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Emma Astra Hatchet, or simply Emma is the protagonist of the story "The Incident of 2010".


Emma’s mother had a specific view of a “happy family” and saw that Emma was showing clear signs of not being happy as she hoped.

A stranger approached Vanessa and introduced himself as Dr. Ray. He told her that he is an aspiring scientist, wanting to make the world perfect, he would be able to “fix” Emma.

Becoming more and more desperate to have her “happy family”, she accepted his offer. Emma was to stay in his lab for the maximum of 5 years for him to study and fix her.

Unbeknownst to her, he experimented with new concoctions and liquid on Emma. By the third year, she was put under the care of Dr. Elliot who was surprisingly more merciful and caring compared to other scientists who have taken care of her.

One day, while following the usual morning tests that may lead to her near death, Elliot had been requested to do another test on a sudden notice. Though they were concerned for Emma’s ability to withstand the test, they begrudgingly went on with the procedure.

While talking to Emma to calm her down during the testing, Elliot pressed the wrong button and suddenly sent in a high amount of concentrated volts and currents into Emma’s body

Emma then woke up two days later, in the same room she died, except the whole place looked to have been caught on a fire. She felt a rush of adrenaline, as if her whole personality had been reset to the beginning.

Walking around the lab, she saw Elliot sitting in front of a certain chamber in horror. She debated going over to them and simply killing them but panicked when she saw them running her way and hid behind a pile of rubble.

They sprinted past her and she let them go, thinking trying to find them herself would be more fun. Emma walked out, happy to finally escape the lab she was forced to stay in.

After enjoying herself for the first time, she bumped into Ray who was rude at first but eagerly looked at Emma upon recognising her dead dual-colored eyes.

Overcome with sudden rage, Emma pounced on Ray and knocked him out. She was about to kill him then and there but decided she should have more fun with it.

Remembering a book Elliot had brought in for her, she dragged Ray into an empty shed nearby. For days she stayed at the top of the shed’s roof, enjoying the sound of the helpless scientist banging on the door, yelling for help. If anyone got too close to the shed, she would simply scare them off, far enough for Ray’s cries to go unheard.

Finally, Ray had stopped, he had no more energy to cry or yell. He was motionless, just the way she like it.

Emma saw how tainted the world outside had been, criminals running left and right. She decided to take matters into her own hands and rid the world of crimes.


As of her death, Emma’s appearance has been desaturated, her short brown hair faded into a dirty blond at the end of her hair. Her skin had already been a pale tone pre-death but it now has visible veins along her body, as well as several bandages and wounds from experiments back when she was alive.

Her eyes still have the usual dull blue and brown eyes but the sclera had turned black as well as her pupils turning into slits, resembling a cat’s eye.

Her outfit consists of an old 2000’s blue dress that has been dirtied and ripped at the ends of the skirt. She wears old dark brown boots and

The strangest part of Emma’s appearance are the cat ears and tail that consists of the same color of her hair. Her arms are usually seen as giant black claws.


Emma is a professionally diagnosed sociopath, she saw there was no reason for her to be faking any emotions. Which was how she got into Dr. Ray’s lab.

Before death, Emma was quiet. She had terribly strong intrusive thoughts which she bottled up ‘till her death. She saw the world as boring and dull.

After waking up in the lab she died in, Emma’s personality did a 180 from her original. She found the intrusive thoughts delightful and happily succumbed to their needs.

Powers and Abilities

Emma is able to do minor shapeshifting, e.g. retracting her claws, unhinging her jaw, making an extra set of teeth, etc. However, this takes an ungodly amount of energy out of her so she prefers to keep to her original form.

Also, despite being a ghost, she is unable to float or phase through solid objects. The only thing that qualifies her as a ghost is the slight transparency her body has when a light is being shined directly towards her and the invisibility by choice.


  • She was created by ray_chrnotfound
  • She was born on January 31st 1994, in 2010, she died on the same day.
    • She appears 16 physically.
  • She stands at 4’10 in height and does not have weigh.
  • She is AroAce.
  • Emma was born in Nottingham, England but moved to Los Angeles when she was 6. She still has a slight British accent in her voice.
  • Emma was originally made to poke fun at the stereotypical catgirl creepypastas.
  • Even if Vanessa had not accepted Ray’s offer, Emma would still be a murderer one way or another.
  • Emma being electrocuted to death was the trigger for the final results from the many experiments she was put through.
  • Emma and Elliot are fated to have a negative relationship with one another, regardless of what path they chose.
  • Emma does not have a catchphrase.
  • The torture method that Emma used on Ray was called Immurement, it is a form of imprisonment, usually until death, in which a person is sealed within an enclosed space with no exits.
  • Emma's middle name is based off the virgin-goddess of justice, Astraea.