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"Don't Worry, this will hurt you more than it does me."
~ Ellison before attacking a victim.

Ellison Wright - also known as Ellison Burns - is the titular protagonist of the Creepypasta story Ellison Burns. Ellison was 7-years-old when she was abducted and died by her kidnapper's hands. Her spirit came back after death as a vengeful one. Allison haunts the house she died in and protects those she sees as good, she has a hard time trusting adults, but prefers to play with the children who live in the house she died in.


On a summer's day, Ellison visited a park in the company of her mother and a neighbor. They invited the boss of the neighbor to come to the park with them. When they arrived, the old boss of the neighbor saw the little girl and thought of kidnapping her for Project Youth, the girl's mother and neighbor didn't know he was part of something evil, so they allowed him to watch her, while they sat at the picnic table. During this time, the neighbor's boss called one of his Project Youth goons so that he could help him kidnap the girl.

Afterwards, they ate lunch, and, after the girl finished eating, she needed to use the restroom, but he jumped in and offered to take her to the restroom, since he also had to use it. This was a lie told so that the girl would be alone with him. While the girl was in the restroom, the man's friend appeared. After leaving the bathroom, the girl was kidnapped and used in an experiment.

Over the following months, she tried repeatedly to escape, vowing to protect the other kids who were also subjected to these experiments. She now haunts the house that was used for experiments and kills those who she considers abusive.


Ellison has a very pale complexion, and has a thin and petite frame. Burns cover her legs, arms, and face. She has no pupils in her eyes and long black hair, and wears a torn and burned red suspender skirt with a white shirt and red bow headband. Her eyes were blue before she died.


Ellison was a very sociable girl before she became a killer, she enjoyed spending time outside and helping others, she always smiled and enjoyed playing with dolls and going to the park. Following her death and becoming a killer, she started to resent those who lived in the area where she died. She stalks the people who live in her house and watches them, in order to see how they treat others or react toward her. They will be killed by her if they see her as a monster, scream at her, and flee instead of treating her with respect and being nice to her, even though she might appear terrifying to them. Her being screamed at and called a monster makes her feel like they are disgusted by her and dislike her appearance. She only desires to be loved, no matter what she looks like. When people abuse animals, the elderly, adults or children in her house that she died in, she kills the people who abuse all living things, protecting the people or animals being abused.

Powers and Abilities

Her telekinesis ability allows her to pick up things and throw them at people. She also uses this power to pick up children's toys and play with them. She can also teleport from room to room and with her levitation, she can float through things, like doors and walls. Although she can walk, she prefers floating to walking; she cannot leave the house, but can go outside if she stays where the house is; if she were to leave the house or even try to leave, her spirit would be pushed back into it. She can also break mirrors with her power and slam doors on people, but the doors don't lock when she does that, they're only locked by her power, so the people she traps can easily escape, so she only tries to catch people in the basement, where she died, so she lures them there. Then, she uses broken pieces of a mirror to try to stab the person that she hunts and sees as bad.

Notable Quotes

  • "Come out where you are, I know you're hiding, I'm going to punish you..." She says to her victims when they run away from her, and she has to go looking for them.
  • "I Found You," she says when she finds them.
  • Then, when she walks slowly up to them, preparing to kill them, she would say: "Don't worry, this will hurt you more than it does me..."


  • Ellsion can be stopped for a short time if she sees her reflection in a mirror, she hates that, because her burns remind her of what happened to her, and she hates to be reminded of her past, so if someone were to do that to her, she would shatter the mirror and begin crying in a panic.
  • She cannot leave the house, so if someone were to run into the woods and escape from her, she would be unable to follow them, so she would disappear into the house again.
  • A sound can distract her, so if someone were to throw something in another room, she would go after that sound.
  • She dislikes fire because it reminds her of burning alive, so if anyone were to use fire against her, she would move away from them, she would also stop responding and would not attack. If fire were used against her, she would simply run away. Likewise, she will try to hide any lighters or tools for making fire before someone tries to use fire against her, but would be unable to do so if the tools are in plain sight or if she sees the person living in her house carrying the tools.
  • If someone were to hide the tools used to make a fire without her noticing, which can be accomplished by distracting her, so that she will leave the room, and then they will hide the tools, or if they bring the tools into the house with them hidden or covered, she would be forced to find them and hide the tools from the person who wishes to use it against her.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Playing outside Abusive and bad people
Children's toys and dolls Fire
Coloring Mirrors
Playing Hide & Seek Victims getting away
Animals Being called a "Monster"


  • Even if her eyes are white, she can still see.
  • Her past is something she wants to forget.
  • In her home, she would play with the children and the animals that people had with them.
  • Ellison is 7-years-old.
  • In her house, which she died in, she allowed only those who were kind to others to live there.
  • Whenever she punishes bad people, she throws things at them, telling them it's time for their punishment.
  • She breaks mirrors, because she does not like how she looks and remembers how she died and what happened to her.
  • Ellison Burns was created By Mystic Majora.

Theme Song

Hide and Seek (Vocaloid)