David McKenzie is a researcher who likes to study fictional monsters and serial killer. His creator was the same person who created Xandy.

About him:

Mr. McKenzie, aka Dave Sleepless, is an 18-year-old senior high school student who failed to go to college. And now here he is, in his room designed like a laboratory. Not only he studies monsters, killers, or demonic beings he also studies Creepypasta and SCPs.

What makes him a Creepypasta?

Dave Sleepless is not a killer who appears in the woods or outside your house or in your dreams, he's important because he's actually the person who CREATED the Creepypasta files, after watching YouTube about Jeff the Killer, Slender man, or other Creepypastas.


Dave Sleepless has dark brown hair, black eyelids from not sleeping for the longest hour, an opened lab coat, blue t-shirt, black glasses, khaki pants, and black slippers. His skin is not too pale.


  • David DOES sleep but only for 4 hours a day.
  • He met a girl, named Morgan, who trespassed his bedroom.
  • Has been hospitalized once and had nightmares about Smile Dog.
  • Parents still alive
  • Doesn't like wasting time eating food (He has to, well, when he's hungry)
  • He lives in Pasta Street, Creepy Avenue. (This location is fake BTW)

About Morgan:

Morgan was the main protagonist of this story, not his girlfriend or his friend or his classmate, but a new neighbor. She wanted to meet her neighbor and accidentally trespass Dave's room when his mother told her not to. She met Dave as a friendly guy and that's where she started nicknaming him Davy. Dr. Sleepless explained to Morgan what he's been doing in his room alone. Morgan then came home unharmed.


Q1: What was the question he want to answer?

A: We all have something to be afraid of. However only some people already knew it’s fake or not gonna happen in real life. He studies creepy things because he wants to answer this one question: Why are we afraid?