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Blood red, waist long hair. Black singlet with the words 'KILLER' in red on it, black tights and combat boots.


Chelsie grew up in a adoptive and abusive family. Having her real family die at a young age. Her Mother died giving birth to her while her Father died in a plane crash. Chelsie always heard voices in her head telling her to kill her 'parents' and one day she snapped. And that was the day she died. She was lying in a bathtub in a one-piece swim suit when Grenada slammed the bathroom door open and dropped her phone, tablet and Ipad into the bathtub and walked out. Chelsie's body was fried but she then woke up in the water. She got straight out of it and looked at her body. It was still in the tub. She looked down to see a glitching body that was hers. She just shrugged her shoulders and walked to her room. She decided to experiment and walked up to the TV and put her hand on it, only for it to go straight through. She stuck her head and then the rest of her body and saw she was in her TV. She head her door open and saw John and Grenada walking in. That's when she snapped. Cords flung out of the TV and wrapped around their necks. "Uh oh, I think we have an error." Was the last thing she said before they dropped dead, becoming her catchphrase. She then climbed out the window and into the forest. Apparently never to be seen again.


  • She ended up being chosened by Slenderman and he let her become a Creepypasta and let her live with him. Rumor goes that she died, others say you could be next. But who knows.
  • Error's weapon is Electronics