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Strength: 6/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Speed: 5/10

Endurance: 2/10

Insanity Level: 4/10


  • Depression
  • Locked-In Syndrome
  • Survivor's Guilt


O Yun was someone you would call a thrill-seeker. She loved having fun all the time and strongly believed that life was to be lived to the fullest. Her best friend, Bong-Cha, was the total opposite. The two would often playfully bicker about their different views and attitudes. Despite this, the two had been through thick and thin together and stayed loyal to each other.

Despite O Yun's fun-loving attitude, she still managed to get good grades, mostly due to her begging Bong-Cha for help. At sixteen, she was working a part-time job at a local convenience store as a clerk. Life was good.

One night, one of O Yun's invited her to a wild party during her shift. Wanting to go, O Yun called Bong-Cha up and pleaded with her to fill in for her. Initially annoyed, Bong-Cha agreed. Managing to convince the manager to allow Bong-Cha to fill in, O Yun went off to the party. However, a robbery happened in the convenience store and Bong-Cha was killed.

O Yun was devastated. Her best friend had died because she just had to go to that party. Believing she was the cause of Bong-Cha's death, O Yun locked herself in her room and refused to come out. He parents decided to give her space to grieve, but after she was called for dinner and didn't come out, they tried to coax her out.

On the day of Bong-Cha's funeral, her parents tried to use that as bait for O Yun to come out. However, no sound was heard from her room. It was so silent her parents believed that she had committed suicide. Her father, afraid of the thought of losing his daughter, started to try break the door down. When he succeeded, both parents found O Yun sitting in her bed. She slowly raised her head to look at them, and in a low voice, cried for help.

O Yun's parents couldn't understand what was happening to her. Initially thinking that she was talking about her mental state after Bong-Cha's death, they tried to comfort her about it until O Yun started to cry. "I....can't.....move....." She whispered as more tears streamed down her face.

Jamgyeo's parents thought she was playing at first, but when her father tried to take her hand to lift her out of bed, he found that her arm was indeed stiff. Worried, her mother lay Jamgyeo down on the bed and tried lifting her legs. They were stiff as well. Jamgyeo's parents started to panic and called a doctor. The doctor came and after a week of examination, diagnosed her with Locked-In Syndrome. Within the week, Jamgyeo lost her ability to speak and was unable to communicate with her parents. She didn't do much anymore, she just ate and slept.

One night, while she was sleeping, a mysterious man appeared in her dreams. Yun initially dismissed him as a dream, but the man starts to probe details about Yun's personal life that no one else knew about, such as Yun's secrets. In the dream, O Yun suddenly regained her ability to move around and talk and found Bong-Cha standing in front of her. She ran up to hug her dear friend and beg for forgiveness for what she had done, but the moment she made contact with Bong-Cha, she disappeared. The man approached Yun and promised her that she could regain her ability to move and see Bong-Cha again if she sacrificed enough souls to him. Yun agreed, and the man snapped his fingers.

O Yun awoke in bed, but could surprisingly move her limbs again. She realised that she was still in a dream when the man walked up to her. The man explained that he had managed to turn O Yun into a dream demon of sorts. O Yun may be stiff and still in the real world, but she is completely mobile in the dream world. Her new name is 'E Jamgyeo', and she now haunts the dream realm, sacrificing innocents for a promise that was too good to be true.



  • Her claws

Method Of Attack:

  • Killing victims in their sleep


E Jamgyeo was a very open and fun-loving girl before she got locked-in syndrome and depression after losing her friend. She was very smart and loved friends and always welcomed people with open arms. She was a very hospitable girl but that was soon taken from her.

Theme Song:

I Lost A Friend - FINNEAS

Notable Quotes

  • "Alright, see you tomorrow!" -Yun's last words to Bong-Cha
    • "엄청난! 내일 봐요!" In Korean
  • "Really?" E Jamgyeo questioning The Man
    • "진짜?" In Korean


  • She is asexual-aromantic
  • Her name E Jamgyeo means 'Locked In' in Korean
  • E Jamgyeo is a collaboration between LavenderLowd and I'llBeYourFriend
  • She can still blink, but cannot breathe. That is an effect of Locked In Syndrome, She has made it to 17 by using a ventilator
  • E Jamgyeo may die when she turns 22
    • This could be due to the man planning her death
  • The man, also known as The Deity, could be the same person who tricked Rena Laurent into indirectly causing a massacre by unleashing evil spirits who were trapped in a violin
  • She does not want to move and cannot move in real life
  • A little inspired from Freddy Krueger