Demora Foosh, her family had always been poor, she had started off albino which caused her to be a target. Follow her story through Abandonment, schizophrenia, and revenge.


Demora has long pure white hair with two black streaks. Her eyes are a light turquoise, she has pale ivory skin. She is often seen to be wearing a light pink faded mask with one eye hole for her right eye, for her left eye on the mask consists of a small circle with three animated like eyelashes and small blush marks underneath, part of the mask broke around her nose. Finally represented as the mouth is a long spaced out side ways 3. Her clothes consist of a old salmon colored jumper, a black undershirt, and worn brown rain boots with rubber on the bottoms.


Demora without a mask.


Demora is very quite, she doesn't like to talk often and could be described as mute. She usually uses her ability to talk through electronics when she touches them, or writes what she wants to say down. She is a calm person who can get easily embarrassed, she often doesn't jump to conclusions and just ignores what anyone says. But on the inside she is planning revenge in the most devious way possible. If you were to ever come into contact with her, she would most likely spare you.


Demora was born as an albino, and was often picked on because of her strange hair color compared to the rest of the kids. Her mother was always nice to her, even though they were extremely poor and their house was considered an eye sore to the town.

Demora's mother, Cassandra had split ways with her husband when Demora was born, because of financial issues. Cassandra would often yell at the home phone when talking to Bryson. Demora would just read books and wait it out. Cassandra would often go a few days without eating, only wanting Demora to be alright.

Later, Demora came home from school, Cassandra was gone. Voices rang in her mind, and she clawed at her ears to make them stop. Once she was brought back to reality, Demora started trying to treat her injuries, by cleaning the scratch marks with rubbing alcohol.

During that the people who lived in the small town decided to get rid of the house, because they thought both Demora and Cassandra left. So they set the house ablaze, and Demora's face was burnt badly. All the other scars are barely visible.

Demora decided she would get revenge on her family for leaving her behind. But she was afraid of being alone, so she started kidnapping people for around a month each, to keep her company.

Around two years later, Demora located her mother and father's apartment, and snuck in during the night, first killing her baby brother that had recently been born, named after her. Then killing her mother and father. Thats how she became known.

She is still hunting down the rest of her family and relatives that refused to help her.


  • She usually doesn't get involved when other people fight but if it goes too far, she will step in.
  • Her preferred time to kill is around 3-4 am earning her the nickname 'Demon' from her victims.
  • She has many distant relatives that had never helped her or her family out so she will make sure to end their lives as part of her goal.
  • Her favorite foods are usually the sweetest thing you can find on the menu.
  • She dislikes how her own face looks so she hides it behind the mask.
  • She dislikes how her voice sounds so she speaks through Domonic's baby moniter.
  • Her current age would be somewhere around 19-22
  • She works on her physical strength 1-2 hours every other day.
  • Her most common weapon is a knife, although she will use anything she can get her hands on.
  • If she were to be in the same universe as Slenderman, she would follow Slenderman around due to the Slender sickness, covering up the voices in her mind from schizophrenia.
  • Demora's artist and creator is KurushimiAkuma.
  • Her theme song is; Had Enough -- Breaking Benjamin |