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Dustor (Dust for short) is an entity contacted using the "Rise From Dust" ritual. He posseses the ability to transport people to a pocket dimension, where he will kill all but one of them, and answer 6 questions for the one person who he spared.


He appears as a 13-16 year old caucasian male with a dark shade of blonde hair and blue eyes, although when he is feeling intense emotion, his eyes will turn completely black. He wears a gray and black zip-up hoodie, a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, dark gray shoes, a red scarf, a light gray face mask that covers his mouth and nose, and black gloves. Sometimes he will have his hood up, while other times he won't.



He can teleport anywhere in his pocket realm, and can transport people to his pocket dimension if they follow the ritual guidelines. He has speed, strength, stamina and intellect that bypass that of a human. He uses a knife which he calls Dustblade, which can turn it's victioms to dust in seconds. When there is only one participant left in his pocket dimension, he will let them ask 6 questions, all of which he will answer honestly and clearly. He can summon creatures that will distract the participants and give away their location due to Dust being able to tell where the creatures are and when they have detected someone. While in his realm, he is invincible, but he is unable to access any victims beside anybody who participates in the ritual to access his realm. He wishes to be free so that he can wreak havoc upon the world, although if he were to leave his world, he would lose his invincibility, and instead of being impossible to kill, he would just be hard to kill.


He is summoned using the "Rise From Dust" ritual, which works as follows:

  1. The ritual will require a candle, 4 chairs, 3 wine glasses filled with a powder- or dust-like material (flour, sand, powdered sugar, etc.), one empty wine glass, and 4 people.
  2. Within the duration of 10 PM to 10:59, put the chairs in a square 6 feet (2 meters) apart, with the lit candle in the center, and the 4 wine glasses 1 foot (about .333 metres) away from the candle.
  3. At 11 PM, all 4 members must sit in a chair and recite the following statement: "From dust you rise, to dust you fall, Between the worlds there is a wall. With this quote we'll form a door, but three of us shall live no more. From dust you rise, to dust we fall." after this, they can get up and wait for 11:50.
  4. Before 11:50 M, the four participants must sit int the chair they sat down in for the incantation, when 11:50 arrives, you must stay touching the chair, if you break contact, you will turn to dust.
  5. At 12:00 AM, all remaining participants will fall asleep, and while their bodies will turn to dust, this is temporary, as they are being transported to Dust's pocket realm. Where they will find themselves in a dark maze, illuminated by torches with purple fire, each person will have a pocket watch and one weapon each to defend themselves from the monsters within the maze. The creatures are mere annoyances, but Dust can tell where they are, and can tell if they have spotted a victim participant.
  6. The participants must then attempt to survive until 6:00 AM, where they will be suddenly transported to a white room, with two chairs, a table, and the participant's favourite beverage. They will then ask Dust 6 questions, one for every hour they survived. They can ask him about anything, even events that have yet to happen. Once they have asked 6 questions, they will awaken in the room they started in, with 3 empty chairs, and 3 piles of dust.


  • This creepypasta was ZenMaster007 (Renamed to Found Soul)'s first creation on this site.
  • Just like Eyeless Jack , Dust does not have a canon origin story.
  • He might try to waste people's questions by stating things that could cause people to question his abilities or actions. His statements are often along the lines of: "You don't know a single percent of what I can do", or even: "Knock knock", to which they might reply: "Who's there?" "Ijus" "Ijus who?" "Ijus wasted two of your questions!"