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Oh God! What happened?!
~ Lily's famous catchphrase.

Delusional Lily, or Lilith Mcbeth, is the main character of the story Delusional Lily: Mindless Memories. (Her creator recently announced that they will be making a visual novel game sometime in the future.) Lilith has been a victim of abuse since the age of seven; ever since her mother accused her of stealing the attention of her church crush. Though, when the church crush came over to have his way with Lilith, something happened to the young girl. Lilith has no memories of what happened to her; this continues with each occurrence. It wasn't until the trance-like state didn't happen when Lilith did something tostop the abuse.


Lilith McBeth lived with her mother and was an only child. Her and her mother were very close when she was young. When she was around seven years old, they started to go to church and that's when Lilith's mother met a man. A man who's eyes and hands lingered a little too long.

Lilith was 8 when her mother suddenly accused her daughter of being attracted to the male, which caused Lilith to cry and tell her mother otherwise. Her mother ignored her cries and brought the man home anyway.

As the man was beginning to touch Lilith, something happened. A trance-like state washed over her and Lilith had no reactions during the molestation nor the memories of it.

It wasn't long until the occurrences involved more men. Lilith had no idea what happened, but she could guess by the scenes she would 'wake up' to This continued until Lilith was almost 18 years old. The abuse Lilith had endured from her Mother continued to get more aggressive as the years went on. Lilith's mother had stated that no one would want Lilith after being used and guys aren't attracted to 'old age', noting she can't make money off of the girl anymore if she became 18.

It was that day when a man came over. Lilith waited for her trance state to start, but it never happened. This caused a great sense of panic in Lilith which caused her to fight against the man. She kicked the man away from her which made her mom lunge forward to try and stop her frantic behavior. This is how Lilith lost her eye. After realizing she caused a scene, Lilith ran away.

Lilith came back though, and it is unknown to her how she got there or how her mother was stabbed to death. Once again, Lilith ran away from the scene


Lilith is a rather shy and timid girl, keeping to herself and never talking unless spoken too. She seems to be constantly anxious and always upset, as if her presence bothers the people around her. She tries her best to keep out of the way. If people do acknowledge her existence, she tries her best to be polite and kind to them. She has an underlying fear of someone suddenly snapping at her and attacking her.

It's rather uncommon for a Creepypasta to dislike violence, but Lilith is one of the many few. She despises harming others for any reason whatsoever. That's why she tends to stick with the 'flight' response instead of fight. Despite her dislikes towards violence and killing, she still does it. Against her will, that is. In this trance-like state, Lilith is emotionless and numb. She doesn't react to much going on around her and when she does, it's aggressive. During this state, she's controlled by an outer source that makes her do these things. She's always confused and panicked when she 'wakes up' to a murder she unknowingly committed.


Lilith is a fairly short young adult, standing at 4'11 ft or 150cm with a pear shaped body. Her hips being quite larger than her upper half. Despite this, she is at a healthy weight and not overly skinny. All features on Lilith are rounded; round eyes, round nose, round cheeks, etc.

She has rather pale skin that has a natural dark/muted tone to it, showing both her prominent nationalities: Caucasian and Mexican. Her skin is usually littered with healed scars, bruises, and moles/beauty marks. The most notable beauty marks are the two on her face: one on her forehead above her eyebrow and one below her lips, both on the left side.

Both of Lilith's eyes are round and downturned with thick lashes, the right one missing from the socket completely while the left is a honey gold color. Her brown hair is very long (ending at her rear) and curly, some could call it untamable. It is mostly seen down in a curly mess behind her back. Her bangs hang over her face, similar to Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but completely covers the right eye. She has a single ahoge strand that forms a heart shape on the top of her bangs.

Lilith has no piercings or body modifications.

Clothing wise, Lilith is always seen wearing a dress or skirt. She is commonly seen in a white short sleeved collared shirt buttoned all the way up, around her neck a black ribbon tie. On top of her shirt is a grey, open cardigan/sweater. Underneath her shirt is a black skirt that ends mid thigh. Lilith also wears striped, black and white, knee high socks with black bows on the back near the top. She wears black mary janes to finish off the outfit. Though, Lilith can be seen in a plethora of white angelic-like dresses. This also fits her aesthetic.


  • Whenever Lilith goes under her trance-like state, she is under the Operators influence. She is completely unaware that it's happening.
  • In Lilith's story it is hinted that the Operator is controlling her, but never confirmed. Soon to be confirmed in her upcoming video game, Dispatched Delusions.
  • Lilith's Creepypasta name comes from the scene of her and her mom fighting. Her mom trying to get her off while screaming "Get off of me, you delusional bitch!".
  • Lilith's missing eye was actually an accident!
  • Lilith's eye socket doesn't hurt, but its constantly bleeding because her hair bothers the inside of it. shes too embarrassed to actually move her hair or cover it- so she kinda just messily cleans up the blood
  • Lilith loves children and another trigger of hers is probably when people hurt children. Along with men with dark hair.
  • Lilith and Genocidal Vicky have actually met and keep in contact. Lilith was checking into a hotel when Vicky killed the person at the front desk because he "wouldn't give her a free room". The horror scene caused Lilith to panic and ask Vicky if she was the next victim. Vicky then looked the girl up and down and said she was too cute to kill.
  • Lilith has only worn pants a few times in her life. She is only seen wearing skirts or dresses. If she does wear something different, it's usually shorts and comfortable ones at that.
  • Lilith knows how to speak Spanish, but has never done any of the traditions. Her mother never really celebrated them. Maria stopped doing them because of her own grudge against her own mother.
  • Lilith had lived in a library at one point. The old woman who ran it took care of Lilith until she died, meaning Lilith had to find a new home. Though because of this Lilith read a lot of cook books that she remembers the recipes for.
  • Maria, Lilith's mother, suffers from abandonment issues, which is a big factor in why she became so hostile towards Lilith trying to take someone away from her.
  • Lilith got her fathers last name because Maria assumed she would marry Jon.
  • Lilith's first and last name were recycled from an older OC named Lilith McBeth.
  • Lilith's original/beta design was loosely based off of her creators own lolita dress. Now she has more modern style clothing that isn't too hard to draw.
  • In fanon lore, Lilith and Tim Wright/Masky have a romantic relationship."

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