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Dr.Halloween Creepy Pasta File


Alias: Dr.Halloween

Occupation: Demonic Entity

Age: Unknown

Origin: Dr.Halloween's origin is mostly a mystery all we know is that he was a being created by the God like entity known as the hand .before the existence of time and space his purpose is to embody the true spirit of Halloween which is FEAR.

Personality: Dr.Halloweens personality is charismatic cunning ambitious and psychotic he is always smiling and laughing at other's pain and is often very cocky and condescending. He looks down on mortal's such as humans and believe's he's above life and DEATH when calm he is wise and cunning often unpredictable and extremely intellectual when ANGRY he is crazy psychotic cruel and evil he will often become reckless when MAD.

Appearance: Dr.Halloween of wears a black trench coat or hoodie socked in dirt and blood with tears and stitches

usually wear's a pale yellow turtle neck under his trench coat or hoodie wear's black jean's or dress pant's usually torn and stitched up he will wear muddy dress shoe's or sneaker's. Long curved sickle claw's pale blue grayish skin smooth and slimy empty pumpkin carved eye socket's and an empty pumpkin carved smile. Emanating an eerie orange light usually wears a pumpkin mask or his occasional gas mask stands over 7 feet 5 inches tall.

Method of KILLING: Dr.Halloween's method of KILLING is extremely crazy and gory he has a unique way of killing his victim's first he will stalk his victim lure them in with his charming personality put them in an illusion. As a result causing victim's mind to GLITCH OUT causing rapid limb separation and non limb separation in the victims head. When in a moment of limb separation he put's them back in reality causing an instant DEATH.The other way in which he kill's is by trapping the victim in an endless illusion of DEATH, rebirth ,trauma and torture causing the victim to commit SUICIDE. 

this was made by Dr. H W

credit for the image goes to AGhostface