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As a child with a normal household, Evie made friends easily, and would not hurt people no matter what. But when she got older, she started to stop becoming friends with people, and her friend no longer talked to her, this may have been because of a strong spiritual sense that she had, which let her talk to the spirits of her dead relatives. When she became 15, she ran away from home, in her sleep, Evie wasn’t aware what was happening, she was asleep after all. The thing controlling her ran 100 miles to a ‘hospital’ it was really just a building were cruel place for test subjects. The ‘thing’ that took Evie to the ‘hospital’ became known to Evie as ‘178’. When she arrived at the ‘hospital’ she felt an evil, dark aura. Black as night. The place had one doctor, a man in his late 20’s, 27 or 28. The doctor became known to Evelyn as ‘master’. She was the ‘one they needed’. She tried to become friends with her dark presence, 178. But, no hope came to that. ‘Master’ treated her cruelly, through physical, mental and verbal abuse. She eventually became just letters and words, E.C. 178. They broke her, only to the point where she could barely connect to the supernatural. She only saw the aura in people, they became faceless, monsters. Evelyn only could see the horribleness in people. She still hated evil, so she would start killing, with whatever was around her, she would even use her bare hands. The cute, sweet girl before her was gone, erased. Replaced with a being who would only kill. Then, 178 would tell her to eat the body.


Date of Birth: August 13 2003 (Leo)

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 97 lbs

Chest: 31 in

Ginger, shoulder-length hair.

Hazel Eyes

A baggy, grey T-shirt

Denim shorts that go 6” above her knee

Black combat boots


As Evelyn she had a bight and kind personality. Therefore, she made friends easily. When she got abused by her 'master' she became shy, and only spoke to spirits and herself. After she broke, she became nothing, only a aura-reading killing machine.


Since she was trained, she knew very well how to use weapons. Though, she normally prefers a gun, she would use anything to kill he victims. As being raised in a good household, she has a good intelligence. Ever since she was little, she had a spiritual sense, which allowed her to talk to the dead/read auras.

Theme Song

Savages - Marina and the Diamonds