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Close your eyes, you won't feel a thing.
~ Doll Face


Real Name: Sora Reinhart

Alias: Doll Face

Meaning of name: A person having a face with a smooth prettiness and childish expression suggestive of a doll.

Nickname(s): Doll Face, Dolly (Laughing Virus)

Age: 10

Birthday: April 9, 2011

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Languages: English and Spanish

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Alliance: Elijah/ Laughing Virus


Weapon: Knife & Sewing kit

Method of killing: Cutting his victims, sewing different parts together like a doll

Goal: Kill Abusive Families


[C] Phrase: "Close your eyes, you won't feel a thing"

Theme Song: La La La By Naughty Boy & Sam Smith

Hobbies: Knife Making, Drawing w/ Elijah

Special Item(s): Glasses, Pocket watch

Likes: Sewing, Throwing Knives

Dislikes: Knives breaking, Abusive families, Drawings being ruined

Fear(s): His family finding out that he's gay

Personality: Childish, Nosy, Kind (To abused children), Mean (To abusive families)


Doll Face, also known as Sora Reinhart, came from a broken family. His father was a gambler who would abuse his mother. His mother was going through a tough depression and his older siding, Ray, blamed him for everything that happened in their life. Before Sora was born, the family was happy. His father had a job that gave them enough money for two adults and a spoiled teen. 9 months later, when Sora was born, he was not only new to the family but also to his uncle, who was known as a criminal mostly from abuse (That runs through the family of his father). Dolly was about to turn 9 when his uncle Alex started to do what he'd always did ... this abuse went on for more then 3 years. His father found it out 2 years in, but didn't report it to the police nor his wife. Sora couldn't take it any more; Elijah, his childhood friend, knew everything both his father and his uncle have done to him. At 12 AM, Sora had enough; he grabbed a knife and his mother's sewing kit, first he went to his uncle's room and cut his Uncle, sewing random parts together. When he was finished he looked down and smiled. Dolly slowly walked into his father's room since him and his mother don't sleep in the same room; he did the same thing like he did to his uncle. His mother was screaming after seeing both her husband and father-in-law all broken looking. Ray had suspicion that it was his younger brother because he was awake all night; his mother looked in Sora's room and saw her sewing kit.


Orientation: Gay

Relationship/Partner: Elijah

Family: Nico his father, Amy his mother, Ray his brother, Alex his uncle

Allies/Friends: Elijah (Laughing Virus)

Rivals/Enemies: Alex, Nico


Hair: Dark brown with tips dyed gold

Eyes: Blue

Height: 4'11

Weight: Unknown (Since he's undead)

Body type: Tone

Outfit: bloody Blue and Pink dress shirt, black pants, black shoes

Accessories: His glasses, His Pocket watch

Distinguishing Features: His father's blue eyes and one white eye (blind)


Disorder(s): Depression

Abilities/Strengths: Skills in using a sewing kit

Weaknesses/Faults: He mistakes non-abusive parents with abusive parents


Intelligence: 10

Strength: 10

Speed: 9

Agility: 7

Endurance: 8

Stamina: 9

Balance: 10

Tolerance: 7

Notable Quotes

"Mama, why are you screaming?" - When his mother found her husband and Father in law sewed up w/ a smile on his face

"Next time, don't abuse. Nor mess with me..." - Him talking to his 'broken' Uncle


  • Dolly had a crush on his friend, Laughing Virus, but he didn't tell him. A week ago, he confessed.
  • Dolly later found out that his older brother committed suicide four years later.
  • Dolly died from a car crash after running away from the police.
  • His mother later finds every thing out, finding dry bloody towels in Dolly's room, after always seeing a spots all over his body that was an off tone.
  • His Creator is Katsukiisntabottom.

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