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Annabella Dawn Gorgin, or better known as Annabella or by her nickname, Dawn is currently a government assassin and is trying to stop the Dark Three from murdering after her family was murdered. She is the sole survivor of the attack.


Casual Appearence.

Dawn appears to be a young woman in her twenties. Her skin is paler than average American skin, has pale indigo eyes, has long, blonde, straight hair. She wears a mint green sweater, an striped green (the stripes being green, that is), has a ruffled skirt with high knee socks with dark blue boots. She has older scar marks on her body that is covered up by her casual outfit.

Albino Disguise

Because of her already pale skin, it gives her an opportunity to disguise as “Ali, the Albino”. She casually wears a lose sun dress with flip-flops. She uses color contacts to make her eyes a more baby blue and usually carries an umbrella with her.

To complete the outfit, she has a pale white wig to help make her more like an albino. Please note that her scar marks are visible because her sun dress has spaghetti straps and she wears a translucent shirt.

College Professor Disguise

Although her most appearance changes while in this disguise, three things are consistent; She has a long brown wig, a pair of fake glasses, and has eye contacts that make her eyes brown.


It was a normal day. Like any other day, Dawn, her three older brothers, their mother and father would go into their dining room. That was until disaster struck. They were here. Dawn bolted upwards from her chair and saw a teenage girl charging at her with a shiny metal bat stained with blood. She ducked and she and her family rushed to the front to outside into the woods due to panic. Trees, sticks and rocks cutting them and weakening them.

The trio ran after them. It was a couple of minutes until Dawn came running from the forest with scratches and bruises all over her body excluding her face. She called her parents’ and siblings’ names. A couple of minutes passed. Then a couple more minutes. She called a couple more times. Then, it struck to her that they were dead when she heard screaming and it stopped.

Silence, Dawn with tears in her eyes finding out she was the sole survivor. She swept her tears from her eyes, went to the police department and told them about the attack and the trio. “We have had two other reports about people going missing from the attacks” the police responded. Dawn, now even more upset than ever after finding out other innocent people were getting murdered. Dawn, deciding to toughen up to one day, stop the trio from murdering.

Skip around 13 years later

Dawn, now currently 24 years old, is a government assassin and is currently searching for the dark trio who murdered her family around 13 years ago.


Dawn is a brave and courageous woman. She has set her goal to stop Dark Three until they are arrested or somehow killed. She also loves doing art activities and has since improved ever since her mother taught her about painting, sculpting, etc. any art activities.

She also is very fond of gymnastics and is highly skilled in it. She highly prefers using her voice acting and art skills to successfully defeat her targets. She also is afraid of losing any more loved ones, so she currently has no friends or is in a relationship with anyone.

Powers/Skills and Weaknesses


  • Artistic Skills
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Skilled Voice-Acting
  • Intellegince
  • Slightly above average speed
  • Flexibility


  • Pale skin makes her more vulnerable to sun burns and skin cancer
  • Is allergic to wheat and pollen
  • Can be over confident with her skills
  • Is very light, so she can be picked up easily*

*Flexibility is one of her strengths that backs up her being light


  • Her fixer/creator is EmberGirl240
  • Her original creator was JeffyMine
  • Her preferred weapon of choice are two katanas. These especially are better for her since she is more on the speedy and flexible side rather the slow and strong side.
  • She is straight and greyromantic
  • Her favorite food is any type of salad
  • She is a vegetarian
  • She isn’t the biggest fan of murder, but willingly will murder any bad man or woman.


A Sketch of Dawn. Created by her creator; EmberGirl240. Please note that her style has changed since she’s last drawn Dawn.