they went to the bathroom and took a scissors. They noticed that the front of their hair was blonde. That made Acey question where their powers came from but they proceeded to cut their long brown hair as short as a boy's hair. Acey wanted to leave the apartment and escape this whole life. But then they saw them. The two katanas that were hanging at the wall for decoration. It wasn't like decoration to Acey. They spoke to Acey, like they commanded them to take them. Acey took them and felt the extreme urge to kill more people. And they felt their sanity and their happiness leave them. "Executer Acey". They whispered and smirked darkly and they secured the two katanas on their back. "I'm Executer Acey now".


Acey used to be colourful and happy. The brunnete used to only use bright colourful clothes and smiled at anyone who saw them. Their darkbrown hair was long and wavy and their eyes are deepbrown. Acey was a very sweet kid. But now their hair is short and the front of it is blonde. Their brown eyes don't have the happy glow anymore. They wear a black leggins underneath brown shorts, a black hoodie which is covered in their victims blood, a black mask which covers halfway of their face, a gray beanie and navy converse. The two katanas that Acey named Ying and Yang are secured on their back and they pull them out whenever they fight or kill. Knotted on yang's grip was the fabric of their mother.


Like Laughing Jack, Executer Acey was a innocent, sweet, and pure-hearted angelic person. But because of their IED, nobody wanted to get to close to them. But after the events that happened Acey turned cold and dark. They barely smile anymore. They got really suicidal and tried killing themselves many times. But because of their regenerating powers they could never really die. And it made them frustrated and sad. And most of all, alone.

How Executer Acey met Jeff the Killer, BEN drowned and Eyeless Jack

It was a stormy night. Jeff, BEN and Jack were on killing spree and were looking for a victim. They decided to go for the rich man in a mansion. As they entered the mansion, Jeff told BEN and Jack to wait downstairs to see if the victim was asleep or not. "And then you're going to kill him and we miss all the fun". Jack said rolling his eyes. Jeff ignored Jack and listened at the door. No sound. Jeff slowly opened the door and entered the room. Jeff had the strange sensation of being watched but ignored it. He took his knife climbed the bed and wanted to say "Go to sleep..." but he was cut off by the blood that painted the sheets underneath the man. Jeff's eyes widened. The victim was already killed. Suddenly a pair of gloved hands grabbed Jeff by his shoulders and threw him across the room. Jeff saw a strange masked person in front of him. Before Jeff could recognize more the two hands grabbed his neck and choked him. Jeff grabbed him knife and stabbed the person in the stomach. The person flinched and let go but they punched Jeff in the stomach. Jeff wanted to punch back but the person quickly dodged, grabbed Jeff by his shoulders and kicked him to the door, opening it and making Jeff stumble out the room. Jeff could recognize them better in the light. Their face was almost completely hidden with a black mask and a grey beanie. He could only see their eyes. They're wearing a black hoodie and brown knee-long shorts over a black leggings. It was all covered in blood. And Jeff knew that if he didn't move now, his blood will also be on their clothes, because the person grabbed their katanas and did a somersault in his direction. Jeff jumped to the other side. The person was attacking Jeff and Jeff was in the defense. The way that they attacked him was deadly and brutal. Jeff could barely fight in this position. But then Jeff stumbled back and fell. The person was going to stab their two katanas in Jeff's stomach, if it wasn't for BEN to pull the attacker to the ground. "Leave my friend alone!" He screamed with his glitchy voice. The person jumped back up and kicked BEN in the face. "You shouldn't have done that..." BEN mumbled. The person wanted to slice him, but BEN teleported behind them, grabbed the katana and stabbed their back. But the person just laughed turned around and stared at BEN with their white eyes. "What the--" But the person already pulled the katana out their back and punched BEN in the face. BEN teleported and kicked the other katana away from them. Jack ran up the stairs to help BEN but that's when the person hugged Jack from behind and threw themselves backwards from the stairs. They heard a lout 'crack' from the person's back but they stood up normally as if nothing's happened and held Jack tighter. Jack tried catching his breath but the person is holding him very tight. Then the other katana flew down the stairs into the person's hand. The person held the katana at Toby's neck and shouted "Choose the next words wisely, or else blue-boy here will be missing a head!" Suddenly BEN remembered of something Slenderman told them a time ago. "Where do you come from?!" Jeff looked BEN with a surprised face, as if the question was the dumbest thing in the world. "Munroe Falls. Ohio." the person answered. "And where did you get these powers?" BEN asked. "Why do you want to know?" They asked. "Because if you come with us and let Jack live, we maybe have an answer."


  • Executer Acey's powers came from Slenderman himself. They saw Acey almost dying and felt like they have the potential to be one of the best proxies.
  • After their grandmother, Acey killed their bullies.
  • Executer Acey learned how to use the katanas by themselves, making their fighting style unique.
  • Executer Acey became a proxy because they couldn't stand to work and be alone.
  • Executer Acey smokes and drinks a lot. "Because I don't have anything better to do" They said.
  • Everytime Executer Acey uses their powers their eyes go completely white.
  • Slenderman gave Executer Acey their powers by putting a part of himself in them, making Acey stop being identified as Human.
  • Because of Executer Acey being suicidal, they were first mad at Slenderman by giving them "a unreturnable present".
  • The Slenderman part of Executer Acey increased their IED. When Acey gets mad, their don't just get white, but their voice gets deep, raspy and demonic. Acey's anger and powers are the only things that make Acey keep in contact with their Slenderman side.
  • Executer Acey has a true form. They didn't discover it at first but they always had these sudden attacks inside of them. They cough out black goo and they suddenly feel weak. They slowly stop feeling their limbs. Acey always fought these attacks. But then Slenderman explained them that these attacks is their true form speaking to them.
  • The true form from Executer Acey is terrifying. Their eyes, eyebrows and lips look like they've been glued over with some sort of a ghostly material, similar to the skin from Slenderman. Not glued. The material seemed to grow over their lips, eyebows and eyes. The fingertips turn white and pointier. The colour fades on their skin. Their hair get completely white and hard and their sking gets pale. They don't look humanly anymore. They look...undead.

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