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This page may contain material that is disturbing or graphic which might be sensitive to some readers. Continue at your own discretion.

NOTICE:This character is based upon the old legend of Davy Jones' locker

Justify yourself, if you’re convincing I can give you a place here, if not, welcome to my locker.
~ Davy Jones.

Bartholomew David Jonas later known as Davy Jones was a legendary supernatural being destined to forever realm in the oceans for all eternity and act as an inquisitor for those who either died at sea, or drowned in general thanks to external sources, originally an intellectual and sensitive young man, he completely lost his mind thanks to repeated traumas and the death and curse inflicted upon him, leaving him as a desperate and vengeful husk of his former self.

He was created/adapted by Cherry Dorito.


Age- 19 (human/physically) 53 (chronologically)

D.O.B- February 27th 1966

D.O.D- July 14th 1985 (Initially) November 22nd 2019 (final)

Nationality- Scottish/Scandinavian

Diseases/Conditions/Disabilities/Illnesses- Asthma, Psychotic Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (In life only)

Sexuality- Heterosexual

Identity- Cisgender Male- He/Him

Affiliations/Associates- Clarissa Odenkirk (fiancee), Lost Souls (Soldiers)

Story Appearances- 3


Bartholomew Jonas was an attractive, fair skinned young man with thick brown hair that had floppy bangs at the front but was tightly combed everywhere else, he had brown eyes and had a preppy and somewhat formal fashion sense, usually wearing turtlenecks sweatshirts, chinos and Chelsea boots. He had a large wardrobe for outdoor garments as well mostly with leather jackets and blazers.

Davy Jones on the other hand resembled a walking corpse more than anything else and appearance wise took on the form of a very warped and distorted version of his human self, having extremely pale skin which was withered and cracked in some places and discoloured lips, his eyes also appeared far more glassy in the afterlife. Clothing wise he wore the last clothes he wore as a human, a mostly unbuttoned white shirt stained with blood around the chest, now mostly torn blue suit trousers and most notably a long charcoal greenish greatcoat which flowed around him. Interesting things to note about Jones’ appearance was how he still had several prominent bullet holes adorning his chest from when he died, his feet had been replaced instead with jagged rock and crystal like substances with tentacles wrapping themselves around them and his hands had changed drastically with one hand being practically skeletal while the other was made of shells. Blue smoke would also be created in his path wherever he walked.

In some cases Jones wouldn’t resemble either of these forms and instead would take on looks akin to whatever the subject presented before him feared most, or whatever would be appropriate for the given situation. Some of these forms included a giant plesiosaur type monster, a demonic entity, the grim reaper or a giant leviathan or cephalopod style creature.


Bartholomew Jonas was a kind hearted and decent young man, albeit quite a snarky, stubborn and witty one. He was a rather solitary person, preferring little company although wasn’t antisocial by any means, in fact he was perfectly charming and quite a sociable and friendly person should the situation call for it. He was completely devoted to and in love with his childhood friend and father’s apprentice Clarissa Odenkirk and the feeling was mutual with the two starting a relationship later on into their teen years, he also got along reasonably well with his father and all around was a well adjusted young man. In spite of this however Jonas suffered from aquaphobia after nearly drowning as a child, bizarrely enough however most of the people surrounding him in his life good and bad were connected to the sea (e.g his father was a sailor, Clarissa was an apprentice sailor, Edgar Teach eventually became a pirate, James Gold owned a seafood restaurant and Ranee Tangsrisuk was an avid canoeist), he was also quite weary towards the concept of extensive physical activity.

The only person he truly disliked in his life was Ranee Tangsrisuk and justifiably considering he felt intimidated, disturbed and uncomfortable by her unhealthy infatuation with him.

Davy Jones was an embittered and vengeful soul, who had almost completely lost his sanity from being stuck a sea and unable to breathe at all for several decades. He desired death more than anything else and was extremely desperate to find a way to return to land and somehow break his curse, consequently he utterly despised Edgar Teach for killing him and said hatred extended to the man’s grandson, all because he knew that by killing someone related to Teach he would be able to finally be free from the bounds of his curse and live.

In spite of his hatred for his own existence however Davy did have some redeeming qualities, his love for Clarissa and his father remained intact, and was a genuinely benevolent individual to the worthy souls put into his care, showing that he had not completely lost his humanity.

Overall however he was a tragic, angry and lost man more than anything else.


Immortality- Much to his chagrin ironically enough, Davy’s curse made him immortal although completely sea bound, and he no longer needed to breathe, eat, drink or sleep.

Control of Water- While in the sea Davy has some level of control of the water although not an incredulous amount, he can however cause tsunamis and geysers should the situation call for it.

Shapeshifting- Either intentionally or unintentionally Davy can change his shape into whatever he sees fit in terms of intimidation purposes.

Tentacles- Although usually held back by the crystallized rocks covering his lower legs once unleashed his tentacles are forces to be reckoned with, capable of extremely power feats of attack power.

Army of lost souls- He has an entire army of lost souls and sea creatures at his disposal that he can sic on anyone he chooses.

Intelligence- Jones is quite clever, something he retained after being cursed.

Teleportation- Davy can teleport to any large body of water in the world if he wants.

Transfiguration- Davy can also morph other people and creatures into different shapes and forms if he so desires.


Constant pain and discomfort- Since his death Jones has always had three bullet holes that are practically still fresh and oozing, his airways have completely clogged up to the point of making him unable to breathe (although he doesn’t need to anyway). His feet were also replaced with jagged, crystallized rocks with tentacles sometimes forming from his tail-bone making him feel constant, weight, pressure and tightness, making it harder for him to fully concentrate.

Poor physical strength- Although he looks physically imposing Jones is not a good fighter by any means, which is understandable given he is in a constant state of discomfort and doesn’t have any feet.

Seabound- Jones cannot walk on land and is only a danger to those out at sea, or who have been shipwrecked/in a plane or car crash that led them underwater, or in some rare cases those who are ashore but very close to a body of water.

Compromised judgement- Davy Jones’ insanity, rage, and constant state of pain makes him unable to think clearly and properly plan out any attack, making him although wild and foreboding, quite easy to overpower should his strategy be even quickly analysed.


Early Life

Bartholomew David Jonas was born in 1966 as the son of a Glaswegian Agnostic sailor and Scandinavian Jewish publisher Malcolm and Zosia Jonas and had a reasonably pleasant and sheltered childhood, in spite of this there were a few incidents that proved problematic for the family, such as him nearly drowning at the age of four and developing severe aquaphobia, his asthma diagnosis at the age of nine and finally Zosia's diagnosis with a terminal illness when Bartholomew was eleven. Nevertheless the family persevered and remained in good spirits and faith with one another. At the age of twelve after being enrolled into high school Bartholomew met and became instantly infatuated with Clarrisa Odenkirk who quickly grew to be his best friend.

Teen years

Midway into his first year of high school Zosia passed away from her illness and Malcolm fell into depression, while he kept his job he had indeed been affected significantly by the death of his wife, and grew to become fairly overprotective of Bartholomew as a result, leading into a small but noticeable strain in their relationship. Bartholomew developed a keen interest in poetry at this time and began pursuing it as a career, something his father actually did approve of and support, and for the next few years things progressed reasonably well for Bartholomew all things considered, until 1981 when he met Rannee Tangsrisuk and Edgar Teach, two "friends", the former of whom grew increasingly infatuated with Bartholomew to the point of actually breaking into his home, killing one of his dogs known as "Krak" before barging into his bedroom to begin rambling about how much they "belonged together" and how she "needed him", naturally a mortified Bartholomew was less than enthusiastic at this and kicked her out of his house, even filing for a restraining order not long afterwards. That didn't stop Ranee however from trying her best to see him, sending he and his father even further down a paranoid road, and psychologically damaging Bartholomew.

Unbeknownst to Jonas Rannee was still stalking him over the next few months, only this time using Edgar to achieve her goals. It was through him she discovered the identities of everyone Jonas was close to as well as the fact that he suffered from asthma something she was going to use to her advantage.

Over the course of the next few months several of Bartholomew's friends such as James Gold were murdered all in similar manners, while at first viewing these an unfortunate and sad but random Bartholomew eventually realised something more sinister was at work when his grandfather David was killed in a slightly different manner. He became more paranoid and cautious not only for himself but for the two people he was closest to his father and Clarissa. This culminated when he was ambushed by Edgar on his way home one afternoon, although nearly incapacitated because of his asthma he eventually gained the upper hand and knocked the boy unconscious by hitting his head with a rock before running away. After recovering from the shock of the encounter he realised that his attacker was Rannee's closest associate and became even more paranoid, electing to try and call the authorities, however the power in his home was out, his father nowhere to be seen and a raging storm was going off, he heard and intruder and tried to hide however it was no use and he was kidnapped by Rannee and taken to the river shore on a steep and ageing cliff, alongside Clarissa. Rannee came to the conclusion that nobody deserved Bartholomew except herself before further adding that he was too good for the world, and as such poisoned Clarissa before savagely beating Bartholomew to the point of nearly collapsing his lung. Luckily however, a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree startling Rannee and causing her to jilt back leading to Clarissa taking the opportunity to kick a rock in her direction, hitting her square in the head, causing to fall from the cliff to her watery grave. Bartholomew and Clarissa both near death were found shortly after and taken into the hospital.

Death & Becoming Davy Jones

After a long recovery Bartholomew and Malcolm resolved all of their differences, the latter being happy that his son was alive and not caring about anything else while the former just didn't want toxicity in his life anymore. The following month was a time of happiness for Bartholomew and he and Clarissa became engaged, having fully managed to move on from their near death experience and loving each other now more than ever.

Unfortunately on a walk through the countryside Bartholomew was confronted by none other than Edgar who appeared much stronger and more hardened than before. The latter accused Bartholomew of stealing Rannee from him and killing her, to which he tried to reason with the man knowing that he had a victim of her manipulation and nothing more however it was no use and an enraged Edgar simply opened fire on Clarissa killing her and triggering a panicked Bartholomew into having an asthma attack, he didn't have too long to react however as he too found himself shot in the chest four times before falling into the river and drowning.

When he awoke Jonas found himself in the depths of the sea as a walking corpse and was completely distraught at his predicament but unfortunately due to his obsessive nature was bound to follow through the task of guiding the lost souls who fell to sea for all eternity. It was through word of mouth among sailors that he obtained the name Davy Jones and although hating it at first, soon begrudgingly accepted it. He would lock away all of the souls he deemed unworthy in an eternal hell like place known as his locker and would place all of the souls he deemed worthy into the bodies of fish and sometimes customized sea monsters to be part of his undersea army.


Intelligence: 7

Strength: 5

Endurance: 8

Agility: 10

Charisma: 7

Leadership: 10


Clarissa Odenkirk, the lover of Davy Jones

Malcolm Jonas- Father/Former Financier- Deceased

Zosia Jonas (nee Adelman)- Mother/Teacher- Deceased

Clarissa Odenkirk- Lover/Former Fiancée/Best friend- Deceased

Edgar Teach/Blackbeard- Archenemy/Killer- Deceased

Ranee Tangsrisuk-Abuser/Stalker/Enemy-Deceased

Edwin Teach- Nemesis/Target- Alive

Raven Jackson- Pawn/Ally/Right Hand-Alive

James Gold- Pawn/Ally/Friend- Alive

Worthy Lost Souls- Allies/Minions-Unknown

Unworthy Lost Souls-Enemies/Victims- Locked away in everlasting torment

Krak- Pet Dog/Companion-Deceased

Ken-Pet Dog/Companion- Deceased


  • He is inspired from the old legend of Davy Jones’ locker.
  • His Davy Jones form was drawn and designed by Candykittenxx a friend of Cherry Dorito’s.
  • As a human he was primarily based on the asthmatic aristocrat Fiamma Corona from the novel and film Cracks.
  • Inspiration for the character also came from several villains from the Pirates of the Carribbean films such as his name, profession as an inquisitor of the sea and love life (Davy Jones), his desperation to get rid of his curse (Hector Barbossa) and appearance as a walking corpse (Armando Salazar).
  • The idea for a more realistic take on the character came from the FOX medical drama House MD and its more imaginative and modern take on the Sherlock Holmes concept.
  • Davy Jones’ crystallized feet and poor balance were inspired by Mephiles the Dark from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Theme Song

Fortune Days- The Glitch Mob